Israeli killed by Kassam hit on Sapir College in Sderot


A student at Sapir College in Sderot was killed and one other person wounded by shrapnel after a Kassam rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit the western Negev campus.

At least five other people were reported in shock. Army Radio reported that everyone present on the college campus was being shepherded into sheltered areas.

The rocket that struck the college’s parking lot was one of a barrage of six fired late Wednesday afternoon, two of which landed in Sderot. One rocket hit and caused severe damage to a residential building in the city’s Neveh Eshkol neighborhood. No one was wounded.

A total of 22 Kassam rockets were launched at southern Israel Wednesday afternoon from the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, a barrage of 11 rockets slammed into Sderot, sending four people into shock. One hit a factory cafeteria shortly after some 100 workers had left the room. The building sustained serious damage.

Earlier, an IAF air strike targeting a minivan in southern Gaza killed five Hamas gunmen, including a senior rocket engineer and a regional rocket squad commander, the group said.

Two other gunmen were wounded in the attack, Hamas said, as the vehicle drove on Gaza’s coastal road near Khan Yunis, on its way to a Hamas training base.

Minutes after the first explosion, another missile struck a car nearby. Witnesses said the gunmen had abandoned that vehicle for the minivan shortly before the strike. There were no casualties in the second attack.

The IDF confirmed the attack, saying it had been conducted in cooperation with the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and was targeting gunmen. It gave no further details.

Meanwhile in the West Bank, a Palestinian fugitive was killed, another was critically wounded and two others were lightly wounded when special police forces fired at them in Nablus.

Security forces said they had fired at five Tanzim operatives after they tried to escape arrest. The four who were wounded were evacuated to hospital by the forces, while the fifth was arrested. The army said the group was planning an attack against Israeli targets, Israel Radio reported.

In an earlier incident, Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip claimed that an Islamic Jihad operative was killed by the IAF Tuesday overnight. According to the report, the man was killed when aircraft fired at a group of Islamic Jihad men at an observation post.

The army denied involvement, saying a man had approached the Gaza-Israel border fence late Wednesday and that soldiers had seen an explosion, likely caused by explosives he was carrying.

Two other men were reportedly injured in that incident.

The army said it had arrested 17 Palestinian fugitives in the West Bank Tuesday overnight. The suspects were being interrogated by security forces. Soldiers also confiscated three Molotov cocktails from Palestinians near Jericho.

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. Of all of the thousands of Kassams that have been fired at Israeli targets from Gaza over the years, few have actually taken lives 11 KILLED in almost 8 years on the receiving end but logic should dictate the the object of the enemy is to kill as many Jews as possible and as some might call lack of great success in killing Jews is a miracle,Good Luck, or by any other name. Their motivation has not receded an iota. Israel and all who read this should change the disk and react and punish motivation not successful results of any given attack. In other words treat ea. failed Kassam as if it had been successful and do what Israel would or will do with a successful strike.

  2. The poor sap is just another dead Jew. Sacrifices have to be made – y’all understand, for peace. As it stands, it attitude is, if the Jews would stop being stubborn and sail back to Poland, there would be Springtime For Ahmedinejad and Nasrallah in the Middle East. Which is when one gets right down to it, no one really objects to. At least the most vicious anti-Semites are brutally are honest about their agenda while the Jews still pursue their fantasy of peace with the heathens in a region soaked in a toxic witch’s brew of Jew-hatred and endemic violence.

  3. Israel should switch off the electricity and water supply to Gaza and let them rely solely on Egyptian supplies.

    They don’t want their own state – they just want to kill Jews, and are aided and abetted by the USA, EU, UN and the Arab states.

    Get rid of Olmert, and get a decent government elected in Israel. These appeasers are 100% less than useless, but are happy to take money in exchange for parrotting the international politically correct lines!