“It’s over, we’re tired, that’s it. We’re done. We’re voting for Trump. We’re gonna be voting red all the way down ticket.”

E. Rowell:  This man needs no introduction.  He speaks honestly and genuinely what is in the heart of so many Americans across this country.  We are all tired of the elites ruling us and telling us what our values should and shouldn’t be.  We are all so done with all the institutions of our society that have been corrupted and turned against us.  We are turning away from their power hungry and psychopathic attempts to control our lives and looking to a new future without them.

Statement by former Obama voter to the New York Times

By TIERNEY’S REAL NEWS    28 May 2024

A reporter from the New York Times interviewed a former Obama voter about the 2024 election at President Trump’s rally in the Bronx. This is a fabulous interview. I transcribed it the best I could. Here’s what he said. EPIC!

“You guys are going to see in 2024 – when there’s a Red Wave – and there’s a landslide, what’s going to happen. And if you guys try it again with what happened with the last election, with the cheating and the changing the votes at three o’clock in the morning. The suitcases coming in – and people running them through the machines more than once – we’re tired of it. We’re done. We’re voting for Trump. We’re gonna be voting red all the way down ticket.”

“We’re fed up with Democrats. We’re gonna get Mayor Adams out of here. We’re gonna get AOC out of there. It’s over, we’re tired, that’s it. The green new deal is bullshit. It’s a scam. We’re sick of it.”

“We got people from the WHO trying to sign a treaty where the WHO is going to be able to tell us what to do. The same thing with the WEF. These people weren’t elected. They were just put there. That’s a huge problem. You have Klaus Schwab, a real life James Bond villain telling us we’re gonna eat bugs. We’re gonna own nothing and we’re gonna be happy. This is ridiculous to me.”


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  1. @Peloni the trial in NY was a complete sham and clearly involved a conspiracy because even the judge was not picked in the normal random drawing way and was specially picked for the trial. He is a known Democrat, who consistently made rulings for the prosecution (that is not unusual however by itself) but these things were so prejudicial that no way Trump could get a fair trial.

    I was involved in the criminal justice system when young. This case involved something I never heard of and likewise the legal experts (judges and former prosecutors) also expressed disbelief that the second charge needed to make the charge of false record keeping (a misdemeanor) into a felony was never spelled out. The right to a fair trial requires that one know what they are being charged with so they can defend themselves.


  2. @Bear

    believe that trial was not fair a skewed against Trump but will Independents?

    It would seem impossible to for any fair minded person to believe anything different than you have concluded. In fact, it was more than unfair, the entire trial was politically tainted and even the jury instructions provide grist for the repulsion of anyone interested in a just verdict. Also,the critiques of such revered legal scholars such as Jonathan Turley, who could hardley be judged to be a Trump enthusiast, will carry significant weight, even among the low information voters.

  3. I wonder if Independents in battle ground state will vote for Trump now that he has been convicted.

    I believe that trial was not fair a skewed against Trump but will Independents?