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  1. Does Israel have a responsibility to help Palestinians? That is an interesting question. Israel is first and foremost responsible to Israeli citizens and if Israeli politicians prefer to play politics (or are forced or shamed by others to make its enemies’ welfare its first responsibility) and ignore the safety and security of its own, then there is a definite problem.

    Israel has a responsibility to make sure that the Palestinians are good to their own people and peaceful towards Israel by helping them to become good neighbors or evicting them if they have become irretrievably dangerous to Israel’s existence. If the Pals are being led to believe that terrorism will be rewarding, then they will keep developing their skills and resources to carry out those evil tasks. This is what has been happening all along in a world that has allowed Islamists and Palestinians free reign to terrorize others.

    Terrorism has become a major industry and source of funds for Pals and its spin-offs have grown into an undeclared international war between Muslims and others. The path the Pals continue to travel, in the end, will lead to their suffering. They must be forced to end terror now (or Israel will be brought to an end itself if the threat is ignored or denied).

    Everyone in this group knows that were the Pals normal refugees who wanted to live peacefully with or next to Israel, the Israelis would be the first people to help them, regardless of what has transpired in the past. As it stands, Israel finds every excuse to meet their needs for everything save giving away the entire land of Israel. However, the Pals have proven over and over again that they are inhuman and only capable of violence. They refuse to compromise and change their ways. In my mind they have forfeited whatever land their ancestors once inhabited in the past. They have given up their rights as a result of launching aggressive wars against Israel (to wipe it out completely) by Arab countries, through bad decisions and choices (always in favor of violence and terror) and because they are now full members of a deadly Islamic terror network that spans the globe and whose goal is to dominate through conquest.

  2. This is a prime example of Dhimmitude. The west has never looked to the arabs to take care of their own nor to take responsibility for creating the refugees in the first place.

    Instead, when the Arabs say “jump”, the west says “How high”.

  3. It is interesting that there are those who say Israel cannot avoid its moral responsibility to help the Palestinians who have been cast into the deep well of a humanitarian crisis. Then there are those who say that Israel has no obligation whatsoever to give the Palestinians even a crumb. Then we hear from those who say that the Palestinians in Gaza should have aid in this time of crisis, but it should come from Egypt.

    What an interesting discussion amongst Israelis that raises another interesting question.

    Is Egypt or for that matter any other Arab nation stepping up to offer to provide the Gazan Palestinians with desperately needed aid or are they once again standing back expecting Israel to pay for it and for the world to condemn Israel if Israel does not do so?

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