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These are just rumors, remember, and they are mutually exclusive in part.

Gilbert has learned that the IDF is standing ready to enter the Gaza Strip. He expects that in the next days, the “Palestinians” will open up with a massive barrage against Sederot and whatever else is in range and by probably the 21st, the GOI will send the army in to smash Hamas. That will do two things: raise Oldmerde in the estimation of Israelis and leave Abbas in control of the PA. Then Oldmerde can make a deal with Abbas, the “moderate” terrorist, and will not be evacuating Yehudah and Shomron unilaterally.

Scuttlebut in DC, on the other hand, is that Oldmerde will resign tomorrow morning. Peres will take the PM’s chair … for a few hours and then he will be politely sent packing and will be replaced by the former head of Shabak … can’t remember his name at 01.30. Not Dichter, the other one.

Oh, well. Sit on that and we will see what develops in the AM, if anything.

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  1. I’m buying into “Olmerde” and dropping the heretofore used “Omelet”. (It was an honest mistake as I really believed that “Ehud” was Hebrew for “cheese and mushroom”.)

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