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  1. Where is the criticism of Israel here?

    If you can watch that video and not see Israel’s blatant failure in this operation, you might as well become our deputy Defense Minister.

  2. F A I L U R E !

    All of a sudden it’s OK to criticize.

    That lasted a long time!

    Where is the criticism of Israel here? The purpose of posting the video is to show that the soldiers were justified in their response.

  3. Is anybody listening?

    Is anybody out there?

    P.S. – Iran Now Has Fuel for 2 Nuclear Weapons

    While the world is focused on bloodshed aboard a Turkish ferryboat manned by sympathizers of the terrorists of Hamas, the real crisis looms like Godzilla rising from the sea. In its latest report on Iran, the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency, or IAEA, reports that Iran has now piled up enough fuel for two nuclear bombs.

    Was this the reason the Security Council went into an emergency huddle on Monday? Was this the reason UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon pronounced himself “shocked”? Was this the reason the European Union called for an inquiry and Turkey’s Prime Ministers Erdogan began clanging alarms about “state terrorism”? Nope. That was all about Israel trying to stop a planned provocation by what turned out to be knife and cudgel-wielding “peace activists” advertising “aid” as a cover for trying to bust the Israeli blockade on the Hamas terrorists who rule Gaza (and who preside over a welfare enclave subsidized by U.S. and EU tax dollars, with the Israelis letting relief supplies in, while Iranian-backed Hamas and its Islamist pals target Israel with rockets and dedicate themselves to its destruction).

    Whether in Washington, New York, Paris, Berlin, Jeddah, Cairo or beyond, anyone quietly depending on the Israelis to scotch Iran’s ambitions for nuclear hegemony over the oil fields of the Arabian Gulf might want to think twice before ganging up further on the Israelis. The real crises are still ahead, and they are not going to be confined to bloody propaganda stunts staged by fake “peace activists” cruising the Mediterranean.

  4. Our guys should have shot them all with paint balls, They needed permission even for that. I’m surprised they didn’t have a lawyer along with them to advise what is the legal recourse’s open to our soldiers while being bludgeoned?