Jack Smith Seeks Gag Order to Block President Trump from Making “Misleading Impressions” of FBI Conduct

By Sundance, CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE    25 May 2024

Government gag order:

There is a profound irony in Jack Smith seeking to block President Trump from talking about the FBI conduct, as the former president’s remarks might create “misleading impressions” about the details of the raid.  The DOJ and FBI have been leaking “misleading impressions” to the media for almost 9 years about the FBI operation investigation of Donald Trump.

For nine years, more than 40 highly political assigned FBI agents have been fabricating stories and leaking them to the media; yet, it is President Trump who the DOJ worries might create “misleading impressions.”  The issue would be farcical if the lying FBI topic was not so serious.

I mean seriously, think about it.  There was never any merit, not even a scintilla of plausible merit, to the FBI baseline that Donald J. Trump was colluding with Russians to win the 2016 election.  There was ZERO evidence of any type of coordination, collusion or creation of any assistance by Trump officials and any Russian people about manipulating the election.  However, despite that reality, more than 40 FBI agents worked on the case(s), first with Crossfire Hurricane then with Robert Mueller for over 4 years.

Mueller Report:

40 FBI agents worked a case they knew was total nonsense.


That’s FORTY people inside the FBI investigating something they knew was nonsense, because most of what they were investigating was fabricated by FBI agents…..

….. And Jack Smith is worried that President Trump might create a “misleading impression” by talking publicly about the behavior of those agents. ?!?!

Sometimes you just have to stand back, get away from the granular stupidity of it all, and see the insufferable nonsense for what it is.




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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. How is it possible to make a misleading statement about the FBI? When they have so badly sullied their reputation.

  2. The only option ist an honest judge. If you can’t get one, your case is lost before the first word is said.