Israel’s moment of truth is fast approaching

By Ted Belman

In the wake of Israel withholding taxes collected for the Palestinians because of the Unity Agreement, Fayyad is now begging the Arab countries to “save” the PA.

    “We say to our Arab brothers: save us. We need your help more than any time before. It is the moment of truth,”

    He said Arab countries had paid only $52 million in Palestinian aid since the beginning of 2011 — $42.5 million from the United Arab Emirates and $10 million from Oman. This compares with $236 mln from Arab countries in 2010.

    The European Union paid 145 million euros ($210 million) during the same period. The EU announced Friday it would provide an additional 85 million euros ($122 million) in aid in 2011, with 45 million euros of this earmarked for salaries for key workers. It was not clear when these funds would arrive.

Israel’s concern is that the money will find its way to Hamas.

Fayyad: Palestinians may ask UN to intervene on Israel’s freeze of tax funds.

The PLO said it may ask the Security Council “to intervene against Israel’s collective punishment policy and violation of international law.”

Erekat: Israel’s cancelation of Palestinian residency is a ‘war crime’

    Comment by top Palestinian official comes in response to official document quoted by Haaretz, according to which Israel covertly canceled the residency status of 140,000 West Bank Palestinians between 1967 and 1994.

    In a statement sent to Haaretz later Wednesday, the chief Palestinian negotiator said the report confirms Palestinian claims that Israel is engaging in a systematic policy of displacement in order to gain land for the expansion of more settlement-colonies and to change the demographic composition of the occupied Palestinian territories.”

    “This policy should not only be seen as a war crime as it is under international law; it also has a humanitarian dimension: we are talking about people who left Palestine to study or work temporarily but who could not return to resume their lives in their country with their families,”

Erdogan is calling Hamas a political party and not a terrorist group.

All this on top of continuous attemps to break the blockade of Gaza and the decision of the new Egyptian government to allow goods into Gaza.

The more Israel yields to the pressure the greater, not less, the pressure will be. The more it yields, the less independent and sovereign it is.

Israel has a tough row to hoe, when her only protector is in league with her enemies and they include the UN and the EU.

The blockade has been in place for four years now. Yet Hamas has become stronger and Israel weaker.

One would think that Israel should end the blockade and cut its loses. Yet it can’t afford to allow serious weapons into Gaza.

September is right around the corner. I for one think Israel should do nothing to prevent the resolution recognizing Palestine. Instead she should declare Oslo and the PA dead, annex Areas C and B and build.

We should consolidate our hold on these areas and not respond to entreaties of the West.

Israel can’t stop the World from recognizing Hamas and the World can’t stop Israel from building.

The world has three options.

    1)They can further isolate and deligitimate Israel. How much more can it do?

    2) It can apply sanctions> This is not likely to succeed as the US would never go along with it and Euope can’t afford to. we can always sell to the far East including Russia.

    3) they can get all the Arab countries to attack Israel. This is not likely to succeed as Syia and Lebanon and Jordan do not want to be oblitherated. Saudi Arabia is more concerned with their enemy Iran than Israel and they may need Israel as part of the coalition against Iran. NATO can’t even subdue Gaddafi.

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. These are not attacks against Israel. They are attacks against God, and against truth. The people who perpetrate these attacks do not believe in the God of Israel; that is about the only thing that unites them.

    Here’s a little truth, for those who are dull of hearing: Israel can be considered, reliably, to have hundreds of nuclear warheads at least as deadly, say, as those that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They also have an array of delivery systems, that could land at least some of those warheads anywhere in the world. I wonder what all these Reds (who live in Blue states) and Greens think they are accomplishing, by provoking Israel to release this hell on earth; but then, we are talking about people who (1) don’t fear God, and (2) believe that THEY are gods.

    I’m counting on Israel unleashing the Sampson Option, when the nations of the world attack her. My assurance of this isn’t because of the weapons they posess, or because I believe Israel has the will to launch them. My assurance, rather, comes from the fact that the Bible, in Zech 14, almost explicitly says they will. Even if they don’t, SOMEBODY will; because if ambitious, selfish people can destroy Israel, they will not stop until they have destroyed everything. That’s human nature, which the deluded people can’t see because they are puffed up with pride in their self-worth.

    So Armageddon is coming; and the ones who are damned (literally) sure to provoke it are the very people who delude themselves that it won’t happen. Faced with this scenario, I rest secure that the God who predicted all this, also declared his undying love for those who trust in Him; and I trust in Him. But Israel’s enemies? Who is left for them to trust in? They have no hope, to save them from a disaster that they are creating with their own tongues and hands.

    God bless and keep Israel, now and forever. Amen.

  2. Does it bother anyone in the world that so called “palestinians” (arabs who happen to live in that part of the world) would kill an Israeli, any Israeli that they could get their hands on, while arabs living in Israel can be citizens with the same advantages as Jews? Does anyone stop and think that any actions by Israel against “palestinians” are purely defensive or retaliatory…..Never offensive without specific cause. Yet the world brands Israel as a terrorist country. Pretty hard to understand.

  3. For this elusive peace, Israel will cede half of Jerusalem plus Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians. As long as Tel Aviv is not touched, the rest of the country can go to hell. I am afraid, that the Syrians will gain control of the Golan Heights, and that Israel will disappear into being a vassal state within 25 years or less. This is just a prediction, but I am afraid that it will come to pass starting in September.

  4. Muslims have been attacking Israel for the past 60 years — whether it be by artillery from the Golan Heights, Katayushas from Lebanon, mortar and Kassam rockets from Gaza, the invasions of ’67’ and ’73’ or suicide bombings. Maybe the only solution is mass deportations w/monetary remuneration for those so deported? After all, it’s not like the muzzies are shy about doing this (e.g.
    Cyprus, Morocco, Syria, Yemen, Iraq) w/o any remuneration whatsoever. A million Jews have been displaced from Muslim states since the mid-20th century, mostly without any compensation whatsoever for the properties left behind (I personally know a Syrian Jewish family who has suffered this same fate more recently).

  5. According to the “palestinians” and their supporters, everything Israel does to protect itself is a “war crime” whereas muslim terrorists who slit the throats of Jewish babies amounts to “resistence”. Got that?