Subtle Like a Brick Through a Window – CIA Outlet Approves Donald Trump Assassination

By Sundance, CTH 4 December 2023

I have stayed away from this subject for eight years; however, everyone in/around U.S. politics knows the Washington Post, owned by Big Tech Amazon, is effectively the PR firm of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). No one inside the DC beltway does not understand this basic truth.

Therefore, when the husband of State Dept official Victoria Nuland, a man named Robert Kagan, writes an op-ed in the CIA newsletter, effectively calling for President Trump to receive the Julius Caesar treatment, the non-subtle message is for the CIA to repeat their Kennedy performance and kill President Trump.

As alarming as this acceptance might sound, there are no intellectually honest people who would deny it.

WaPo/CIA – Let’s stop the wishful thinking and face the stark reality: There is a clear path to dictatorship in the United States, and it is getting shorter every day. In 13 weeks, Donald Trump will have locked up the Republican nomination. In the RealClearPolitics poll average (for the period from Nov. 9 to 20), Trump leads his nearest competitor by 47 points and leads the rest of the field combined by 27 points. The idea that he is unelectable in the general election is nonsense — he is tied or ahead of President Biden in all the latest polls — stripping other Republican challengers of their own stated reasons for existence.

[…] Are we going to do anything about it? To shift metaphors, if we thought there was a 50 percent chance of an asteroid crashing into North America a year from now, would we be content to hope that it wouldn’t? Or would we be taking every conceivable measure to try to stop it, including many things that might not work but that, given the magnitude of the crisis, must be tried anyway?

Will those who balked at resisting Trump when the risk was merely political oblivion suddenly discover their courage when the cost might be the ruin of oneself and one’s family? (more)

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24 Comments / 24 Comments

  1. thanks Edgar and Mr. Zorn. It is fun, but stimulating.

    Rome rule in their day and the USA is like Rome ruling in their day, but this 4th kingdom and exile is coming to an end. Israel will live forever.!

  2. Sebastien, that’s all true. But remember that Israel was not simply a victim (as many Jews today like to portray themselves). They brought the Roman occupation upon themselves, because of their eternal squabbling with one another.

  3. Yes, but what Edgar pointed out – and decades ago, Kahane in his article, “Israel, the U.S., and the Parable of the Stinking Fish,” The fallacy of Israel allowing herself to become dependent on friendly superpowers is a lesson that many of us haven’t learned. Rome began as a friend, then became a patron, then a genocidal occupier.

  4. Hi, Sebastien.

    Not wanting to belabor the point, the writer of Maccabees goes on to note that the Roman government was not like others, but

    [14] Yet for all this none of them wore a crown or was clothed in purple, to be magnified thereby:
    [15] Moreover how they had made for themselves a senate house, wherein three hundred and twenty men sat in council daily, consulting alway for the people, to the end they might be well ordered:
    [16] And that they committed their government to one man every year, who ruled over all their country, and that all were obedient to that one, and that there was neither envy nor emmulation among them.

    For this reason, the standard of the Roman Republic was

    S. P. Q. R.

    (“Senatus Publicae Quae Romanorum”, the “Senate and People of Rome”) — a unique form of government in its day, as the US are today. When that government fell, helped along by the assasinations of Caesar and others before and after him (like their JFK and RFK, known as the Gracchi brothers), the whole western world — including the Jews — suffered the consequences.

  5. Bastien, this might interest you (or might not):

    1 Maccabees 8:
    [1] Now Judas had heard of the the Romans, that they were mighty and valiant men, and such as would lovingly accept all that joined themselves unto them, and make a league of amity with all that came unto them;
    [2] And that they were men of great valour. It was told him also of their wars and noble acts which they had done among the Galatians, and how they had conquered them, and brought them under tribute;
    [3] And what they had done in the country of Spain, for the winning of the mines of the silver and gold which is there;
    [4] And that by their policy and patience they had conquered all the place, though it were very far from them; and the kings also that came against them from the uttermost part of the earth, till they had discomfited them, and given them a great overthrow, so that the rest did give them tribute every year:

    That happened in 161 BC, while Rome was still a republic (Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC). The Roman Republic was a model for the Constitution of the United States of America.

  6. Hi, Sebastien.

    Is this the nes “Chit Chat”?

    I agree with what you said. I wish Israel 1966 would simply have answered my question, instead of the “usual suspects” dogpiling on me for no reason.

    To amplify what you said, The US Government is and has always been the government “of the people, by the people and for the people.” I don’t think the non-Americans here understand this. It’s an oxymoron, for someone to say something against the US government, but not against the people: We ARE the government, regardless of the nincompoops who occasionally hold higher offices.

    The Washington Post aka CIA is neither the American government nor the American people.

    God bless and keep you. Stay safe, and stay sane.

  7. Tanna-

    That’s very kind of you to say so, and I am deeply moved, since I have been posting much against your reliance of Biblical excerpts, which even as 100% Jew that I am, do not accept as evidence of modern day events or coming events. You are honourable.

    Aallow me to reciprocate. And thsnk you indeed…!!

    And you are RIGHT, I AM an old man, but to correct you I argue like a young man, Or so I feel.

  8. Edgar, I don’t think Mr. Zorn likes you stealing his laughs.

    “Tone down, mix yourself an Ivermectin cocktail, and go to bed.”

    We argue like to old men, but I would be proud to call you neighbor.

  9. Michael is saying that “America” the American people whom this article expresses fear of. “America” is not crazy. The foxes are in charge of the henhouse. They were not elected, as we know. They are not a majority but they control the main avenues of communication. Can we move on now, please? This is a stupid “baseless hatred” argument between people who are on the same page on this.

  10. Tanna-

    You could have saved yourself the trouble of answering Michael as if his post was legit. It was not. He is looking for a fight. And being a religious nut he’ll make one out of thin air.

  11. Mike

    Israel 1966 speaks for ALL of us. It’s you who have gone off the rails to take his general comment personally. In fact lately you have been posting very strange, aggressive “looking for a fight” notes.

    It could be said that for you to take upon yourself the title of “America” is megalomania of the direst sort. We all know that you are a staunch American, but……..

    Fervent religion drives people crazy.. Swift, Ussher, both Religious figures ended up in asylums. Take care…..!!!

    Tone down, mix yourself an Ivermectin cocktail, and go to bed.

  12. Michael, What’s your problem? Israel 1966 was not talking about you(Michael). He was talking about the American government. Kagan should be arrested for his article. Oh and in case you forgot if you pay your taxes, then the federal government and the CIA are working for you. I advise you to stay close to God, so his avenging angels done splash you with his wrath when he is taking care of the corruption in the US government. happy dreams.

  13. Israel 1966,

    Assassinate Trump? Is America totally crazy”

    Are you calling ME crazy, because the CIA wants to assasinate President Trump? (I am one of those ‘Americans’ you refer to.)

  14. Of the past 34 years, the uniparty/elitocracy has been in charge of the US Gov for 30 years! This is a kind of dictatorship.

  15. Assassinate Trump? Is America totally crazy” Trump is saving America from all the WOKE, Marxist, Radical nutj jobs who have taken over our schools and unions and have turned students into suicide squads.

    Assassinate the assassins first!

  16. If the Left did not control the media, then people like this would never get away with lies like this. In fact, we are now living in what may be the closest situation to an outright dictatorship that this nation has ever had. It has long been a Leftist SOP, a la Saul Alinsky, to accuse their opponents/enemies of doing what they, themselves, are doing, and of being what they, themselves, really are. Even a cursory history of the political Left over the last 200 years shows them as what they really are: dictatorial, authoritarian, violent, and destructive. Whatever they say is almost certainly a lie, and whatever they do is not for the public but for them. The motto of the Left: Power and control, at any price, at any cost, by any means necessary. The Left leaves a trail of death and destruction everywhere they go.

  17. I have dual citizenship and voted for Trump in the two previous elections. We all know the last election was stolen, but at least we may have a chance to get Trump as President again in 2024. All of us who love Israel must hope and pray that nothing will stop him from running, and especially that he is not assassinated. When Trump is back in the White House, Israel will have another four years of reassuring support, unlike this present administration.

  18. This is indeed a call to assassinate Trump and open Civil War in heavily armed America.

    You may think unlikely.

    Realise there are Serb patriots now rotting in prison, the Jihadist Morsi overthrew Mubarak, Saddam hanged as islamists taunted, and Gadhafi who was fighting islamic jihadists crucified by those.
    Above all they set the Banderas to war and there is total slaughter in the Ukraine.

    They would do anything.

    I defend Trump from this for sure.