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  1. Google is claiming free speech as a reason not to change its search results. So instead of asking them to remove the site, why don’t we ask them to block it the same way they block violent or sexually explicit sites? That’s what Google’s “safe search” mode is for, after all. If we could get 500,000 people to sign up for that I’m sure Google would make the change. I work for a site called The Point ( that could be used to set up that sort of campaign.

  2. Material from Jew Watch is a favorite for quotes at such nasty little message boards as and I’m afraid the ignorant outnumber the discerning as a whole new generation is infected with this garbage. Unfortunately, these people won’t peruse a or because they find what they want immediately on sites such as this man operates.

  3. with sites like this and militant islamist sites, where are the white hat hackers who can deface and bring these sites down with DDOS attacks, etc. hackers do this to legit sites all the time, where are the white hats to do this to the bad guys once in awhile?

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