Israel’s red lines

The Ted Belman

Arutz Sheva reports of what MK Rotem (IB) said

    While the Al-Jazeera documents fussed over the PA’s trying to figure out what its “red lines” were – the point where it would no longer concede – Rotem repeated that Israel would do better to worry about its own red lines. “Jerusalem is a red line for us, nor for them; the city cannot be divided in any way. No negotiations on Jerusalem, no return of refugees, and no land for peace; these must be our red lines.” Whatever ideas Foreign Minister Lieberman or any other government official comes up with, they must include these red lines, Rotem added. “I haven’t seen the Foreign Minister’s maps, but I can assure you that his ideas hew to these principles. Israel’s red lines were definitely taken into account.”

I fully agree with him but I would go further. after reading reports in all the Irael news sites, both sides have been focusing on the idea that the borders must be the green line, more or less, subject to swaps.

Israel should totally reject the green line as the beginning of negotiations. It should add to Rotem’s redlines, Maaleh Adumin and Ariel. Finally it should insist on doubling our narrow waist and the removal of all Arabs now living on such lands.

Time for Israel to set the parameters. Time for Israel to toughen its stance.

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