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Israel will win. The West is over

Support for Hamas originates in the heart of darkness of Western consciousness, There are more fans of Hamas in the West than in Gaza.

What is this strange evil that afflicts the West and for which the war in Gaza is both a pretext and a revelation? Self-hatred? Fascination with collective suicide?

Hamas is an Islamo-Nazi sect that intended to destroy Israel and its people before attacking the West when the time comes. But it found million of helpers among Western people. Sorcerers’ apprentices, new converts and useful idiots…

Their brainwashing is effective. Newsweek polls say that among young Americans, 48 percent are with Hamas. More than half – 51 percent – believe that the October 7 pogrom in which 1,400 Israelis were massacred was somehow justified. If we did the same survey in Europe we would get the same results.

Of 67 million “Generation Z” Americans (those born after 1996), 52 percent want racial reparations for blacks, 60 percent believe systemic racism is “widespread” in society, 51 percent that the “gender binary” (male and female) is “obsolete”, 41 percent are in favor of censoring “hate speech” (unless it encourages destroying Israel), 66 percent are in favor of silencing speakers they consider “offensive” and 61 percent have positive views of socialism.

This is where support for Hamas originates: in the heart of darkness of Western consciousness in full decadence.

Meanwhile, from Al Azhar in Cairo – the “Vatican of Islam” – to the International Union of Muslim Scholars in Doha, the large Islamic organizations launch their fatwa against Israel: “There are no Israeli civilians, they are all targets”. And we talk about the institutions with which the West has a dialogue and with which the Vatican signed the document on “Human Brotherhood”.

On the London Review of Books – one of the most renowned literary magazines in the world – hundreds of writers attack… Israel. The intellectual James Lindsay in Le Point explains: “There is an intellectual complicity between them and they share the same objective: to inflict maximum damage on the West and Western values. I’m not saying that Hamas shares all the values of the North American and European left, but it uses the woke left to advance its agenda. The United States and Canada, due to woke infiltration at all levels, are experiencing a cultural revolution like that experienced by China in the 1960s.”

Fortunately, positive news is also arriving from America, such as the new organization Catholics against antisemitism.

A demagogic left, pacifist squares, corrupt universities and degenerated media meanwhile are playing with matches. And for the electoral reasons that we know, now we have this great left that has in its eyes, instead of stars, only veils, crescents, minarets.

An example of this sick left are the Belgian socialist leaders André Flahaut and Jean-Pascal Labille, who have just compared Israel to Nazism. André Flahaut is the former Minister of Defense and former President of the Chamber, among others, today a federal deputy of the Socialist Party. Jean-Pascal Labille, a former federal minister, shared a drawing allegedly showing Israeli soldiers firing on what represents Gaza, surrounded by a barrier on which a swastika appears in a Star of David.

“Since the end of the Cold War we have found ourselves, with the exception of the period following September 11, in a sort of end-of-history and permanent carnival atmosphere” American scholar Walter Russell Mead tells Le Figaro. “We were excited by the idea of all the possibilities, of a ‘win-win’ world. Debt also seemed insignificant as interest rates were at zero. We were living in an illusion. But the world does not allow this for a long time. Today we return to earth, we will see how quickly.”

Israel is fighting for its survival.

The question is whether Western civilization understands that this is a turning point and really wants to be saved, since its weak and nihilistic leaders seem to have concluded that it is inherently evil and not worth fighting for.

This week, Israeli President Isaac Herzog issued a warning to Europeans in an interview with Die Welt. “You have to understand: if Israel no longer exists, Europe will be next.”

Israel will win this battle – sadly, at a very high cost – because it is determined to survive. But there are more fans of Hamas and Jihad in the West than in Gaza. The barriers of Western civilization, such as Israel’s southern border, have to be defended and we can rely only on Israel’s determination to do so.

We in the West are in grave danger.

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  1. @Michael If Hamas had stuck to the plan, Israel might not have survived this time. The Arabs have to go. Now.

  2. This article does sound very dire. This generation Z has experienced mass indoctrination in critical race theory so they are actually as ignorant as people who never went to school. They have very little knowledge of history, even of history of the 20th century let alone prior centuries of human triumph and tragedy.

    This lays out the work for the future of humanity: there is a great need to help these young people realize the limitations of their knowledge. Ask them open ended questions about their beliefs and ideas, that one of these questions might become fertile soil into which new ideas might sprout.

    We all start out as adults with many prejudices and preconceived ideas about the world which are like crutches helping young people stand until they understand themselves and the world around them better, often through painful experiences with reality.

    The Marxist free ride sold to young people at university is going to have to come to end and it might take the economic collapse of a country to force such change as needed. Or, political change can occur outside of a collapse when the people of a country become united in their desire for ditching the politicization of everything and demolishing the ivory towers of Marxism that has destroyed education.

    The “fundamental transformation” of America that Barack Hussein Obama promised did occur, and the country he created is going down in chaos and flames. George Soros is doing all in his power to help Obama and friends stay in power, to the destruction of America, as he has done in every other country in which he lived.

    But the American people are starting to unite, whether in red states or blue states, Americans are realizing the destructiveness of the Biden/Obama government and they are jumping ship in droves. The government is frightened. They experience Trump as an existential threat. They know if the truth comes out, their treason will be open for all to see. But the only trick they have is to try to make Trump look bad, and to use the system of justice to destroy the system of justice. Their efforts are failing!

    They have only one means available to them in their fear: turning the US into a police state. But this exposes their fear to the people. The more they use the surveillance state powers to try to harm innocent Americans, the more Americans see how fearful and weak those in government are.

    Israel is fighting for her survival and the vast majority of Americans support Israel. Gen Z as a whole may not yet understand what is at stake. But I saw a video in which a young man went to a campus and asked random people there if they supported Hamas. They answered “yes.” Then he asked questions, like “Did you know that Hamas burned people alive?” Do you support that?” They would look shocked and then said “No.” As he conveyed the facts about the Palestinian people, each individual who started out by saying they supported Hamas changed their idea. It only took a few minutes time for them to change their minds!

  3. Islam has been at war with the entire rest of the world for 1,400 years. Their goal is very simple: to conquer the entire world and kill everyone not like them. Anyone who thinks this will end with Israel is truly self-delusional.


    Ted Belman
    tbelman3- at-


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