Israel should be defended now not critisized

By Ted Belman

When Israel is being attacked on all sides by the international community for alleged wrongs, all pro-Israel advocates must come to her defense.

Even if Israel could be faulted in some way, the job of the advocate is to focus on how others can be faulted. It in no way helps Israel’s cause to acknowledge in some way, that she too is at fault even with a caveat that it is a minor fault.

So it troubled me that within 24 hours of the clash, Caroline Glick in Ending Israel’s losing streak,attacked Israels handling of the challenge to her sovereignty by the flotilla and the challenge to her right of self defense by the UN’s Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference.

In Arabs Try to Lynch Israeli Paint-Gun Commandos – Myths and Facts about the Israeli Naval Operation, YEKUTIEL GUZOFSKY claims “the feeble tactics used by the Israeli government to enforce the blockade needs to be studied and never again duplicated.”

There is time for post mortems later,

Alan Caruba has he sense to warn that Israel’s Next War Begins

June 1, 2010 | 19 Comments »

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19 Comments / 19 Comments

  1. Time to Bring up Armenian Genocide by the Turks!!!!

    Time to openly support the Kurds and PKK!!!

    I’m in absolute agreement and I would add perhaps Israel should covertly act to bring about a coup against the erdogan regime.

  2. You turned your back on the vital lessons of the Leon Trotsky experience Ted.

    Maybe Ted is not turned on by the thought of a metaphorical icepick to the head.

    The Trotsky lesson is that when power is consolidated for the common “good”, inevitably you will reap something universally bad when the ‘benevolent’ are overthrown by the ruthless for control of that power you have labored for.

  3. We are Now Reaping What We Have Sown

    That’s what happens when every people are so caught up in their personal lives that they allow power greedy people to horde all the damn seeds.

  4. I am opposedto Ted in his criticism of Glick´s article, which although I have not studied as closely as I would like and shall, seems very pertinent.

    I am also opposed to yamit82 because from the moment he came onto Israpundit, welcomed big time by Ted Belman, he has prevented any kind of real and brotherly discussion taking place.

    There is one point in Glick´s article where she points out that Netanyahu and his leadership are in a situation that is going over their heads, a vast antisemitic coalition, in which as Caroline says the “International Left” plays a big role

    I have tried to explain here so often that this is not the tradition of the left, that there were problemns indeed in the left, but that many of these positions were corrected big time in the last decade of the life of Leon trotsky.

    yamit 82 imediately jumped on this idea, which is an historical idea and a matter of truth, or record.

    meanwhile Ted Belman always took a haughty view to this, and to me.

    Indeed at one time I was able to post articles onto Israpundit, but Ted when he took over from Joseph removed this. Thjis was ted making his statement, we do not need, that is we Jews do not need, the outside influence of a trotskyist.

    Yamit82 is really a very evil influence on the Jewish movement and his main role has been to prevent the truth about the Trotskyist position coming out.

    So when caroline in her excellent article (from what I have read) points to the horror of this Left of today, the main point i missed.

    This was NOT rthe position of Leon Trotsky.

    That is what Yamit82 has worked to do.

    In this he is allied with just those Left fascists in Palestine Solidarity Campaign who also have carefully hidden that Leon Trotsky did havbe a definite record towards the Jews in the 1930s.

    I have watched Yamit82 driving so many good people off Israpundit. That is his nature and I accept that.

    But what really hurts is that Ted Belman always ñprovided the cover for this fiend.

    I call him fiend because he really is this. he is able to come across as knowledgerable, but indeed he is the deepest of deep reactionaries, a real conservaticve anti commiunist.

    His atacks on the quite wonderful Serb people are such a scandal to the Jewish movement.

    he distorts the role of the Muslims in the Holocvaust in the Balkans.

    yet Ted Belman continued to keep him on tap.

    Ted is just a propagandist. He means well but what will be important is organization.

    that is another thing that Yamit82 is opposed tlo.

    It is not only Netanyhau and his team that are mystified. So is Ted Belman. on the very first attacks of yamit82 on say the Serbs, or on Joseph, or on the Christian Zionists, yamit82 should have been told to get off.

    We are not talking here about concepts of democracy etc, we are talking about preparing a leadership whicvh can act in periods of crisis.

    You turned your back on the vital lessons of the Leon Trotsky experience Ted. That is the basis of your alliance with Yamit82.

    You watched the very best of people being driven off Israpundit.

    Allthe talk of Yamit82 onthios post is pure bullshit because this man will unite with nobody and nothing.

    In fact there is a good element of truth in Ted´s analysis.



    But such a unity does not mean any curtailment in any way of freedom to criticise.

    leon trotsky used the following Fable to pinpoint people like yamit82. (Lenin called it “Left wing communism…an infantile disorder

    I will add later but it is about the bulls and the butcher, and how the bulls failed to unite in the face of the executioner.

    The real fiend to the Jewish people is this Yamit82, whatever his rreal name is, whatever his history is we know nothing, which is why I may indeed give up the web

    But I really blame you Ted. There have been too many good people driven away by this guy, and you have presided over the lot.

    Finally Ted You are right there must be total and unconditional unity with Netanyahu against the enemy

    You are then wrong because such a unity must have within it the right and need to sharpen up the differences as much as is possible.

    We are paying a big price for your prejudices against Trotsky Ted. You could have opened this discussion out years ago because we have already went through all of these problems and lessons, especially in the critical 1930s period.

    If you want to create an organization of fighters for Israekl ted get rid of yamit82.

    if you want to keep on this endless yammering, keep him here.

  5. Its amazing the North Koreans sink a South Korean boat killing over 40 men and the world is silent.

    Bottom line the UN Security council if a fucking joke. The UN is a joke.

  6. If the whole world accuses us of brutality and of oppressing Arab inhabitants of our country, rather than try to explain that we are not brutal and that all we want is to live together in peace, we should live up to our reputation. Were we to act with self respect and simply remove our enemy population once and for all, we would get the same condemnation we are already suffering, but we would at long last get the albatross off of our neck and begin to become the proud self-respecting Jewish state we were meant to become.

    If the whole world accuses us of brutality

    Uncle that was and is the attempt of the flotilla. The bastards know the reason for the blockade, yet they are defiant and want to confront Israel before the world.

    Israel should not give in and the PM should take a tough policy towards any nation being critical of the actions taken by Israel.

  7. We are Now Reaping What We Have Sown

    In a futile attempt to transform outright enemies of the Jewish State and the Jewish People into “peace partners” by accepting the fraudulent concept of a “legitimate” palestinian people who have some kind of rights in our homeland, it is the Israeli leadership which has placed us on a path which is destined to alienate us from friend and foe alike and accomplish the exact opposite of the alleged quest for peace.

    If the whole world accuses us of brutality and of oppressing Arab inhabitants of our country, rather than try to explain that we are not brutal and that all we want is to live together in peace, we should live up to our reputation. Were we to act with self respect and simply remove our enemy population once and for all, we would get the same condemnation we are already suffering, but we would at long last get the albatross off of our neck and begin to become the proud self-respecting Jewish state we were meant to become.

    If we hadn’t given Gaza over to the Arab terrorists in the first place there would never have been a flotilla. If we hadn’t decided to include Arabs as equal citizens in a Jewish State we would not have the kind of terror we face here every day. And if we had declared all of Judea Samaria and Gaza as part and parcel of the Jewish State and deported all those who call themselves “palestinans”, countless lives, both Jewish and Arab, would not have been lost.

    Read full article here

  8. Birdalone says:
    June 1, 2010 at 8:02 am

    Iraqi Kurdistan? it’s gorgeous, lots of fresh water.

    Yes it is beautiful country and could replace Turkey with a million Israeli tourists a year.

    They got most of Iraqs oil as well.

    Turkey proves the value of international friendships and relations. Israel must find the inner strength to forge a totally independent strategic concept of how and whom we form relations with.

  9. Withdrawal: Right for the wrong reasons?
    Hezbollah, which had ruled southern Lebanon until the withdrawal, began to take over all of Lebanon, its missiles deployed not only in the south.
    By Moshe Arens

    Was the withdrawal still the correct decision, even if made for the wrong reasons?

    Let’s look at the balance sheet for Israel during the intervening 10 years. The first item on the debit side is the betrayal of our allies, the South Lebanon Army. They had fought shoulder to shoulder with the IDF against Hezbollah for years, suffering considerably higher casualties than us.

    They were peremptorily abandoned. Some managed to escape to Israel, while others fell into the hands of Hezbollah. Betraying one’s allies is a serious matter. It will have long-term ramifications for Israel, which has no small need for regional allies.

    Has anybody forgotten Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah’s speech after the IDF’s withdrawal, calling Israel no more than a spider’s web? The image the withdrawal created, of Israel being forced to retreat under pressure, unable to hold out for an extended period of time, had almost immediate consequences, when Palestinian terrorists launched the second intifada with the aim of duplicating Hezbollah’s success in the north.

    Three years of bloody terror in Israel’s streets followed that withdrawal. Whatever deterrent capability Israel possessed was lost to the winds and had to be restored at considerable cost.

    And Hezbollah, which had ruled southern Lebanon until the withdrawal, began to take over all of Lebanon, its missiles deployed not only in the south.

    This fundamental change in the strategic balance in the area, which has long-term consequences, was permitted to develop under the mistaken impression that the withdrawal had brought peace to northern Israel. Instead, it brought on the Second Lebanon War with death and destruction in the north. Not only is the threat still there, but it is growing all the time.

    And what appears on the credit side of the balance sheet? The reduction in the number of IDF casualties, which had been running at an average of two soldiers lost a month until the withdrawal, and might well have continued had the IDF maintained its positions in the security zone.

    But here too, the overall loss of life, after the withdrawal – during the intifada, and during the Second Lebanon War – makes for a very negative bottom line. The withdrawal, carried out for the wrong reasons, was the wrong move.

    The reasons the decision to withdraw unilaterally had popular support at the time – his promise to withdraw probably won the prime ministerial election for Barak – is the same reason why many to this day, despite all evidence to the contrary, consider it to have been a good decision.

    An Israeli presence beyond the 1949 armistice lines, “the occupation,” is by many considered to be the cause of all of Israel’s misfortunes. This mindset led to the withdrawal from the security zone in Lebanon, to the tragic disengagement from Gush Katif in Gaza, the failure in the Second Lebanon War, the years of Hamas rockets hitting southern Israel, and the continuing pressure to withdraw from Judea and Samaria and from the Golan Heights – consequences be damned. It clouds the judgment of the public and politicians alike.


    This same failed Israeli Leader as Chief of Staff, as PM and as DM is still calling the shots and a stupid and weak BB lets him have his way, even agrees and concurs with Barak’s strategic(sic) thinking.

    This dangerous duo must be thrown out of office or worse at any price asap. We will soon see that they will not attack Iran and have resigned to Irans getting the bomb. It’s probably too late to stop them in any case but even so we should bomb Teheran forcing the prople to rise up and throw the Mullahs out. Once the Persians see that their esteemed leaders can’t protect them they will overthrow them. I would destroy all their oil and oil infrastructure as well just to Fuck the Europeans and Americans who allowed, even abetted this situation to reach this point.

  10. Smoke on the horizon!

    Interesting set of scenarios but it doesn’t tackle the really hard question which is: Where then will all those Israelis go on their vacations out of the country if Turkey is out of bounds?

  11. yamit82 says:
    June 1, 2010 at 7:27 am

    You are a believing liberal

    No. I just care about my teeth.

    if they are real neurologists than I would make that 5 of 5.

    That’s how it should have been but there were under-the-table dealings.

  12. Alan Caruba has [t]he sense to warn that Israel’s Next War Begins

    Many of us here knew that already for ages. Like, wow! Really?! It’s just a continuation of the decades of Israeli kowtowing and capitulation.

    “We’re kind and timid and will only shoot you with paintballs. Please be nice to us. Oh…… and we apologize for the loss of life.”


    And you think quietly leaving the pansies in control is good for Israel?!?!?! Four out of five neurologists surveyed think you’re off your rocker.

  13. Israel should be defended now not critisized

    I think we should be mature enough to chew gum and also scratch our heads at the same time.

    A- Fallacious conceptions on the part of our military and political establishments have been credited with all of the failures of the Yom Kippur war.

    B-The rise of Hezbollah in Lebanon is related to our unilateral pullout of Lebanon which have led to 40-50,000 missiles aimed at us on our northern border. They now have deterrence and real threats against us. Faulty conceptions.

    C- Our unilateral pullout of Gaza to which you were a noted vocal supporter of, has made Gaza into Hamastan. an Iranian surrogate and al Queda base that threatens not only all of our South but have rockets able to reach Tel Aviv today.

    D- The belief that Israel needs the protective umbrella of a superpower is another fallacious misconception

    E-Appeasement by Israels Leaders to American diktat will make a future war all but inevitable with concurrent Jewish loss of life far in excess of what would be were fallacious conceptions by our political and military establishments not committed to those wrongheaded obvious fallacies.

    F-Our stupid leaders fear America and the EU more than the citizenry of Israel and that must change.

    There is time for post mortems later,

    G- In Israel there is never a later, Never real post mortems, embedded conceptions influence many of the conclusion when they are debated and conclusions reached.

    The same faulty conceptions were at play in the planning and execution of this latest fiasco as the last Gaza incursion and the second Lebanese War and or reaction to Goldstone contentions.

    The contemplation of what will be in our next war with the current Israeli establishment still in place should scare the hell out of any thinking Israeli and all supporters of Israel.

    Lack of criticism of these leaders gives them confidence that they are supported no matter what and they have a green light from us to continue to weaken our country and place the lives of all of us at risk far in excess of what needs to be.

    No! I believe at all times the fear of we citizens should be much greater for them than any fear of the occupants past present and future occupants in the White House.

    Your silence (moratorium on criticism of Israel) will get a lot of us needlessly killed, and even putting our national survival a risk.

    Shy Guy said our Leadership should be shot with real bullets as opposed to paint-balls they equipped our soldiers with. They should all at least be removed from any decision making positions; but who will cause that to be if not us by our demands forthwith of their individual and collective heads?