Israel threatens to take action if UN recognizes Palestinian statehood


Israel informed the 15 members of the United Nations Security Council last week, as well as several other prominent European Union countries, that if the Palestinian Authority persists in its efforts to gain recognition in September as a state within the 1967 borders, Israel would respond with a series of unilateral steps of its own.

Senior Foreign Ministry officials said the ministry’s director general, Rafael Barak, sent a classified cable last week to more than 30 Israeli embassies, directing them to lodge a diplomatic protest at the highest possible level in response to the Palestinian efforts to gain international recognition for statehood at the UN General Assembly session in September.

The Israeli diplomatic corps conveyed the message that support for international recognition, particularly by most of the members of the European Union, encouraged the Palestinians to forgo negotiations with Israel and to move more quickly toward recognition at the UN of Palestinian statehood. Israeli diplomats stressed that such a move violates the Oslo Accords and will not lead to a Palestinian state even if the General Assembly grants recognition, but could lead to violence on the ground.

European diplomats have confirmed to Haaretz that such a message was conveyed several days ago. One diplomat said his country did not receive a serious response when asked what unilateral steps Israel might take. Another diplomat, from a European country, said in light of the current deadlock in negotiations, international recognition of Palestinian statehood appeared unavoidable in September.

Foreign Ministry sources said no decision has been taken at this stage over a possible Israeli response to UN recognition of Palestinian statehood, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not held any major discussion of such a response on a formal level among his cabinet colleagues. Ideas have been floated on the right wing of the political spectrum in recent weeks, suggesting, for example, that Israel might apply Israeli law to the West Bank or annex major settlement blocs to Israel. [..]

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13 Comments / 13 Comments

  1. Dan Friedman: I would agree the situation, referring to the coming GA vote is extremely serious but hardly hopeless. We must avoid at all costs, defeatism.

  2. It is obvious to me that a Pal state is all but a done deal. Israel ought to be smart enough to accept the inevitable and attempt to work with the view that obstructionism in these circumstances is self defeating.

  3. What is very troubling to your average Israeli wage earner and business person is what the E.U has stated. . Should Israel attempt to block Palestinian statehood after September 2011, a general set of economic sanctions will be imposed on the latter. Given the amount of business done with the E.U. that can have a devastating effect on the economy of Israel.

    Israel has worked very hard to attain associate membership in the E.U. It would be a shame if Israel efforts are to go down the drain over this matter.

  4. Maybe Israel should recognize Palestinian statehood–then the Palestinians can be held accountable collectively as a nation for any act of war they direct against Israel.

    Been thinking about that for some time now… But not, of course, with any part of Jerusalem included.

    …why can’t the Jews declare a State in Judea and Samaria…

    The more I think about it, the more attractive it gets. For one thing, it gets up the noses of “the no-occupation crowd,” and for another, it sends the kind of message indicated by sid weiner, above, who also says:

    Israelis need to leave the insanity of the Ghettos behind & become as the Maccabees,not Israelis but modern day ISRAELITES!

    Don’t leave out the fiery Sephardic Jews! Their history is, to some extent, pretty colorful, compared with the Ashkenazim.

  5. Israel should definitely annex large portions of Judea and Samaria . Traitorous imbeciles such as Barak , Olmert, and other airheads would have given away Israel’s security if the Fakestinians (Pukestinians) were at all serious about living alongside a Jewish state.If the 2011 versions of Nazi Europe “recognize” a Fakestinian state it will force Israel to annex land which is by International law part of Israel.

  6. If the Arabs declare a State in the “West Bank” based on international law, why can’t the Jews declare a State in Judea and Samaria based on international law? After all the Jews have international law on their side – The San Remo Resolution – April 25, 1920 which was ratified by the League of Nations and the United States signed onto – although not a part of the League of Nations – is grandfathered into the UN Charter. This is so in spite of the hypocrisy of the EU, the US, and the nations of the world which claim that Jewish settlements are illegal or “illegitimate”. If anything these nations should be encouraging and financing the “close settlement of the territories by the Jews”. The sad fact that the government of Israel doesn’t assert Jewish rights to the land even by “secular” international law probably is due to the influence of the Post-Zionists on the secular oligarchy that leads Israel today. The Post-Zionists themselves were indoctrinated by the German Jewish intellectuals who taught the Humanities, social sciences and law at Hebrew University – Israel’s first university (see Yoram Hazony’s The Struggle for Israel’s Soul).

  7. rongrand says: As long as there is a G-d in heaven these bastards will never see the day they long for.

    My answer: Think Jerusalem DC (Davids Capital)

  8. UN chief: end occupation, divide Jerusalem.

    No Way Jose.

    I guess Ban Kim-moom understands about division. Did he forget how Korea was divided. Maybe he has a memory lapse.

    The Palestinians have no rights to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

    kim-moon and his friends in the UN including barak hussein obama (the muslim) and george soros (Jew hater) are determined to destroy Israel and it’s not going to happen.

    As long as there is a G-d in heaven these bastards will never see the day they long for.

    I call on the Israel PM to pull the plug on all utilities to Gaza the next time rockets from Gaza rain on Israel.

  9. Maybe it’s not so bad a thing afterall.
    Perhaps the anti-Jew Marxists in Tel Aviv,who have spent a hundred years sucking up to Europe will finally be marginalized.They were at the helm for many years,& to some degree still are. Many of The policies they implemented had bad effects on the Jewish State but what did they care. After all,they saw themselves as exiled European Marxist who had the misfortune to be born to Jewish parents.These leftists(think Shimon Peres)were always rolling in the dirt for the Europeans,& taking the Jews with them.They always played the inferior party when dealing with Europe;is it any wonder that the UN & the Eu laugh at the Jews.The leftwing half-men in the establishment,especially the foreign service,have debased the honor & integrity of Israel.If the UN & the Eu arbitrarily declare a “Palestinian State” on Jewish land,the Jews in Israel should send them all middle fingers to shovel up their rear ends.As I said before,none of these anti semites expect Israel to retaliate,we are supposed to meekly lay down for our beating,that’s what Jews are supposed to do!The real truth,once the Ghetto fantasies are finally exorcized from the Jewish psyche,is that Israel is a power & need take crap from no one!
    (1) This is not 1950 & Israels main exports are not oranges & Figs,Israel today is a leading source of cutting edge technology which is highly regarded around the world.(2)Will the UN & EU seek to impose Their edict by force of arms?Israel Has one of the strongest military establishments in the world,who will attack them,France?England? Germany?,these cockamamie excuses for nation states can’t even handle Gaddafi in Lybia,how will they take on the IDF?…..Sanctions?,They use them against Iran & North Korea & Get spit in the face in return.Do you believe for a minute that the Europeans would buy anything from the Jews that they could get elsewhere?Conversely,do you think they would let UN sanctions get in their way if they sought to buy topline Israeli products?If you believe any of the above then you know nothing about Europe.(3) Israel should start to play hardball like everyone else.Make life as rough as possible for the Arabs,if Europe does not like it let Europe go to Hell.Remind southern Europe,as well as the Gulf oil states,that Israel stands as the only credible force between the mad mullahs of Iran & the Mediterranean Sea.If Israel goes under the Sunni Arab Gulf states will be overwhelmed by Iranian Shiite lunatics.If Iran reaches The Mediterranian,southern Europe will be in danger.The Greeks & Greek Cypriots,as well as the Christian Balkan states realize this threat & are warming up to Israel for protection because of this future threat.(4)Israel has a lot to offer,they should cut good deals wherever they can,with Russia,with China,with India,anywhere they can do Israel some good;act like a regional power,not a banana republic owned by Washington.(4)Get rid of the old Ghetto mentality & start hitting back,Jews should start building like crazy In Judea & Samaria & if the Arabs don’t like it let them leave for Arab lands!Enough of this smarmy,touchy-feely,goody 2 shoes crap,Jews should stand up for their rights & command respect.(5) Of course there is the Samson Option as a deterrent of last resort.Israelis need to leave the insanity of the Ghettos behind & become as the Maccabees,not Israelis but modern day ISRAELITES!

  10. Another diplomat, from a European country, said in light of the current deadlock in negotiations, international recognition of Palestinian statehood appeared unavoidable in September.

    The world won’t be satisfied until Israel gives the Pukestinians 100% of their demands; since Israel won’t do this willingly the “international community” will do it for them. All of this because Israel chose to, “go along to get along” with the IC’s “a little here a little there” plan through the years.