Israel to put its trust in NATO

Dr Aaron Lerner comments on Address by FM Livni to the NATO-Mediterranean Dialogue Ministerial Meeting

[NATO’s role to arm PA to the teeth and reassure Israel it can withdraw?]

This is from a prepared speech. Prepared = written text, not necessarily thought out, in fact, arguably critically short on thought, but nonetheless a true reflection of what FM Livni is promoting.

#1. “Israel’s ability to reach an agreement based on substantial territorial concessions directly relates to our need to make sure we do not jeopardize our security and our future. Here, I believe, the dialogue between Israel and NATO begins.” = FM Livni drops “land for peace” and concedes that “land for piece” where the “piece” is a piece of paper signed by the Palestinians
is too ridiculous to try and palm off to the Israeli public. So instead she seeks a “land for piece” deal in which the “piece” is some kind of piece of paper that involves NATO.

It should be noted that FM Livni is not a protege of Minister Lieberman of Yisrael Beiteinu – who just recently explained that the problem of the absence of Palestinian security compliance can be overcome by introducing NATO forces in place of Palestinian compliance.

#2 “Here comes the role of the international community. Helping the capacity-building is not a task of less importance; without it any agreement can be left on the shelf, abused by extremists.” = by failing to put an Israeli interpretation as to what “capacity-building” means, all that is left of this is a call to arm the PA to the teeth.]

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. Shalom Jerusalem Posts,

    May I ask where you read the Emanual A. Winston articles ? I used to read his material in a couple of Jewish newspapers but had to stop my subscriptions for security reasons.

    Any web site you can recommend will be appreciated.

    I also read that DefenseNews article Manny Winston references. A few issues later it was followed by another article titled “NATO-EU Dilemma” 26 March 07. This later article discussed the substantial economic pressure of small EU nations to also participate in NATO.

    I subscribe to the print edition but DN does list a url of Don’t know if it’s subscription or not.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kol tuv,

  2. Emanuel A. Winston wrote last year that EU will use NATO to take Israel, and the US, with Tony Bliar’s and the GoI’s help, they may well do.

    Some time ago I noticed a small article in U.S. Defense News about the Europeans ‘somehow’ planning to employ NATO as their military arm as a Rapid Response Force. My alarm bells started ringing that this was a threshold move to gather sufficient military power to cross the Mediterranean Sea and occupy the Jewish nation of Israel, claiming it was a “necessary move toward regional peace” – for the good of all”. Nothing in that small article suggested that there was a far greater ‘Game Plan’, intended to pacify the Arab and Muslim oil nations by driving the Jews either onto a smaller sliver of land, as originally proposed by the U.N. or to extinction….whatever was doable first. That translates to seeing that which was not supposed to be seen.

    Read it all…

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