Jerusalem Perfidy

By Ted Belman

I received this from a very reliable source.

I’m not sure whether or how you care to publish this, but I have now heard from a source I believe to be highly placed and reliable that Olmert and/or his surrogates not only are deep in the details of dividing Jerusalem but also are already agreeing in principle to a “Palestinian right of return”. The only specific I have heard is that they are contemplating about 100,000-150,000 but are considering whether spreading it out over 10 years will make it more palatable.

Another source tells me that Peter Munk financed a study of dividing Jerusalem and using an international police force.

May 6, 2008 | 6 Comments »

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. ED D,

    I share your sentiments 100%. Olmert should be arrested for treason against the State of Israel and the State of Israel needs to restore their confidence in Israeli government by replacing the current seats with people who would never do such evil things as Olmert and his gay daughter have done!

    Ed D, I really like the way you think.

  2. I am, at this moment, shaking with rage, knowing that even with all of the resentment toward Olmert, no one has the guts to yank him, physically if need be, from the PM’s office. Could be that there are many in this government that are as guilty as he. If so, why has the IDF not sent a battalion of troops to relieve and arrest him and all of his cronies. There must be a prison large enough to hold them.

    As a “conservative” in the US, I will tell you that Bush is conceived as a traitor along with the whole Department of State. Please G-d, Do not elect allow the election of either Obama nor Clinton. Also, Lord of Hosts, allow McCain to disband the whole Department and state anew. Both the US and Israel must prosper in peace and, if not, destroy the beasts.

  3. I agree with Aaron and Laura – and I cannot understand why Olmert is still in power. I have asked many Israeli friends and they do not know either! What worries me as well is that the present Israeli administration ignores the advice of its biggest ally – Diaspora Jewry. All Israel’s representatives have to toe the government line. There was once a time when concerned friends of Israel could write to the Embassies or Consulates in their countries, and at least have their concerns acknowledged and then passed on to Central government but not any more. Any emails, letters etc. are unanswered, except when extremely insulting replies are received, and if anybody phones the Embassy (at least in London) they are lucky to be put through at all. Added to this is the growing awful realisation that we can no longer believe anything Olmert says – he’s so steeped in corruption.

    Is this what Theodore Herzl had in mind? He must be spinning in his grave!

  4. Incidentally, I highly recommend that everyone read Eric L. Rozenman’s scary (extrapolative) fiction book Total Jihad, and the consequences that stem from such negotiations as these.

  5. TREASONOUS! Olmert must be physically dragged away kicking and screaming from the PM position if that’s what it takes.

  6. Even allowing a limited number is completely unacceptable. If any lesson should have been learned by the series of accessions that Israel has been making (with no return), it’s that opening up any line of ‘discussion’ will eventually become the starting point for further demands. If any plan incorporating a Palestinian right of ‘return’ is even seriously considered, it spells grave times ahead for Israel. If any such plan even begins to be implemented, it spells the end of Israel.