Israel’s clueless chief of police

T. Belman. My daughter invited one of her girlfriends over for Shabbat together with her family. They are all religious. The conversation moved to judicial reform and she subjected me to a rant. Her views echoed those of Barak’s. The right is despicable and the left is principled. The right is destroying democracy and the left is protecting democracy. She even said we should look for a consensus. I didn’t have a chance to say “Been there. Done that”.

After Israel’s main highway was blocked for hours by protestors, the now-ousted police chief had no answers for law-abiding citizens.

Fires on Ayalon FreewayKaplan pr

Tel Aviv police chief Amichai Eshed is clueless – he said his alternative to the passive police behavior during the four hour blocking of Israel’s main highway, including fires set in the middle of the intercity road, by the Kaplan dictators was breaking bones rather than ARRESTING them.

“I could have easily used disproportionate force and filled the ER at Ichilov [Medical Center] at the end of every demonstration in Tel Aviv. We could have cleared Ayalon [Highway] within minutes at the terrible cost of cracking heads and breaking bones, at the cost of breaking the pact between police and the citizenry…as a commander I taught generations of policemen to recognize the limits of force, to safeguard our contract with the public… Unfortunately, for the first time in my three decades of service, I was met with the bizarre reality that calm and order are not the desired goal, but rather the opposite is.”

Tel Aviv police chief Amichai Eshed said these words to the media when announcing his resignation.

Amichai Eshed asserts that the choice was between:

Option #1: Allowing Kaplan dictators to block roads – thus violating his “contract with the public” to assure that rest of the public the freedom of movement which is recognized as a basic right in Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement” .


Option #2: Cracking heads and breaking bones

Setting aside the contradictory policies evidenced in the disproportionate force and violence his very same police forces showed against protestors during haredi, religious Zionist and Ethiopran sector demonstrations, Amichai Eshed’s words show that he is clueless.

There was always another option: ENFORCING THE LAW.

And by enforcing the law, I mean arresting everyone blocking the road regardless of the time that it takes.

Let every Kaplan dictator burn hours or even days being processed before being released.

Let every Kaplan dictator find themselves spending a lot of time within the court system.

And let every Kaplan dictator who did enough to spend time in jail instead of just face a fine spend time in jail.

Let us be clear about what has happened after the police allowed the Kaplan dictators invade Terminal 3 and effectively close off Ben Gurion Airport:

The Kaplan dictators have tasted blood and they like it.

I have spoken with Kaplan dictators today to see if there are any red lines.

So I asked if they can invade a hospital emergency room with their protest.

“Why not” was the response.

I asked one if it would be ok to hold a protest in front of a fire house so that the fire trucks can’t get out.


Good Israelis have now been brainwashed by the favorable media coverage to accept the behavior of the Kaplan dictators.

And unfortunately, a lot of people are silent.

Naftali Bennett, for example, was busy on Twitter describing his BBC interview on the Jenin operation, but never found the time to write against the actions of the Kaplan dictators. It doesn’t matter if he has some poll that shows he would lose some supporters in the next elections if he opened his mouth against road blockers and airport invaders.

The true test of leadership is when you do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing.

Bennett is not alone. There are all kinds of public leaders who remain silent- Including of course, opposition heads and President Herzog.

Prime Minister Netanyahu had declined to take a strong public stand for the police to finally do their job in dealing with the Kaplan dictators, but has now at least scheduled a meeting on the subject, one to which the Attorney General unsurprisingly objects.

We cannot afford for this lack of response to continue.

Dr. Aaron Lerner and his late father Dr. Joseph Lerner founded the Independent Media Review and Analysis (IMRA) government accredited news organization in 1992,which provides an ongoing analysis of developments in Arab-Israeli relations.

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  1. Like the Left everywhere, they are NOT principled, they are brainwashed. The only type of “democracy” they seek to protect is mob rule (aka them). “Consensus” for the Left means agreeing with them, and doing what they say. The Left is driven by a globalist elite. You can crack heads all the heads you want, but nothing much will change until the head(s) of the snake are cut off.

  2. Why don’t the police use the same options they use on non-Jewish rioters? Aren’t there water spraying and other options? I can’t be the only citizen who feels as if the small minority of lefty protesters has disenfranchised me. Apparently my vote doesn’t count. If they voted and lost, that is the way it goes. The courts need to be more representative of the majority of Israelis. For too long they have made rulings against the wishes of the majority of citizens which were not based on the issues of the cases but on the political leanings of the judges. If the protesters don’t like the outcome of the election, they need to do what all members of a democracy do and wait for the next electon.