Its time we all learned about the Temple Mount

By Ted Belman

Temple MountI recently posted  The Israeli Relinquishment of the Temple Mount originally published by the JCPA. In my preface to the article I included a comment by a lawyer.

 Israel Medad, who blogs at MyRightWord and Zion’s Corner wrote to me to tell me the lawyer didn’t get it right. He is the Information and Content Resource coordinator for the Begin Heritage Center. I asked him to provide me with some links which he did. I was so impressed with the content of these articles that I wanted to share them with you.

For anyone who would like to know more about the history and controversies regarding the Temple Mount, they are indispensable.

The Temple Mount in Court: Will Israel’s supreme court prevent the destruction of ancient remains?

Jerusalem’s Temple Mount: A Jewish-Muslim Flashpoint by Yisrael Medad in 2000.

The “Status Quo” on the Temple Mount by Nadav Shragai, JCPA (Nov 2014)

He also recommended The Temple Institute as an excellent resource on the laws pertaining to the Temple Mount.

While reading these article I realized how woefully uninformed I was on all matters relating to the Temple Mount.

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13 Comments / 13 Comments

  1. @ yamit82:

    “Albert Einstein PROUD ZIONIST”

    “Albert Einstein PROUD Labor ZIONIST”

    “You quote from one of the most vitriolic antisemitic websites on the net?”

    I QUOTED from Albert Einstein, you ninny.

    Where his letter appeared is utterly beside-the-point

    — unless you’re suggesting that they misrepresented what he wrote. (Are you?)

    “He was not a political animal in any sense.”

    Granted. Also irrelevant, however.

    “Almost everyone who supported Israel at that time supported labor.”

    Many did. But to say “almost everyone” is a more-than-‘slight’ exaggeration.

    The Palestine Resistance Committee and The American League for a Free Palestine (Bergson group) attracted broad stateside support for the Irgun — in the teeth of Mapai & Haganah opposition.

    “Mapai of that time were light years more right wing than are any of the current crop of political parties and their current leaderships.”

    Then again, they didn’t have the likes of PresentCompany to feed them Apples-&-Oranges comments like that one.

    The fact is, Mr Einstein DID sign that letter.

    And I assume you did READ it. . . .

    “You ain’t too bright are you?”

    Guess not.

    But then, given the dummy I’ve got for a sparring partner, what would you expect?

  2. @ dweller:

    You quote from one of the most vitriolic antisemitic websites on the net? Figures!!!!!

    FYI: He was not a political animal in any sense. Almost everyone who supported Israel at that time supported labor.

    Mapai of that time were light years more right wing than are any of the current crop of political parties and their current leaderships.

    You ain’t too bright are you?

  3. In retrospect, the concession Dayan made in the name of the Jewish people was indeed immense, colossal, almost inconceivable. The Jewish state entrusted its holiest place to a competing religion – the Muslim religion, for which the place is only the third in holiness, and gave up the right to pray there.
    What made this concession possible from the Jewish public’s standpoint was mainly the stance of the rabbis – both ultra-Orthodox and religious-Zionist. At that time (unlike today) an overwhelming majority of rabbis upheld the Halakhic prohibition on Jews entering the Temple Mount….. Thus, the triad of state, rabbis, and High Court of Justice made the status quo on the Temple Mount a lasting reality. In the first two decades after the Six-Day War, only few questioned it.
    – See more at:

    I blame the rabbis, who appear to have continued the tradition of advising the Jews from a galut perspective, like when they told the Jews to stay and die in europe rather than escape to israel.

    For many in the Jewish world, both in Israel and abroad, the liberation of the Temple Mount evoked powerful emotion. The exclamation of Mordechai Gur, commander of the paratrooper force that carried out the liberation – “The Temple Mount is in our hands” – entered the pantheon of national symbols of the State of Israel. – See more at:

    Hashem placed the Temple Mount into the hands of the Jews who proceeded to put it back into the hands of the Muslims….. and who rubber stamped this act: the rabbis. what was their rationalization for giving the Mount to the muslims? that a jew cannot go there unclean……but apparently its ok for a muslim to go there have barbecues and play soccer on top of the Temple. This is where their reasoning leads.. Why would Hashem give anything more to such a people who keep throwing blessings back in his face and calling it halakah.

  4. Israel should demand from Jordan the placement of a cooperative wakf who will conduct himself in a cooperative manner. the muslims keep humiliating the Jews with slaps in the face. Putting in this filthy wakf who pollutes the Mount and defames the jews in their own land should bring immediate deportation. allowing the fake king to appoint someone to administer muslim sites does not allow license to obstruct or commit crime. they can administrate their mosque but not the MOunt Israel should act like a victor and not a victim. All those Jews fought and died in order to give rule to the wakf who has no respect for jews?

  5. The Temple Mount in Court: Will Israel’s supreme court prevent the destruction of ancient remains?

    I now see why the muslims despise the jews. The Jews conquer the mount and YS and implement the “status quo”. what is the status quo but laws enacted by the swindlers torturers and slaughterers of Jews for 2000 years. why not just also recognize the laws of the nazis? How absurd that the Jews conquer and institute the same laws which do not even recognize the Jews holy places and serves to limit the Jews. the muslims could never imagine such a thing and quite rightly interpret it as weakness, which it is. It is absurd and insane for the jews to implement standards and laws which were and still are detrimental to Jewish interests.