Israeli firm: Seaweed could be used to solve energy crisis

By Ofri Ilan, Haaretz Correspondent

The dramatic increase in the price of fuel in recent years has succeeded where many environmental groups have failed: It convinced many firms around the world to seek alternative sources of energy. One of the cheapest alternatives, already commercially available, is the production of fuel from a variety of agricultural produce, mostly corn.

However, the increase in the demand for corn has also caused a significant price hike and developing nations’ populations are experiencing difficulties obtaining corn for consumption.

It is now possible that new technology may offer a solution to the problem, which Israeli firm Seambiotic Ltd. revealed earlier this week. The technology allows the production of commercial quantities of fuel from a surprising source, one that will not undermine global food sources: seaweed. CONTINUE

March 14, 2007 | 1 Comment »

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1 Comment / 1 Comment

  1. According to the scientists who developed this technology, it is possible to produce a liter of fuel for every five kilograms of seaweed.

    The use of carbon dioxide reduces the cost of production radically, to about 50 cents per kilo of seaweed.

    2.50 per liter for production alone.

    I hope there something better in the pipe as far as alt energy.

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