Israel’s strategy

By Ted Belman

Ted 4I attended a half day conference at Bar Ilan University dealing with Protective Edge.

Min Steinitz who was the key speaker essentially laid out the policy of the government. He said that Israel had no illusions about Abbas or the prospects of peace negotiations, or the state of antisemitism, the BDS movement etc, nonetheless Israel has managed through out her 67 years or so to grow, develop and prosper. Therefor Israel will continue to endure but will not change course with some dramatic action.

As it happens the same thing was told to me before Rosh Hashanah by an insider friend of mine.

Vic Rosenthal in his article, What’s the Alternative? wrote,

“The reason that Israel is presently behaving in an entirely reactive way and taking no initiative is that Israeli leaders believe that any positive action will bring about retaliation from its allies and enemies alike.”

That about sums it up.

My insider friend talked of developments with Saudi Arabia. So did Steinitz though he didn’t refer to them by name. Netanyahu did the same in his UN speech where he said,

“The dangers of a nuclear-armed Iran and the emergence of other threats in our region have led many of our Arab neighbors to recognize, finally recognize, that Israel is not their enemy. And this affords us the opportunity to overcome the historic animosities and build new relationships, new friendships, new hopes.”

That is also one of the reasons that Israel sought a ceasefire in Gaza. You will recall that Egypt and Saudi Arabia were helpful.

It seems to me that one of the reasons Netanyahu is not making any bold moves is because he wants to clear the deck in order to focus on “her Arab neighbours” with a view to having support when Israel takes out Iran’s nuclear hopes.

Israel will never acquiesce to nuclear arms in the hands of a rogue regime that repeatedly promises to wipe us off the map. Against such a threat, Israel will have no choice but to defend itself.

I want there to be no confusion on this point. Israel will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons. If Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone. Yet, in standing alone, Israel will know that we will be defending many, many others.

What could be clearer? But who believes him?

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  1. @ yamit82:

    I agree, Israel’s militant attitude embarrasses Liberal American Jews. They employ a more a more conciliatory attitude. It suits their political ambitions.

  2. yamit82 Said:

    I think if Israel took a hard left turn back to socialism, the American media coverage would become much more sympathetic

    I tried to answer in your support twice and was wiped twice. I give up.

  3. yamit82 Said:

    I think if Israel took a hard left turn back to socialism,

    I replied to this and was wiped again, what am I saying. I never use obscene language. Liberal American Jews prefer Israelis as victims as long as they [ Liberal American Jews] are safe. It plays better in the press and there own self interest.
    I shall attempt to post.

  4. yamit82 Said:

    I think if Israel took a hard left turn back to socialism, the American media coverage would become much more sympathetic.

    Ya betcha Red Rider. I have a relative, Jewish, who wishes Israel was once more a victim, so much more sympathetic says she. Liberal American Jews like dead and injured Israelis as long as they [Liberal American Jews] are safe. It plays better in the press.

  5. yamit82 Said:

    Looks like Arab propaganda with English sub plots

    No its not propaganda [my first response to you was wiped]. The plot has more twist and turns then a rattlesnake in the Sun. It is wonderfully well acted and filmed. The script is well written and I know that you also like the very music of language. A surprise ending that you will probably guess beforehand. Watch it and give me , as I know you will do, your unvarnished opinion.

  6. yamit82 Said:

    is an incestuous relationship?

    Oh are you wrong. This has more twist and turns the a rattlesnake in the Sun. Wonderfully acted and filmed. Nobody come out looking good, and nobody is whom they seem to be. Good script, I thought you would in enjoy the writing if not the plot. Like music, I enjoy the sound of language spoken. Why I always send you King James.

  7. @ honeybee:

    This the one? No carried on our cable providers. I’ll research it and get back to you on it.

    Looks like Arab propaganda with English sub plots. From the first min looks like their is an incestuous relationship?

  8. @ yamit82:

    TX roots for the winner no matter. These is a TV series that shown on Sundance channel called, ” An Honorable Woman”. If you can watch it, I would like your opinion. It is about the M.E..

  9. @ yamit82:

    TX says bring your own date. You’re making him nervous. Remember he’s A+/ Did you watch the Cowboys?, much improved. How ever Brady and the Patriots have fallen apart.

  10. @ honeybee:

    Sounds great I’ll let you know. What’s the best time of year
    for the road trip? Need to know what to bring or I can buy what I need there saves carrying luggage. I usually go nearly empty when I travel and come home full. How many hours drive from Dallas are you? My sister is in Dallas and my nephew in Austin.

  11. @ yamit82:
    Boleadoras o Las tres Marias making is a very complex process. I had my set all right but made by others.
    To be honest, I never was an expert with boleadoras, but did take down cattle and rheas here and there.
    A well trained Gaucho uses them as a weapon, a serious weapon.

  12. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:

    First Autumn cold front Northern NM. Imagine driving along the Rio Grande, the fruit stands filled with apples and Ristas Rojas handing in the Sunlight. The smell of Chilies roasting. Piles of hot Tamales waiting to be eaten. Something for your dreams tonight.

  13. yamit82 Said:

    Did you learn the Bolo Gaucho art???
    Always wanted to learn that.

    I have a Bolo made by an authentic Gaucho , on my friend brother’s ranch, in Argentina. Come and practice any time.

  14. Ted Belman Said:

    I presented what I consider Bibi’s strategy is. I did not make a value judgement on it.

    In a world where we are filter fed facts, by bent media and politicians, it is first important to discern what is actually going on. Trying to determine what is BB’s strategy is one of the enigma’s of the day. It is obvious that so much of it is under the table especially when referring to any understandings or agreements that are unable to be made transparent for various reasons. In such a situation we look for clues, hints and actions. when the actions appear illogical or strange in relation to publicly stated platforms we must look elsewhere for alternative explanations. the existence of the facts, including the existence of the fact of the strategy, has no relationship with whether the strategies or facts are good, valuable, practical or efficacious. Many confuse facts with desirable outcomes but without first knowing the true facts it is difficult to achieve desired outcomes. E.G. it is one thing to play diplomatic games to confound your enemies but quite another to believe in the value of those games or the outcomes of those games.
    Ted Belman Said:

    Bibi keeps stressing security while I think he should be stressing our rights.

    I believe that all factors should be considered but I agree that BB ignores our rights. I also believe that decades of ignoring those rights are the prime cause of the delegitimization of Israel and the Jews today. Suddenly, considering jewish rights appears to have become a major paradigm shift that is to be avoided, not only by BB. The contributions of past GOI’s to this despicable outcome is much greater than BB’s.
    Unless Israelis and Jews are offended by the notion, that settling Jews in any portion of Israel is illegal or illegitimate, then the rest of the world follows suit.

    It is a major anti semitic act to state that Jewish settlement in YS, Jerusalem or any part of Israel is iLLegal or illegitimate. and yet euro, western and global politicians and institutions daily make such anti semitic offenses without a murmur from Israel or Jews.

    The world consensus that the jews are land thieves begins with the silence of the GOI. therefore, when Israel talks it is commensurate with a thief testifying at a trial: a witness with no credibility who might be right but you take what he says with a grain of salt.

    The ignoring of Jewish rights and the current global demonization of Israel are synonymous: one is the logical and natural outcome of the other. Therefore, when BB speaks of Iran the world sees a thief presenting his desires rather than a credible witness of integrity.

    There can be no end to this demonization until the canards,lies, libels are REPUDIATED, SPAT UPON IN ANGER! Notice I do not speak of convincing the globe but rather behaving as an innocent people who have been libeled, swindled, tortured and slaughtered by those doing the libeling now.

    Therefore, the strategy of soothing the defamers of europe,etc. is failed before it began. The shift should begin by the foreign minister summoning ALL the nations reps who signed the LON mandate, san remo, UN charter, etc and DEMANDING that they immediately cease their libels of the Jewish people and immediately execute their treaty obligations with the Jewish people to “facilitate immigration and encourage close settlement of the Jewish people” in all the palestine mandate territory. . But then again why should the Jews expect anyone to honor their agreements with the Jews; the Jews are only to be demanded to be impossibly moral to others but no one need be moral to the Jews.
    Ted Belman Said:

    [BB]prefers the status quo.

    this is true but it is not only his fault. He has been given a huge task and burden by the countless GOI’s who went before and reinforced the canard of the illegitimacy of Jewish settlement. He sees himself as one guarding the status quo, keeping Israel safe, not allowing things to get worse. If things don’t get worse and even get a tiny bit better he feels as if he did his job. In a way he is right as those who went before kept adding straws to the camels back. BB did not create the demonization of Israel, he only fights against this global threat against the Jews. The foreign minister with the big mouth has yet to summon the foreign reps and demand the simplest of demands. The same is true of Lapid and all the others. No one is angry with the anti semitic canards. Jewish illegitimacy has been internalized by the Stockholm syndrome Jews who thought they escaped to Israel but did not escape the mental slavery. Those in Tel Aviv who seek to separate themselves by agreeing with these canards should realize that if the settlers are illegitimate then so also is Tel Aviv. Furthermore, BB probably seeks an overall peace with the arabs as his great achievement and probably figures that he can get a few extra inches of land from them and agreement to take time on security issues. However, the arabs are fickle and unreliable and cannot be depended upon.
    Ted Belman Said:

    That’s a failure of leadership.

    the particular failure began long before him, now it cannot be changed without changing the canards fostered by the Jewish left of the illegitimacy of jewish settlement in all of Israel. If you are illegitimate then you have no right even to negotiate the giving away of that which you do not own. This is how the world sees Israel. It is impossible to escape this issue and its avoidance is the source of ALL current problems.

  15. I think if Israel took a hard left turn back to socialism, the American media coverage would become much more sympathetic. Put aside the Jewish aspect and look at Israel this way: Ally of America. Capitalist country. Fighting Muslim terrorism. Small wonder libruls hate Israel. It embodies everything they despise.

  16. I’m sympathetic and supportive of the views expressed and fault Bibi for most of it. The only latitude I would cut him is his valid concern over the thinly veiled hostility of the Obama administration towards Israel. Most of his antithetical policies can be understood, if not excused entirely, by an approach that seeks to ride out the Obama presidency with the least damage to Israel.

  17. @ Ted Belman:

    “I presented what I consider Bibi’s strategy is. I did not make a value judgement on it. For me, Bibi keeps stressing security while I think he should be stressing our rights.”

    Perhaps this is a reflection of whom he perceives his audience to be?

    “His guiding principle is not to upset Europe or America. That’s a failure of leadership.”

    You’re playing checkers. But heseems to be playing POKER.

    — Maybe he’s got the idea that a significantly altered configuration in DC would afford him the latitude to assert the centrality of rights in a more substantive way.

  18. I presented what I consider Bibi’s strategy is. I did not make a value judgement on it. For me, Bibi keeps stressing security while I think he should be stressing our rights. He knows how worthless the PA is as a partner in peace but still prefers the status quo. He fails to assert our sovereign over Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, Area C or even parts of Israel. His guiding principle is not to upset Europe or America.
    That’s a failure of leadership.

  19. @ drjb:
    No hay nada de que sospechar…:)
    Soy Entreriano, nacido en nuestra estancia en Villa Clara de Hirsch, una colonia Judia. Educado por nuestra madre y padre, familia en general y Gauchos parte de nuestras vidas. Y en las mejores escuelas y Universidad en Buenos Aires.
    We then had to learn at least English and French at the levels required for professionals. We also learnt to ride, deal with cattle and cattle thieves. The rustlers mostly working for the British…
    Eventually I was invited to join ZENITH RC in Chicago… The rest is the rest…

  20. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:
    I fully agree with your comments as well as my buddy Yamit’s.
    The one thing I don’t understand, in addition to the refusal of most israelis to accept the obvious shortcomings of their present leadership, is how a Gaucho can write (and assume speak) English so well !!!????
    Nunca conoci a un argentino que hable un buen Ingles!!!
    Something is very sospechoso about Shmuel, but I do like your comments!!
    My best wishes for a gmar chatima tova!

  21. @ yamit82:
    I am sorry that most of our best people cannot become a bit more aware of reality. For a well trained and natural used furniture salesman such as Don Netanyahu, we are easy marks.
    Many years ago, (he died in 1980), Luis Sandrini, a great Argentinian actor, created a routine for the stage.
    He would play the role of a well educated fellow who indulged on more than the proper amount of drinking.
    Invariably he would be thrown out from the bar and from his home and end up in stupor walking to a park bench to ponder. He would remove his coat and set it next to himself. After moments of despair at his loneliness he would suddenly “find” a friend sitting next to him…
    An empty coat… A friend who spoke his language…
    They would agree on virtually everything… 🙂
    I wish I could translate to English or Hebrew those “talks”.
    Some are on eBay for sale as records.

  22. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:

    Well put and I agree 100%.. How they fall for the spin. A few years back they were dreaming of driving to Turkey stopping off to eat Humus In the Damascus Casaba. How’s that workout and our 12 year Romance with secular Islamic Turkey? Hey where’s that big Gas deal and pipeline to Turkey?? Tell me why Egypt who is virtually barkrupt is buying 3 billion worth of arms from the Russians when they have food shortages and negative credit? Same secret allies egging the PA to take Israel to the ICC in the Hague. Continuing to finance terrorism BDS and all antisemitic organizations in Europe and America.

    Now what have I missed? Israel has no observable transparent foreign policy short medium or long term. It’s all ad-hoc flying by the seat of their pants and spinning everything after they F,,,K up. BB just agreed to appese his Min of Treasury in allowing the deficit to increase (sovereign debt) instead of holding to the very thing that has allowed Israel to rise to AA- S&P even after a month long conflict. That means Israel pays a higher interest for money borrowed and it’s considerable especially for a small country and small markets, BB could have called Lapid’s bluff.

    Nobody quits the government anymore especailly when they are in a free fall in the polls and BB can replace them without elections. They have no leverage except a freighted coward and idiot running our show.

    Anyone believing warm friendly relations with so called moderate Arab states would certainly be interested in a bridge I want to sell cheap wholesale.

  23. So you are telling us that we select leaders qualified to destroy Jewish villages, homes and farms, persecute and ethnic cleanse families and individuals, prevent construction in Jerusalem, etc, release Islamic bestial murderers to murder again, call our soldiers to a 50 days war and cause the death of over 70 of them and the maiming of nearly 1000, cause the depopulation of several Jewish towns, to reach coveted cease fires… all that as part of a “strategy”…?
    And while having a ball at strategic plans such as the above, we also allowed our great leadership to waive Iran into a fully developed nuclear infrastructure?
    And all that to secure new, solid for the long run national supporters such as Saudi Arabia and other such?
    Could you make it easier for this simple Gaucho to understand the ultimate objective of the grandiose strategy?
    Now we will not ever be attacked by Hamas, PLO, Hezbollah, Turkey, Iran, etc?
    What have we gained on Iran?
    Can I now visit and pray in Har Habait?
    May I drive safely to all parts of Jerusalem?
    Are illegal invaders from Africa being removed?
    Are products from Eretz Israel freely sold everywhere?
    I am almost convinced… Tell me more.

  24. have led many of our Arab neighbors to recognize, finally recognize, that Israel is not their enemy. And this affords us the opportunity to overcome the historic animosities and build new relationships, new friendships, new hopes.” That is also one of the reasons that Israel sought a ceasefire in Gaza. You will recall that Egypt and Saudi Arabia were helpful.

    ted, do you remember that I made this point repeatedly not only as bieng influential at protective edge but also in decisions since at least Pilar of Defense strange cease fire. I also stated that it was influential in the faux peace talks, explaining the release of prisoners.