J. Barak was biased in favour of Arab rights

By Ted Belman

The Jewish Press has a very interesting article A Glimpse Into The Mindset Of A Judicial Oligarch by Rabbi Steven Pruzansky which begins

    “A democracy must fight terror with one hand tied behind its back.”

    So stated Aharon Barak, the former president of Israel’s Supreme Court at a forum I recently attended at the Shasha Center for Strategic Studies at the Mount Scopus campus of Hebrew University.

    The discussion centered on the potential and real conflict between democracy and the war on terror, and featured a debate between Barak and Judge Richard Posner, former chief judge of the United States Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals (based in Chicago), and one of the leading conservative legal scholars in the United States.

Into the article he charges

    Barak’s words, actions and philosophy are powerful weapons in the hands of terrorists and a major reason why Israel’s strategic position has declined so precipitously in the last 15 years.

Great article.

December 31, 2007 | Comments »

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