Israelis also want restoration and not transformation

The price of arrogance

Op-ed: Just like in America, here too public will overcome, punish liberal elite in elections

Adi Mintz, VNET

So what did we learn from the midterm US elections? We learned that “Yes, we can” – a revolution is possible. We realized that when the damage caused by arrogant liberalism and members of the politically correct camp is great, it prompts a popular uprising. Suddenly it turned out that in America, the general public despised the elites that are trying to lead it and felt that it’s being deceived. At that point, the public demanded a return to America’s fundamental values, and the suitable people took the lead and defeated the arrogance and haughtiness.

For years now, Israel’s elites have been very successful in leading the nation through an ongoing attempt to undermine the fundamental values that brought the Jewish people back to its land after a 2,000-year exile. The liberal elites managed to marginalize Zionism’s constitutive national narrative and took over the legal system, academia, and other establishments.

As an example, look at the two figures who reflect the dramatic change undergone by the elite. Ehud Barak, the kibbutz member raised on socialist education and personal sacrifice, joined an elite army unit, and realize the value of personal sacrifice for the sake of society. Yet what does he represent today? Hedonism, capitalism, opportunism, and the willingness to sacrifice national assets for the sake of personal, short-term goals.

The second figure grew up in the Livni household, where her parents, former Irgun fighters, raised her on passionate love for the Land of Israel and willingness for personal sacrifice for the sake of salvaging and liberating the country. Yet now she “finally sobered up” from the Eretz Yisrael delusions, via the “thinking people’s elite.” At this time she is leading the effort to hand over Jerusalem and abandon the Land of Israel’s heart.

We’re not a normal people

The elite poisoned Israeli society with an illusion of normalcy. It forgot that we are not a normal people; we are a people that survived the horrors of the exile and preserved its uniqueness in Yemen, Germany, Morocco, and the Ural Mountains. Yet we are also a Jewish state within a hostile Arab-Muslims region. Those who create the illusion that we can live a life of European normalcy here, that we can rest and live here like all other nations, weaken our stamina and produce cracks in the wall built by Israeli society and the State of Israel in the face of the flood threatening to drown us. This flood is waiting for moments of weakness, and for the defensive wall to turn into a spider web, as Nasrallah characterized it.

The message from America last week was that the sober general public knows how to overcome and overstep the heads of the liberal elite. It was able to wake up on time and drive away the arrogance and haughtiness.

In Israel, the vast majority of the general public is deeply connected to its Jewish identity. Despite the poison being injected by creators of the illusion culture, and despite the constant tainting of the atmosphere and the boycott letters against Ariel’s cultural hall, the people of Israel remain loyal to their nation and country.

The ceaseless academia and media attacks on our nationality, the Zionist ethos and militarism merely served to reinforce the pride of Israelis nationwide. These efforts are prompting the healthy, powerful counter reaction of the proud, patriotic Jew who fully backs up the army and who believes in the State of Israel’s righteousness; the Jew who under no circumstances would give up our hold on Jerusalem, on King David’s city, and on the City of our Forefathers, Hebron.

Anyone who commissions polls today and is not biased realizes where the wind is blowing. He realizes that the residents of Kiryat Shmona, Ashdod and Sderot are slowly returning to their roots; to the values of Jewish solidarity and Zionist fulfillment. Politicians on the Right and Left would do well to grasp the people’s spirit and pride. The “enlightened” talk about “occupation” and “Palestinian narrative” failed to weaken the nation, and on the day of judgment the liberal arrogance that came back to haunt Obama will also haunt Israel’s liberals.

Adi Mintz is the chairman of the Yesha Council’s committee

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  1. Real Jews:

    There is such a thing as Real Jews. The Torah, the Word of HaShem our Creator, provides their stereotype. Of course, the episode centers around the golden calf. After destroying the calf, Moshe, our Teacher, called for the Real Jews to step forward: “Whoever is for HaShem, come to me!”

    This is an eternal story. The golden calf today is atheistic liberalism. The idolaters are the militantly atheist Israeli “jewish” leftists. The Real Jews are the Religious Nationalists, who hold true to “the people of Israel living in the Land of Israel according to the Torah of Israel”.

    There are many Jews still standing on the sidelines. A large majority of them (conservative and reform jews in America) are basically lost to Judaism.

    For others it can go either way: secular traditionalist Israelis who are “sympathetic” to Judaism, but are ultimately “embarrassed” by it; Israeli Kharaydim who are proud to be Jewish but are ambivalent about the legitimacy of the Jewish State of Israel; American Modern Orthodox who are strongly pro-Israel, but not enough to actually move there.

    HaShem could have let us stay in Gan Ayden, but instead, threw us into a world where, sooner or later, you have to make an active choice between good and evil, between true life and a living death, between being a Real Jew or a shadow jew.