Israeli borders not cited at Arab Summit

T. Belman. DEBKA advises that a separate statement was issued by the Arab countries in which “They called for a new round of peace talks based on a two-state formula and renewed the 2002 “reconciliation” offer (drawn up by Saudi Arabia) if “Israel quit occupied Arab land and agreed to a deal on Palestinian refugees.”” It could be significant that it didn’t say all occupied Arab land. I thought that they consider the land as Palestinian land.

This could be an opening that Trump and Netanyahu are pursuing.


Syria’s Bashar Assad still persona not grata in Arab world
All 15 resolutions passed by the Arab summit which took place in Jordan Wednesday, March 29, were devoted to an indictment of Iran, its Revolutionary Guards Corps and Lebanese surrogate, Hizballah. They were a testament to the depth of Arab-Iranian animosity and exposed the extent of the rift between the Sunni and Shiite Muslim worlds.

Iran was accused of meddling in the internal affairs of Arab nations, inciting Shiites against Sunnis, and arming and training Shiite terrorist groups for operations against legitimate Arab governments. The Arab rulers combined to put Tehran in the dock for its interference in the Syrian civil war and assault on its sovereignty.

None of the formal resolutions addressed the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. In a separate statement issued later, the Arab rulers reaffirmed their commitment to a two-state solution of the Arab-Israeli conflict. They called for a new round of peace talks based on a two-state formula and renewed the 2002 “reconciliation” offer (drawn up by Saudi Arabia) if “Israel quit occupied Arab land and agreed to a deal on Palestinian refugees.”

DEBKAfile: This was the first Arab summit to refrain from defining Israel’s future borders under a peace deal. This leaves the door open for leeway in the negotiations to take place as part of the new US-Saudi-Egyptian peace initiative we reported earlier now the subject of active exchanges between the US, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Israel and the Palestinian Authority. King Abdullah of Jordan, who hosted the summit and Egyptian President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi will travel to Washington to report to President Donald Trump on the private discussions on this issue at the session and launch the next stage of the Arab-Israeli peace initiative.

DEBKAfile lists the 15 resolutions submitted to the Arab summit.

1: Good neighborly relations should prevail between Iran and Arab countries and Iran’s meddling in the affairs of Arab countries condemned as a threat to the security and stability of the region.
2: The Islamic Republic of Iran should assume responsibility for an attack on Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Tehran and its consulate in Mashhad and abide by the laws of diplomacy.
3: The Iranian government must tell its officials to desist from hostile, inflammatory remarks against Arab countries.
4: Iran must stop fomenting sectarian rivalries and withdraw support from groups who destabilize the Gulf countries and armed groups inside Arab countries.
5: Iran’s invasion of three Emirate islands (Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs) is condemned. They must be restored to lawful ownership by peaceful means.
6: Iran must stop supporting and training terrorists and sending arms and ammunition to rebel groups fighting the Bahrain government.
7: Bahraini security agencies win praise for foiling a terrorist plot in December 2016 supported by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and terrorist Hizballah.
8: Iran’s nefarious meddling in the Syrian crisis has threatened its sovereignty, future stability, security and unity.
9: Iranian meddling in Yemen’s affairs by backing forces fighting the legitimate government negatively affects the security of the country, its neighbors and the wider region.
10: The importance of the initiative taken by the Assistance Council of the Arab Gulf Countries is underlined and calls for a positive response from Iran
11: Iran must be bound to compliance with Security Council Resolution 2231 of 2015 and penalized swiftly with effective sanctions for any violations. Iran must be held to its commitments under the nuclear and regional environment treaties.
12: The Secretary General is entrusted with managing the commission of four Arab foreign ministers set up to thwart Iranian interference in Arab affairs.
13: Arabic assistance forums with countries, regional, and international groups will highlight the ill effects of Iranian meddling in their affairs.
14: This issue will be placed on the UN agenda under Section 2 of Article 7
15: The Arab League Secretary General will monitor the implementation of these resolutions and report on progress to the next Arab summit.

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  1. The crafters of UN resolution 242 also thought by leaving out the word, “all,” it would be taken in it’s literal, legal sense that only some of the liberated territory should be relinquished to the Muslim demons. But these people are semi-literate savages — even if they went through the motions at our western universities — and they don’t believe in the rule of law. They use our laws and moral prejudices to their ends when they can see an angle they can take advantage of. All this parsing of words is wasted on them. They are the enemy. They should be taught the most universal morality which is that it is the sacred duty of all enemies to surrender unconditionally and quietly submit to re-education like the Germans and Japanese or die screaming. That they understand. It’s what they expect of us. It’s why Iran is suddenly walking softly again, as under Reagan and Dubya. I just read that Mandy Patinkin is starring in a show about anti-terrorist operatives and he doesn’t want to make Muslims the bad guys. What a moron! Neo-Quisling Fools like this should not be allowed to play a leading role in the commanding heights of culture, whether arts, entertainment, news, or education. There needs to be a new blacklist as in the late 40’s and early 50s.

    Oh, wow, it get’s better. Here’s another beauty.

    “Apparently defending an Islamic terrorist sympathizer was not enough for Showtime’s Homeland. For good measure, they have to demonize Israeli settlers for their mere existence on the West Bank.”

    and link to this one in article

    Today it’s American patriots and friends of Israel who are unofficially blacklisted (which is how it was when the Left dominated right before the McCarthy era temporarily reversed it using the government and the power of consumer boycott.) Bottom rail on top. Time once again for corrective measures.

  2. last sentence ‘And that might put the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an unexpectedly awkward position.’ from times of ISRAEL report. nutunyaoo has only himself to blame for any Awkward Position. he alone created the corner he’s stuck in. the bull was ready to be taken by the horns.

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