Israel-Hamas war: a US wake up call!

By Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger, “Second Thought: a US-Israel Initiative” December 5, 2023,

“Those who experience wake up calls usually discover, in hindsight, that they had received plenty of warning before the poop hit the propeller, but they chose to disregard it…. Whether a wake up call becomes a boon, or a bane, depends on what you’re willing to learn from it, and whether you’re willing to be moved by experience.” (Greg Levoy, a psychologist and an author).

The US-Israel mutual threat of Islamic terrorism

Israel’s war against Hezbollah and Hamas is a wakeup call, highlighting the shared US-Israel war against Islamic terrorism. The latter considers Israel a US geo-strategic beachhead in the Middle East, that should be uprooted as a critical step toward the defeat of the Western “infidel.”

For example:

*Hezbollah and Hamas are critical proxies of Iran, which funds, trains and supplies advanced ballistic and engineering hardware, aiming to realize its 1,400-year-old vision of toppling all “apostate” (Sunni) regimes, export the Islamic Shiite Revolution globally, and bring “the Great American Satan” to submission.

*Hamas was established in 1988 by the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been dedicated since 1928 to the toppling of all national Islamic regimes, replacing them with a universal Islamic society, establishing Islam as the only, divinely-ordained, legitimate religion on earth, defeating the “infidel” Western culture and bringing down “the Great American Satan.”

*Securing a boon, rather than a bane, requires the uprooting of Hamas’ terroristic, political and educational infrastructure, which would deter anti-US Islamic terrorism. On the other hand, the survival of Hamas would adrenalize the veins of anti-US Islamic terrorists in the Middle East and beyond, afflicting the US with a bane.

Israel’s war highlights Iran’s terrorist nature  

*Heeding the October 7, 2023 wakeup call should trigger a US reassessment of its 44-year-old diplomatic option toward Iran, which has facilitated Iran’s lead role – operationally and financially – in the transformation of Hezbollah and Hamas (as well as a multitude of additional Islamic and non-Islamic terror organizations) into a most effective anti-US global terrorist network. The US diplomatic option has also bolstered the evolution of Iran into the leading regional and global epicenter of anti-US terrorism, drug trafficking, money laundering and proliferation of advanced military systems.

*An effective wake up call, requires experience-based rather than wishful thinking-based policy making, reassessing the impact of lifted sanctions – especially Iranian oil export – on the supply of advanced Iranian missiles and other military systems to Hezbollah and Hamas.  Thus, Iranian oil exports surged from 500,000 barrels per day (under the sanctions) to 2.5-3 million barrels per day, which has provided the Ayatollahs with some $100bn in additional income, that was dedicated, mostly, to anti-US rogue activities in the Persian Gulf, the Middle East, North, East and Central Africa and Latin America.

*Heeding the wakeup call should alert the US to the 40-year-old collaboration of Iran’s Ayatollahs and Hezbollah with the drug cartels of Mexico, Columbia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Brazil, Latin American terror organizations, and every anti-US government in South and Central America (up to the US-Mexico border), which is the US’ geo-strategic soft underbelly. This collaboration includes the training of terrorists and the supply of predator unmanned aerial vehicles and tunnel construction equipment.

The Palestinian wake up call

*The October 7 wake up call should lead to a reassessment of the US State Department policy on the Palestinian issue, subordinating conventional wisdom to the march of facts. Hence, while the State Department has been eager to establish a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), pro-US Arabs have showered the Palestinians with embracing talk, but indifferent-to-negative walk, refraining from tangible steps toward the establishment of a Palestinian state.

*While Foggy Bottom’s policy has been driven by a moderate Palestinian diplomatic talk and future, subjective and speculative State Department  scenarios of Palestinian compliance and peaceful coexistence, the policy of the pro-US Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and Oman has been driven by the rogue
Palestinian track record in the intra-Arab and global context.

*For instance, the systematic Palestinian betrayal of – and violence against – their Arab hosts, such as Egypt (1950s), Syria (1960s), Jordan (1968-70), Lebanon (1970-1982) and Kuwait (1990). Also, Palestinian collaboration with rogue entities, such as Nazi Germany, the Soviet Bloc, Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and Palestinian training camps – in Lebanon, Sudan and Yemen – for terror organizations from Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

*Contrary to Foggy Bottom, the pro-US Arab regimes have concluded that the rogue Palestinian track record (in addition to the Palestinian hate education, mosque incitement and monthly allowances to families of terrorists) suggests that a rogue Palestinian state would add fuel to the Middle East fire, threatening to consume the Hashemite regime in Jordan and other all pro-US Arab regimes.

*The October 7 wakeup call should clarify to the State Department the reason that the pro-US Arabs extend a shabby-doormat-welcome to Palestinian leaders, contrary to the red-carpet-welcome extended by Foggy Bottom.

The bottom line

Whether the aforementioned October 7, 2023 wakeup call shall be a boon or a bane depends on the US State Department’s own decision. Will its policy remain driven by agreeable conventional wisdom, or will it shift to an experience-based policy, irrespective of the disagreeable, violent, shattering, and frustrating reality?

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. Khomeini, since 1979, has never hidden his revolutionary goals!
    Forty-Four years later, a wake-up call!
    Bho, “the Mufti of Washington DC”, the enabler of Soros’ hate for the West.

  2. Whether the aforementioned October 7, 2023 wakeup call shall be a boon or a bane depends on the US State Department’s own decision.

    The US State Dept remains to be a subversive force working within the US govt against US interests and towards a Liberal Globalist Order. Their alliance with the Islamists and Iranians is well documented, with billions in cash being paid to the Mullahs even as the Mullahs are reigning down missiles on US interests and US forces with reckless abandon. Failing to appreciate that the interests of these globalist overlords does not lie with the interests of the US, much less that of Israel, would seem to be a fatal flaw within Amb. Ettinger’s appeal for reason with the well established Arabists elites within the US State Dept among much of the rest of the US govt. Their position is clear. They will back Iran as they have done for decades now.

  3. @EvRe1,
    Even word you wrote is true and some “details” like the administration’s acknowledged hate of Netanyahu for exactly the reasons you mentioned can be added. Stabbing your allies in the back is just one of them. Israel is most visible but many NATO partners have suffered too. Now consider the Ukraine. There is no visible purpose to supporting their corrupt government but USA does so anyway. There are plenty of other examples. I wonder why Japan would prefer that US forces leave like they left Afghanistan.

  4. The US government has pursued a very purposeful effort to support Iran since the Iranian revolution. The US government has lied to Americans and covered up their goal of Iranian hegemony. Obama supported ISIS with funding, supported Syrian terrorists, supported the Muslim Brotherhood coup in Egypt, and inserted CAIR members and Iranian agents into government positions including sensitive intelligence positions. His goal has been a global Islamic caliphate. These are not people with whom one can reason. In addition, Obama and Biden have been anti-American presidents and have worked to destroy America’s prosperity and nullify the US Constitution.

    I appreciate Yoram Ettinger’s attempts to speak the truth and try to reason with the US government. But I don’t think anyone in the US government is listening.

    The US government is ideologically wedded to their purpose, and has devoted the entire police power of the federal government to ruining anyone in the US who has public influence who they deem works against them or even tells the truth about their treason.

    Americans are facing a totalitarian police state that has been ruining our economy and wastefully spending its way into a potential economic collapse and ruin for all but the most elite families. There is no financial safe haven for any of us.

    The US government has turned our cities into dumps filled with criminals and illegal aliens, drugs, and filth.

    This same deep state government created a pandemic out of a few cases of the flu in China that led to months of lockdowns and a massive wealth transfer from the middle class to the billionaires. In response the government refused to allow doctors the use of good medications and insisted upon people being injected with unproven gene therapy products that were poisonous, and the entire world followed in lock step. Ever since and still up to today, world leaders are eager to hide the truth and use government fact checkers to lie to people about these dangerous injections.

    The extent of damage and destruction caused by the US government is being calculated but it continues and is ongoing.

    People who commit genocide on their own people and the world are not likely to be interested in hearing the truth.

    We try to live our best life each day, knowing the frightening truth about our government, yet feeling unclear as to where that knowledge will take us.