Israel the Sacrificial Lamb of the West and the East!

You, and you, and WE, have been warned!

By Elyakim Haetzni,

We will remember those tranquil months when the headlines had time to deal with accidents and minor scandals as if we were a society that had no existence worry. Like brainless fools in the cucumber season who did not see the huge mountain that was threatening to bury us all underneath it!

It was that kind of a summer before that Yom Kippur, but this time they are preparing for us a surprising attack from within and the destruction supposed to be political.

I refer to the sacrificial binding the Bush Administration is preparing for Israel this coming November under the headline: “Peace Conference.”

The designated lamb is Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, hundreds of Jewish communities and thousand of Jews who will become refugees in their own land and all that in the background of our national, social and political collapse.

Shimon Peres and his eternal partner in crime, UN envoy Terje Roed-Larsen and underneath them Ramon, Olmert and Abu Mazen are the partners preparing the wood for the fire, all with the spurring of two evil and ambitious women, who, like the most destructive Hurricanes’ names, are known by their affectionate names: Tzipi and Condi.

On the tombstone they will write: “Political Vision” (for the “Palestinians) and/or, “The principles for a permanent arrangement,” and/or, “The Framework for a Palestinian State Agreement.” All will deal with “heart subjects” meaning, will remove the heart: of Jerusalem, borders, refugees, annulment of the settlements.

The discussions are conducted successively and urgently in order to bring the victim-offering to Washington, bound properly and ready to be sacrificed. The one who are making sure that the feast will be attended by as many as possible is Morocco in the West and the Gulf countries in the East.

Forty years the enemies of Israel waited for this moment when Israel will be forced to vomit all that it swallowed in the Six-Day War. And here, finally, their eyes will witness the subjugation of the Jews ceremony when they will return to the Arabs their lost respect and the Jews will return to the place they deserve. The luck of Israel’s haters is that it is ruled by man who is perfectly fit to bring the Jews to their last fall. A man haunted by failures and accusation of corruption, whose traits symbolize all that is weak, rotten, spoilt, and bad and is lost in the Land of the Jews this hour.

In the “Peace Conference,“ Israel foes from the East and the West will dictate to the Nation of Israel its verdict that Olmert and Co., at present, in the most clandestine secrecy, are writing together with the Americans and the Arabs, while the public, to include the National an Settlers’ Camp are sitting doing nothing about it. It is convenient for us to tell ourselves delusional soothing stories such as—Olmert is weak and Abbas is even weaker and together they lack the support of their nations to execute such far reaching political moves and other such excuses.

Anyone who comforts himself this way does not understand the nature and essence of the annihilation ceremony they are preparing for us. It does not require any might and does not demand anything but a verbal declaration, ink on paper, “spoken words of nonsense,” an effort that even a person on his death bed will have no difficulty doing on his or her very last moments.

Such declaration however, is enough to generate, in Peres’ words, “the conflict with the Palestinians’ summarizing chapter,” and truthfully, the chapter that will end Israel’s independence. After it, Israel will be a State by name and title only; a territory under the UN supervision, its foreign and security policy will be in the hands of the Quartet and our security, our lives, will be in the hands of international armies in the north, center and south.

In Washington, with binding Israel it supposed to commit to establish a Palestinian State on her Forefather land. Jerusalem will be her Capital and within its border not one Jew will be allowed to live.

It is not important that the conference will not determine what street in Jerusalem and in what valley the border will pass and how many Arabs “refugees” we (Israel) will be forced to absorb. What is going to be for eternity and irreversibly determined still this year, or the latest next year, is that the Palestinian Authority is a political, international, signed and sealed and complete fact. The rest is not important. This is the way the “DOP” signed in Oslo the “Declaration of Principles,” followed by, like a thunder after the lightening, the “Interim Agreement” in it is every single detail of the execution of the A, B, C zones, the Palestinian “police,” allowing the insertion of the a terror state from Tunisia to Israel, and all other insane arrangements that buried 1,500 Jews in their country and conditioned the State for the final annihilation act in the image of a Palestinian State that will turn life in the Jewish country to irreparable hell.

It is not important that the authorities of the Palestinian State will be shaky and unstable and perhaps none existing. It makes no difference that the Prime Minister that will head it is a head of a gang. It is not important that this state will have no economy and will live from the “protection blood money” that Israel, the European and the Americans will pay the gangsters that will control it in exchange for peace. There are few such countries in the world. For example Somalia that is ruled by tribal bandit gangs, but it makes no difference to Somalia’s sovereignty and for the land—according to the law of nations—to be “Somalia’s Land.”

It was Hertzl’s vision that according to the law of nations a Jewish State will be established. Now this vision is turned over and on the Land of Israel, to be announced by the “law of nations” is going to be a foreign sovereignty. And who declared it? The Jews themselves!

What is the indelible, eternal meaning of a Palestinian Authority? When Israel, during the Six-Day War freed Jerusalem and YESHA she did not conquer land that belonged to another sovereign. Neither Jordan nor Egypt had sovereignty rights in this territory. Both invaded it in 1948 in order to foil the recommendation of the League of Nations in November 29, 1947 for a Jewish State. From the get go, Egypt never claimed to have sovereignty in Gaza and ruled there by military polity. Jordan, against international law, since 1988 pretended to have sovereignty in the territory of the West Bank.

Only because of this sovereignty void Israel was entitled to use the State land and settle Jews in it. Prior to Israel entering the territory, there was no legal sovereign there.

The Hague Treaty would have forbade Israel to make any fundamental changes in the existing status, among others, touch State land that belongs to a foreign sovereign that Israel’s military occupation only suspended until its return after arriving at a future peace agreement. Until then, the land would have been on deposit with the occupying power. The same, it is forbidden to touch antiquities in occupied territory that is reserved for the expelled sovereign that may return. So it happens that the coins from the time of the Bar-Kokhba Big Revolt with other holy artifacts and Jewish symbols will belong to the Palestinians from the moment they will become the land sovereign and we will be compelled to give them any and all Jewish antiquity that we took out of the ground since ’67.

This we will cause ourselves the moment a Jewish hand will sign for Palestinian Authority sovereignty in the Land of Israel. For the Palestinians to win a state for eternity in our homeland, it makes no difference if Abu Mazen is weak or if the day after he signed the agreement he will join Hamas, or resign, or be murdered. From the moment a Palestinian state will be announced, what was done could not be undone! Of course, the Palestinians will cause more terror and more wars and the IDF will conquer Shchem again and again BUT, always, always will be compelled to return the land to the Palestinian sovereign, because according to the international law, the land became a Palestinian land from the moment the Palestinian sovereignty was given recognition. Just like in Berlin that was conquered, destroyed and divided but at the end became the German capital. The Nazis came and gone but Germany remained!

I already described once how this horror is reflected in the international law arena. Professor Stone, Rusto and Schwall, among the greatest in the international law arena, proved how the British Mandate law, the League of Nation gave Britain over the Land of Israel, are applicable to and in YESAH today. According to this law, the Land of Israel was allocated by the Nations’ Law as the Jewish Nation national home—“From the recognition of the Jewish Nation historical rights to reestablish homeland in Palestine” (of curse in includes YESHA). Why does the British Mandate law still valid today, in spite that the League of Nations was replaced by the United Nations and Britain is no longer here? The professors explain that, indeed with the Mandate territory that turned to be the State of Israel a new sovereignty rose, that according to the Nations’ Law, it is the State of Israel. In the east (of the Jordan River), the Jordanian sovereignty was established. However, Judea and Samaria, Gaza and East Jerusalem remained under no sovereignty. As long as the international law does not declare that territory to be under other sovereignty, the British mandate will command and be the determining factor, among other, that we (Israelis) can use the State land to settle dense Jewish communities there, to encourage immigration and to use the Jewish Agency for the Land o Israel for all these services.

When will these orders be canceled? When YESHA and Jerusalem be declared to be other sovereignty. In first phase Israel gave up its right to extend its sovereignty to YESHA and left the territory undefined. Now Israel is moving to the second phase, the historical, end phase; the end of the Jewish right to Eretz Yisrael-the Land of Israel phase where we are willingly giving up our sovereignty here and a foreign sovereignty begins.

During our years in exile there was no authority in the Jewish Nation that could disconnect the Nation from its longing and desire for the Land. We had to return here and for one hundred and twenty years face the most difficult and bitter challenges and trials and tribulations to establish a state that will be now empowered by international law to divorce (to give a Get) Eretz Yisrael-the Land of Israel in the name of the Jewish Nation from here to eternity.

Moreover, and with all the pain: YESHA remained the only territory in the entire world, besides the South Pole, to be without any sovereignty, as if a hidden hand preserved the ancient home for the Jewish Nation. But the nation repels this hand in a historical crime that will reverberate through out the generations to come. And as much as we will deepen and establish the claim that we are the real and legal landlord of Jerusalem and YESHA—so much stronger the Palestinians’ new right to this land will become, because who, if not the landlord himself, is the one authorized to give as a gift and bestow ownership? He and only he!

After the embarrassing action will be completed, the rest will come by itself. Whether the IDF will pull Jews by their hair from the Land that from here on is “Palestine,” or the Palestinian murders in uniform will the do the job themselves—from the moment the territory passed on to the Palestinian Authority sovereignty, is the moment all Jewish life ENDS!

Therefore, I cannot imagine the talks between the destroyers and the ruinous—from Ramon to Livni, from Olmert to Peres: soon the Palestinian sovereignty will come with a big broom and will sweep away everyone, the old and legal cities together with the “illegal” settlers on the hills. Remnant will not remain from the detested settlements’ enterprise and with it the back bone of the camp that carried us will disappear; the religious and national camp that endangered the Left government, the elite government that grew from what was in the past, “the hegemony of the workers’ class” a name they pretended to r permanently register the country.

I am not asking where is Netanyahu, where is the Likud and its Knesset members in this crucial and decisive time. I am not asking where Liberman is and what rabbi Ovdia and his party is doing. Did they really care once “to return the Land of Israel to its glory?” Do they care today that under their responsibility, in November, this glory will roll in the dunghill?!

I am asking the settlers and about the settlers, on their back the first Palestinian plowing will be ploughed. Where are you? Going up to Chomesh? Going up to chomesh takes place in an empty space. Chomesh does not depend on air. This operation has flavor and purpose only as part of the struggle for Jewish existence in all of YESHA and Jerusalem that is in danger of immediate destruction.

We have to assemble in time all the Jews—those who see themselves or remained Jews—and begin the struggle until the bitter end to prevent at all cost the fist step from which there is no return; the one additional step that will pull the ground from underneath us and will crush us in to the abyss of the Palestinians sovereignty in YESH and Jerusalem.

See, we have been warned!

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  1. This article is long, but worth the read. Elyakim Haetzni predicts that the upcoming November Washington Peace Conference will begin to put the final nails in Israel’s coffin.

    Haetzni has written a very good article that justifies his gloomy doomy vision for Israel unless Olmert is stopped from attending the Peace Conference or is prevented from offering anything more then pleasantries to all in attendance and especially to the Palestinians.

    Not having faith in Netanyahu, Likud, Lieberman and other Knesset members to put a stop to the Olmert, Livni and Peres Israeli juggernaut to Israel’s disaster, he seems to call on the settlers to stand up.

    Far more Israelis then just the settlers are going to have to rise up to derail this runaway Olmert train.

    Haetzni is going to need to work some magic to get his dire warnings through to the majority of Israelis and so that they will stand up and act to put a stop to Olmert.

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