Israel should not accept quiet for quiet until she finishes the destruction of Hamas

Netanyahu Decides to Expand Operations Until Rockets Stop

The operation will be expanded and will continue until the firing at our communities stops and quiet is restored.

Keeping goals realistic, with one eye on the clock

Experience shows that Israel will have time to continue the operation until one errant shell or bomb hits an apartment building or home and inadvertently kills a large number of people, or creates a heartbreaking reality, that will shake the world into action to stop Israel’s fire. And then Hamas, or whatever terrorist organization Israel is fighting at the time, will – too – stop its fire, until the next round.

Almoz: IDF has thousands more targets in Gaza

IDF Spokesperson’s Unit chief Brig. Gen. Moti Almoz said Wednesday night that the military was “not taking any steps lightly” and warned Hamas against continuing its rocket attacks on Israel. “If there is no quiet – we will act.”

Almoz said the IDF had thousands more targets it could strike in the Gaza Strip and that “everything is on the table.” The brigadier general emphasized: “If we need to act, we will not hesitate.”

Amidror: Only Retaking Gaza Can Fully Stop Rockets

“We’ve never had a crushing blow that hurt the other side’s the ability to launch missiles,” Amidror told Channel 10 News, adding that he believes the only way to achieve complete quiet is to “retake Gaza and be there for six months to a year to clean it out.”


He estimated that an operation retaking Gaza would require three to 13 days. “Then we would have to remain there between six months and a year, in order to clean up Gaza. Only then will we be in a situation where they won’t fire at Israel,” said Amidror.

He stressed that the price of such a military operation would be dozens of casualties, but added, “I think eventually there will be no choice. If we cannot force Hamas to ask for a ceasefire by attacking from the air, we may have to go into Gaza.”

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  1. If we cannot force Hamas to ask for a ceasefire by attacking from the air, we may have to go into Gaza.”

    Once enteing gaza and incurring casualties there is no reason to ever leave it again. all the hamas members should be summarily executed and harsh measures put on the gazans wh elected them. They must pay for jewish deaths. GC conventions do not apply to un-uniformed soldiers. Hamas NEVER applies the conventions. Fool Jews are the only ones observing the GC the others do not even pretend.