Jewish Ingratitude to Evangelicals

By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
The Jewish Press, November 26, 2010

Every year Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews raises about $100 million dollars from mostly evangelical Christians in the United States for distribution to social welfare projects in Israel and the former Soviet Union. This is a staggering sum, making the fellowship arguably the largest foundation for Jews in need in the world.

One would think that we in the Jewish community would show immense gratitude to our Christian brothers and sisters for such love. I therefore found it extraordinary, not to mention embarrassing, to hear that there is a growing campaign among elements in the Israeli Rabbinate to discredit the organization and forbid Jewish organizations from benefiting from their funds.??The worst of all character traits in the Jewish religion is to be an ingrate. Denying the goodness that others perform on your behalf leads to a closing of the human heart.

No one wants to be taken for granted. So great is the emphasis on appreciation in our religion that our greatest prophet, Moses, is commanded by G-d not to strike the Nile River and turn it into blood in the first plague against the Egyptians because that same river had saved his life when he was a baby. Later, in plague number three, G-d will again warn Moses against smiting the dust of Egypt and turning it into lice because the dust had saved his life when he had to bury the body of a murderous Egyptian taskmaster.??

Imagine that. A man who speaks to G-d face to face is told he must show thanks to water and dust. But such is the extent to which Jewish values demands gratitude.?? Over the past two decades evangelical Christians have emerged as Israel’s most staunch and reliable friends. Pastors like John Hagee, my friend Pat Robertson and countless others have galvanized colossal Christian support for Israel.

Even in the worst bombings of the second Intifada, when tourism to Israel fell off a cliff, Christians still came in their millions. The same is true of stalwart Christian political support for Israel. While President Obama continues to bully Israel over apartments in Israel’s undivided and eternal capital, Jerusalem, American Christians have a litmus test for their elected leaders. Don’t support Israel? You’re out.?? As I write these lines former President George W. Bush is enjoying a public renaissance in America with the publication of his new book, Decision Points. The President who was the best friend Israel ever had in the White House makes clear, at the beginning of his book, how he turned his life over to Jesus to be saved, and there can be no question that there is a direct link between his deep Christian faith and his love and unyielding support for Israel against those who, like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, seek its annihilation.

I am well aware of our immense differences with the Christian evangelical community. I would venture to say, with no intention at arrogance, that I have conducted more debates against leading Christian scholars and missionaries, like my friend Dr. Michael Brown, on the Messiahship of Jesus and the evangelical insistence that only Christians go to heaven, than any other American Rabbi over the past decade, most of which are available on YouTube. Jesus was a devout and observant Jew for every day of his life on earth. He ate kosher, honored the Sabbath, donned tefillin, insisted on the indivisible unity of G-d, and fought for the independence of the Jewish nation against brutal oppression of Rome, beliefs for which he was ultimately crucified.

It would behoove our Christian brothers and sisters to conclude that they have much more to learn about the authentic historical Jesus from Jews than any misguided attempts at converting them. Indeed, not only must these attempts be emphatically resisted by the Jewish community with overwhelming scholarship, but precisely the opposite is true. Christians must learn from the Jews to reject any deification of Jesus, which he, as a Pharisee, would have seen as the ultimate sacrilege and which is the subject of my upcoming book on the Jewish Jesus. They must follow Jesus as teacher and prophet rather than divinity.

Every human being is a child of G-d, and not just Jesus, as the Bible makes clear in Deuteronomy. ??But whatever our theological differences with our evangelical brothers, none of this negates the unparalleled kindness and friendship they show Jews and the Jewish community. To say they do this merely to convert us, or because gathering Jews to Israel will usher in the apocalypse, is to perpetrate a sacrilegious act of character assassination.

Christians support Israel out of deep love and brotherhood. And it’s an act of defamation that even some Christian leaders are guilty of. I was disheartened, in a recent visit to a mega-church in North Carolina, to hear a renowned Christian scholar tell me that the only reason American evangelicals send money to Israel is because they mistakenly believe that the money is being used to proselytize Jews. Bollocks. I meet these evangelicals all the time. I have traveled with great men like Glen Megill of Rock of Africa on Christian relief missions to Zimbabwe, the poorest country on earth, and have listened as they have told me that their first commandment as Christians is to love and protect the Jewish people for no other reason other than G-d commanded it.??

The man more responsible than anyone else for building this bridge between Christians and Jews is Rabbi Eckstein, a man whose efforts, with Christian support, feeds thousands of hungry Jewish children and Jewish elderly every day in Israel and abroad.?? Israel is a nation that dwells alone, with few friends and many prejudiced enemies. Rather than Rabbis and lay leaders attacking Christians as having nefarious motives for their charity, we should offer thanks and gratitude to hard-working Americans of faith who believe, as the Bible says, that through Israel all the earth is blessed.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach heads This World: The Values Network, which seeks to heal America through universal Jewish values. An international best-selling author of 24 books, his most recent work is “Renewal: A Guide to the Values-Filled Life.” Follow him on Twitter @Rabb???iShmuley

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  1. Actually, it was the reverse. Greek and Roman gods were transformed into “saints” and given the names of saints by pagan idolaters to hijack Christianity. Remember, at first Christianity was rejected by Rome and Christians were persecuted and killed. When this failed and the number of Christians became too great to overcome, the state decided to make Christianity the state religion by the transformation of pagan Roman gods into saints and high days into Biblical holy days.

  2. It is quite likely that Jesus’ followers developed the Trinity business as well as saints standing in for gods to make their system more acceptable to the polytheistic Romans and Greeks they wanted to convert. Many saints are almost identical to Greco-Roman gods and heroes in terms of what they do.

    Jesus became a divinity well into the second century AD. The original Christian concept was that Jesus was a man who become god, this morphed into the concept of Jesus was god who became a man.

    The Christian golden rule is a positive proactive call to action like spreading the good news but not just. Hillel: is negative and anti proactive when he begins with Don’t do unto as opposed to the Christian do unto! I see no middle ground here at least for Jews. We don’t want them to do unto us. Christians can’t respect our sensitivities as it is a central core commandment for most believing Christians.

    There is very strong evidence that Jesus and/or his apostles studied Hinduism and possibly Buddhism, which was possible because Alexander the Great linked India to the Middle East. There is a story in the Mahabharata, which is older than the New Testament, in which Krishna (a very Jesus-like figure) feeds the entire world with a single grain of rice. The New Testament story is that Jesus fed a multitude with a few fish and a few loaves of bread. Jesus’ aversion to wealth, or rather attachment to wealth (letting money and possessions run one’s life) comes directly from Buddhism’s “freedom from attachments” concept.

    Hindus also believe in the equivalent of Jesus’ Second Coming, except it will be Vishnu’s TENTH avatar who will rid the world of evil and make things right forever.

    Origins of the Jesus Mythos
    Christianity is based on the unique belief that Jesus was God’s Son, born of a virgin, sacrificed for the Salvation of man. In reality, as sacrificed virgin-born Savior Son of God, Jesus was not unique. Not even close. The Jesus mythos simply followed the traditional model of the ancient pagan savior-gods.

    At the time of Jesus of Nazareth, as for centuries before, the Mediterranean world roiled with a happy diversity of creeds and rituals. Details varied according to location and culture, but the general outlines of these faiths were astonishingly similar. Roughly speaking the ancients’ gods:

    * Were born on or very near our Christmas Day
    * Were born of a Virgin-Mother
    * Were born in a Cave or Underground Chamber
    * Led a life of toil for Mankind
    * Were called by the names of Light-bringer, Healer, Mediator, Savior, Deliverer
    * Were however vanquished by the Powers of Darkness
    * And descended into Hell or the Underworld
    * Rose again from the dead, and became the pioneers of mankind to the Heavenly world
    * Founded Communions of Saints, and Churches into which disciples were received by Baptism
    * Were commemorated by Eucharistic meals

    Krishna was born of the virgin Devaki; the Savior Dionysus was born of the virgin Semele. Buddha too was born of a virgin, as were the Egyptian Horus and Osiris. The old Teutonic goddess Hertha was a virgin impregnated by the heavenly Spirit and bore a son. Scandinavian Frigga was impregnated by the All-Father Odin and bore Balder, the healer and savior of mankind.

    Mithras was born in a cave, on December 25th, of a virgin mother. He came from heaven to be born as a man, to redeem men from their sin. He was know as “Savior,” “Son of God,” “Redeemer,” and “Lamb of God.” With twelve disciples he traveled far and wide as a teacher and illuminator of men. He was buried in a tomb from which he rose again from the dead — an event celebrated yearly with much rejoicing. His followers kept the Sabbath holy, holding sacramental feasts in remembrance of Him. The sacred meal of bread and water, or bread and wine, was symbolic of the body and blood of the sacred bull.

    The celebration of Christmas on December 25 was originally the pagan birthday of Mithras, the sun god, whose day of the week is still known as “Sunday.” The halo of light which is usually shown surrounding the face of Jesus and Christian saints, is another concept taken from the sun god. The theme of temptation by a devil-like creature was also found in pagan mythology. In particular, the story of Jesus’s temptation by Satan resembles the temptation of Osiris by the devil-god Set in Egyptian mythology.

    Traditional Judaism considers Christianity Pagan.

    Islam is a strict monotheistic creed and therefore is not considered as Pagan by traditional Judasim. Traditional Islam beliefs a closly related to traditional Judaism Christianity is the exact antithesis of Judaism. That said Islam is no less an enemy of the Jews as Christianity and physically more of a threat to Jews physically than are Christians. Jews predate Islam in the ME by some 2000 years and were part of the ME scene long before the Arab conquests.

  3. It is quite likely that Jesus’ followers developed the Trinity business as well as saints standing in for gods to make their system more acceptable to the polytheistic Romans and Greeks they wanted to convert. Many saints are almost identical to Greco-Roman gods and heroes in terms of what they do.

    Actually, it was the reverse. Greek and Roman gods were transformed into “saints” and given the names of saints by pagan idolaters to hijack Christianity. Remember, at first Christianity was rejected by Rome and Christians were persecuted and killed. When this failed and the number of Christians became too great to overcome, the state decided to make Christianity the state religion by the transformation of pagan Roman gods into saints and high days into Biblical holy days.

  4. Hey Ted. Are you having gliches in your system again? I am not receiving comments again. Perhaps I should go back to using Mir? Those are the only two names I have used.

  5. For one, Shy Guy is right as usual.

    This is not a lie but a fact. Does anybody deny that Jesus was a Jew, or that Christians regard him as their Savior and Anointed One?

    Did this J-man even exist is the question. If he DID exist he was most certainly one of the most Ignorant of Jews. The Jews don’t need to believe in a religion of multiple gods. One is enough for Israel, not three. The knowledgeable person would know, unequivocally, that the authors of the Xtian text were either non-Jews or, at best, extremely ignorant of Judaism and Jewish teaching.

    Christians seek to share their beliefs with others because they think they should do unto others as they would have others do unto them.

    Do you realize how arrogant and self-serving this statement is. This is a perversion of what Hillel taught. Look at what you’re saying. It is centered around you yourself, and NOT others. It would be as if I were a masochist it would then be proper, according to your teaching, to be a sadist. When Hillel taught this it was “What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow” and in this way there is less chance of offending the other party. The Xtian version would have you do everything that YOU would prefer whether or not the other person agrees. It’s a very selfish motive. The conclusion is to refrain from doing that which is hateful to the Jew.

    When you have to use force of law to censor what somebody else is saying, it tells people that you have no effective counterargument–in other words, censorship is an admission that the person you are trying to censor may be RIGHT.

    This is a red herring. If the Xtians were “targeting” those Jews who are educated they would have little success. But instead, the Xtians target those Jews who are NOT educated in Judaism and therefore fall prey to missionaries. These are the only ones who can be convinced of such treif.

    by adding that Christianity is the right path for millions of non-Jews

    It is NOT the right path if that Xtianity is teaching a divinity applied to a man. The non-Jew is required to follow the 7 Mitzvot of B’nai Noach. THIS is their duty. To follow a demigod is to deny the TRUE existence of G-d and is nothing less than idolatry.

  6. It is sad to read an article by a Jew so filled with hatred for Christians.

    I thought the article was supportive of Christians and negative about some Jews?

    I speak for myself and no doubt many millions other born-again Evangelical Christians when I say that our giving to and caring for Jews and Israel is not for any reason but because we acknowledge that our faith has its roots in Judaism and that we have the Jews to thank for the Bible, Old and New Testament

    As a good god fearing Loving Christian may I ask if you donate to Christian charities? If yes do those charities include support for missionary activities? If yes do they include Jews?

  7. Sonia, the christian liar, first states:

    I speak for myself and no doubt many millions other born-again Evangelical Christians when I say that our giving to and caring for Jews and Israel is not for any reason but because we acknowledge that our faith has its roots in Judaism and that we have the Jews to thank for the Bible, Old and New Testament.

    Read a little further and Sonia lets the cat out of the bag:

    but it is our Lord Jesus Christ, a Jew, who we want to introduce to people and people should feel free to say yes or no.

    Thanks for confirming what you goofed in denying. And I thought we Jews were stupid. Sheeesh!!!!

  8. It is sad to read an article by a Jew so filled with hatred for Christians. I speak for myself and no doubt many millions other born-again Evangelical Christians when I say that our giving to and caring for Jews and Israel is not for any reason but because we acknowledge that our faith has its roots in Judaism and that we have the Jews to thank for the Bible, Old and New Testament. Having visited Israel four times I can honestly say that most Jewish people are not pleasant people to be around, but we recognise that there is probably good reason for that if one bears in mind the persecution that Jews have had to endure, also at the hands of so-called Christians. So, it is not that the Jews themselves particularly inspire us, but our Bible teaches that we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem and comfort the Jewish people and that is the reason why we give of our money and why we stand up for Israel when lies and deception are spread about Jews and Israel. We know that most Jews are not capable of the evil that they are accused of in the media around the world. Also, not all Christians are out to “score points” by trying to convert Jews to Christianity. In truth, most of “Christianity” as practised by so-called Christians is contemptible and not something you would want anyone to convert to, but it is our Lord Jesus Christ, a Jew, who we want to introduce to people and people should feel free to say yes or no. The Holy Spirit does not force anybody into anything, God has given each of us our own free will. So, whether Jews hate us or our Lord Jesus Christ, that will not deter us or change our love for Jews or Israel because we do it for God who is the God of Israel and He wants us to do it.

  9. Thank you Rabbi For your insightful article. I too know that we do not show the Evangelical community close to enough gratitude especially in today’s times. I had the honor of expressing our gratitude toward a. Group, the European Coalition for Israel (ECI -check their website), that was founded in 2003 to lobby European Governments for pro-Israel policies, against anti-semetism, and to remember the Holocaust, when it recognized that anti-semtism rising again in Europe.T hey stood up and said “never again” and wanted to rIghit the wrongs of th e Christian community toward the Jews in the past. Please check out their website and all of the good work they do and send a note of gratitude for their friendship in a world where we are once again light in the friends category, even among our own.

    In April 24 and 25, 2010, they organized a commemoration of the 1920 San Remo Conference, where the Jewish People were given the legal right to reconstitute their ancient homeland as a right and not a sufferance. The Arabs were given the mandate for Syria and the mandate for Mesopotamia at the same time (Iraq today). Please learn about this on their website. These legal rights are valid to this day. A small group of Jews asked if we could join their Christian conference, where we helped with presentations, had Israeli government representation, media representation, and a small grow of Jews and Christians dedicated to teaching the world about this much forgotten passage in history.

    What struck me ( and embarrassed me) was what strong zionists these Christians are, unapologetic in their commitment to the rights of the Jewish people to the land of Israel. They thanked us for bringing the Torah into e world because if we had not brought the Torah into the world, they would not have their bible. The blessed us, because “this who bless the Jews will be blessed and those who curse the Jews will be cursed.”, and they believe it wholeheartedly.

    We had the opportunity to thank them for their friendship, in a world where we have fewer friends. we thanked them for their partnership and everything they are doing to help the Jews. I have watched Minister Hagee visit the Knesset to reaffirm the Christian communities support for Israel, Christian United for Israel, Fellowship of Christians and Jews, and the list goes on.

    This experience for me still stands out in my mind as an experience with G-d’s hand. G-d is sending us these friends in our troubled times, and we would do well to learn from our friends and to thank our friends, and show our Critical Rabbis what it truly means to be a Kiddush Hashem. If we Jews remember who we are and start bring lit into the darkness, the world will change. And once again to our Christian friends, THANK YOU AND MAY G-D BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I totally disagree with Rabbi Boteach on George Bush as a friend of Israel, however, his main point seems to be the issue of gratitude. We Jews have not shown are gratitude sufficiently (I don’t mean groveling here, just gratitude). I for one am going to write Rabbi Eckstein with a word of thanks.

    Israel and the Jewish people have the most OVERWHELMING tasks in the world and the real Christians know it. As long as everyone knows where the other stands what is the problem. Someone got decieved once by giving to a crisis and it turned out to be a Catholic organization. So what. Just don’t give – cancel your relationship with them and move on. This should be done on an individual and organizational level. The Jews are SUPPOSE to be so SOPHISTICATED yet I hear a lot of whinning which is more suitable to a teenage girl who had a party dress spoiled.

    Some Christians have ulterior motives, some do not. So what. Gratitude costs little, and is required of us by G-d. So stop getting your knickers in a twist and say thank you, or no thank you if that suits the situation.

  11. Sad to say that many of those who support Rabbi Eckstein are also seen on Daystar TV an evangelical station available even in Israel. One can see there that what they say to a Jewish audience and one that isn’t may not be the same thing. For example, there are those evangelicals or messianic Xtians who in one breath claim to follow the Ten Commandments while in the next breath they ask for donations so that they can lie and cheat in order to steal Jewish souls. They are the ones of which I am most leary and sadly their numbers seem to be growing. Their donations come with a price tag as we can see from Rabbi Eckstein himself who now sits on the board of the Jewish Agency because he is bringing such large amounts of money to Israel. Are we really ready to accept those who are trying to buy their place in Heaven?

  12. Interesting piece. I have to admit that I would be somewhat leery. I donated money once for relief for a disaster that killed thousands. I dont remember which one in particular it was. I donated the money my bank. A few months later I received a receipt and a request for more money from a catholic organization. I was upset. I choose not to donate money through religious organizations as I dont know their agenda. I questioned the bank as to why one wouldnt know up front that it was a catholic organization. The bank was surprized. They didnt know either and were glad I brought it to their attention. I had my name removed from the list. Personally if it had been a Xtian organization I probably wouldnt have donated either. Its the principal of the matter. If they hadnt persecuted Jews so badly no Jew should need their help. But if there are any Xtian organizations out there who truly are giving out of the goodness of their heart with no ulterior motive THATS GREAT AND ABOUT TIME.

  13. Thanks Rabbi. As an evangelical, I support Israel because it is right. To fulfill Genesis 12:3; and get a blessing from G-d. The Jews owe me nothing. Whether they are “grateful” or not is a non issue.

    Obviously this is not the place to discuss our theology. However, let me say this. Some want to convert you; some don’t (including me). And, any christian who thinks all Jews are going to hell is a fool and an imbecile.

  14. The most common remark, as it relates to observant Jews, is “those legalistic Jews”.

    Christians (and Jews) who despise Jews as legalistic are not the same people who are supportive of Israel.
    As a “legalistic Christian”, one who respects the law of God, I admire those who put out a serious effort to
    follow God’s laws, regardless if they are Jews or Christians.

    I understand why some Jews are reluctant to accept Christian funding. I would be somewhat leary of Muslim funding
    coming into my community, even if there were no strings attached as far as I could tell. Couldn’t they find some
    impoverished Muslims to help somewhere in the world?

  15. “The most common remark, as it relates to observant Jews, is “those legalistic Jews”. If one hears the tone I can assuredly state it is Not done in a sympathetic or pleasant manner.”

    This “Evangelical” issue comes up so often, I just tuned in to see if there was any interesting change in the highly predicatable comments. I got stopped at this comment, though, because it is so hillarious. Since when has any conversation about Judaism by JEWS been “sympathetic and pleasant”, much less conversations about outsiders? I guess the Christian community has elevated Rabbi Boteach’s expectations about them; and he may very well be right.

    Now, tell me with a straight face, anyone, that religious Jews are not “legalistic”. I am listening with a pleasant countenance and sympathetic ear 🙂

  16. “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Christian Scriptures (New Testament), John 14:6. That passage has been a prime motivator of Christian evangelical activity towards Jews and other non-Christians

    Based on this there exists Protestant Replacement Theology, otherwise known as the Supersessionism (also called fulfillment theology or, pejoratively, replacement theology) is a Christian interpretation of New Testament claims, viewing God’s relationship with Christians as being either the “replacement” or “fulfillment” or “completion” of the promise made to the Jews (or Israelites) and Jewish Proselytes. Biblical expressions of God’s relationships with people are known as covenants,[1] so the contentious element of supersessionism is the idea that the New Covenant with the Christians and the Christian Church replaces, fulfills or completes the Mosaic Covenant (or Torah) with the Israelites and B’nei Noah.(from Wikipedia)

    The early Christian theologians saw the New Covenant in Christ as a replacement for the Mosaic Covenant (see “Roman Catholicism”, below). Historically, statements on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church have claimed her ecclesiastical structures to be a fulfillment and replacement of Jewish ecclesiastical structures (see also Jerusalem as an allegory for the Church). As recently as 1965 Vatican Council II affirmed, “the Church is the new people of God,” without intending to make “Israel according to the flesh”, the Jewish people, irrelevant in terms of eschatology (see “Roman Catholicism, below). Modern Catholicism continues to affirm these spokesmen as authoritative for doctrine, alongside the New Testament. (from Wikipedia)

    Supersessionism is not the name of any official Catholic doctrine and the word appears in no Church documents; however, the Catholic Church does officially teach that the Mosaic covenant was fulfilled and replaced by the New Covenant in Christ. Nevertheless, the Catholic Church does not teach an extreme or “crude” supersessionism (see: Avery Cardinal Dulles) that considers the Jewish people themselves as effectively irrelevant in terms of eschatology and Biblical prophecy. For the Catholic Church, the Jewish people are a reminder that the “gifts and calling of God are irrevocable” (Rom 11:29). The persevering presence of Israel on earth is perhaps that best proof that God exists and that His covenant extends “to a thousand generations” (Deut 7:9). The Church recognizes an ongoing and unique relationship between the Jewish people, God and the Church. Additionally, the Church teaches that there is an integral continuity between the covenants rather than a rupture.

    The Church’s teaching regarding the fulfillment and replacement of the Mosaic Covenant by the New Covenant in Christ can be found in the Scriptures, the Fathers and various Magisterial documents:

    At a Jewish synagogue, St. Paul preached the following: “Let it be known to you therefore, brethren, that through this man forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you, and by him every one that believes is freed from everything from which you could not be freed by the law of Moses.”

    …some modern Christians believe in supersessionism and others don’t. There is also some disagreement among Christians in regard to what, precisely, is superseded: the Old Covenant [Torah], or the Jewish people themselves.

    In other words, Christians and their churches believe its nice to have Jews around, but in the larger scheme of things we are a theological relic and will sooner or later will be converting to the (their) ‘true’ belief

    And this is why Jews should not accept Christian money. It is patronizing that people who discard most everything we as Jews believe and DO, then give money to ‘rescue’ Jews.

    And, the $100 million collected for this purpose pails into insignificance with the money spent on proselytizing Christianity to Jews, including in Israel….well over a billion dollars annually (the number is a rough estimate since no Christian organisation will disclose this effort)

  17. Isn’t it strange that Echstein and other Jewish Rabbis outreach to Christians but not to all the assimilated Jews in America? One would think their mission and obligation would prioritize the Jews and not the gentiles.

  18. Well, how do we like it when certain Christians (e.g. Jack Chick, Fred Phelps) speak the “truth” as they see it about Judaism (i.e. we are all going to Hell)? Would we donate money to a Christian institution that derided Judaism?

    Who gives a flying s..t what they say or believe?

    Would we donate money to a Christian institution that derided Judaism?

    Many Jews do both directly and indirectly but they also vote democratic and are some of the dems largest donors.

    That’s impossible as they have agendas that are inimical to Jews and Judaism. Christianity exists as a replacement of Judaism and any Christian who says differently is either not a believing and practicing Christian or they are liars.

    with the premise that we are all seeking the same destination (personal relationship with God if one is religious, respect for the natural rights of all human beings if one is not) albeit by different paths.

    Their god is not our god and ours is not theirs period They are welcome to choose any path they want just leave us out of it but they can’t because while we Jews are not predicated on Christianity, Christian origins were built somewhat on Judaism. Theologically we Jews prove the fallacy of Christianity just because we exist and Jewsish return drives the Catholics nuts and the Evangelicals into messianic expectations where we can be their sacrificial Lamb if it results in the tribulations leading to Jesus return, the unsaved Jews dead so if we all go up in smoke it’s all the same to them. They love us for their own ends served, conversion or death. The 5-10 billion dollars allocated by Christians to convert the Jews is not chicken feed. This is serious money and when you throw around that kind of gelt those who will be corrupted by it will be and it has here corrupted our whole political system.

    Isn’t it strange that Echstein and other outreach to Christian but not to all the assimilated Jews in America? One would think their mission and obligation would prioritize the Jews and not the gentiles.

    What we need to do is seek common ground with our Christian friends,

    I respect their rights and sensitivities but they don’t mine. That’s the problem outside of Israel I don’t care what they do or think. That’s pretty liberal. In my house I call the shots and make the rules metaphorically speaking. They don’t respect our rights to reject their beliefs.

    This concept is embodied in the Indian greeting “Namaste.

    What’s the Jewish concept Levinson?

    The Christian writer C.S. Lewis acknowledged in the conclusion of his Narnia series that one does NOT have to worship Jesus (symbolized by the lion Aslan) to get on God’s good side. In the book, Aslan welcomes a demon-worshiping Calormene (Turk) because the latter conducted his life as Aslan would have had him conduct it. On the other hand, Aslan said he would reject anybody who committed evil deeds in his name. (Attention, Westboro Baptist…)

    What’s an evil deed according to any of your Asian and or fantasy beliefs? What’s the opposite of evil? How do you know one from the other? What’s your authority for those beliefs if you have any?

  19. This Israeli Rabbinate must be the Jewish counterpart of the Westboro Baptist Church.

    You must be a clone of Nancy Pelosi. Only Ignoramus Jews like you might thinks so. learn the facts before you shoot blanks. I will say this though that despite our criticisms of Christians attempt’s to graft Jews and Judaism into Christianity. We have more in common with them than ignorant assimilated Jews like you.

  20. IFCJ 25th anniversary clip excerpts: a halachic nightmare?

    We Don’t Need No Christian Money ! I say thanks but no thanks.

    Jonathan Bernis hosts Pat Boone on the “Jewish Voice”

    Jews have always taken care of their own and should be able to especially in this time in Jewish history. In America alone over 40% of all American billionaires are at least nominally Jewish. The Jewish State alone has about 70 billion in cash reserves. Israeli charities are extremely active and do much of the social service and charitable work. While 100 million is a considerable sum I fear it comes with a hidden price that is antithetical to our National interests and to halachic foundations of Judaism.
    Jewish Israel has a lot of pertinent material re: Echstein and International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

    Jewish Israel responds to Yechiel Eckstein

    Reaching out

    10/19/2010 05:40

    Walking a fine line between Jewish philanthropy and his Christian supporters, Rabbi Yehiel Eckstein has raised millions of dollars for welfare projects here. Read full article Here

    Jewish Israel replies
    Jewish Israel’s Letter to the Editor
    Sir, – In your report “Reaching out,” Rabbi Yehiel Eckstein refers to rabbis, the “haredi community and others,” as being the last major obstacle to his success. Our organization,, is one of the “others” that Eckstein refers to.

    While we’ve all enjoyed good relations, assistance and benefits from gentile friends who choose to take a moral stand with the Jewish state, organizations like IFCJ put a theological/evangelical spin on those efforts – and that makes things complex.

    Eckstein may claim that he “would never work with any group involved in missionary activity targeting the Jewish community,” but there is ample evidence that the Christian figures appearing in IFCJ’s promotional material (Jack Hayford, Pat Robertson, and Pat Boone) do promote missionary activity which targets Jews, and they support the growing and strengthening Christian messianic community in Israel.

    As a community concerned with Torah values and spiritual continuity, we have very real concerns and questions which must be asked: Is it healthy for the Jewish state and the state of Jewish society to become utterly dependent on non- Jewish and devout Christian sources for our philanthropic needs? And should those sources be intimately involved and wield significant influence in government agencies and the private sector of Israeli society? It’s the job of our rabbinic leaders to get past the money issues and to uphold the Torah, Halacha and the unique status of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel – which includes separation from foreign worship and beliefs.

    Red lines on this theologically loaded relationship are necessary and honest questions should be asked.

    The “last major obstacle” that Eckstein can’t seem to overcome may simply be our need to ensure Jewish independence, integrity, unity and spiritual continuity.

    Public relations director

    Eckstein challenges halachic ruling and threatens exposure of religious beneficiaries

    Letter regarding IFCJ from Rav Moshe Dovid Tendler

    The Anti-Semitic “Messianic “ Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

  21. Maybe the Rabbi should get some of his facts straight. Does he Really think that Bush was the best president for Israel. Look, rather, at his actions, how he coerced the Jewish state into policies to further his own agenda. That agenda was to form a Palestinian state. Bush was the FIRST president to state such as POTUS.

    I also wonder if the Rabbi has read the Greek text. Does he really believe that Yeshu was one who kept Shabbat etc. Instead, look at his actions, actions recorded in their text. How does this text portray the Pharisees. Certainly not in any positive light whatsoever. In fact, it is those writings that a Great Many Xtians use to disparage virtually All the Rabbis. A person can view many examples, especially relating to Rabbi Akiva and those remarks are nothing less than virulent.

    If the Rabbi doesn’t think these Xtians have ulterior motives he should hear what they say when people like him are not around. The most common remark, as it relates to observant Jews, is “those legalistic Jews”. If one hears the tone I can assuredly state it is Not done in a sympathetic or pleasant manner. What about those Jews who are NOT observant. Maybe they are not so vilified. Not unless you are a liberal Jew. If one fits into that category you will hear the most vile of comments. I rarely ever watch Glenn Beck but on one occasion I DID catch him speaking and it was concerning Soros. Now, I would certainly not agree with Soros in virtually any matter. But Glenn Beck made the “specific point” that Soros IS Jewish. Now why would he make such emphasis. That he is extremely liberal should have sufficed but, instead, he HAD to include his Jewishness. This isn’t confined to Glenn Beck. The “evangelical” Xtians are just as vile in their views of those Jews who they have disagreements. All one has to do is speak to those who receive support from Xtians and if that Jew speaks anything against Xtianity they will be literally ATTACKED in the most vicious of words. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a Xtian say they will No Longer give money because the Jew spoke the truth about Xtianity.

    The ONLY reason the Xtian “believes” the notion of G-d “commanding it” is because of the doctrine of “grafting in”. It used to be replacement theology and now grafting has overtaken the dogma. If there are no Jews around then the Xtian will be left with no one to be grafted into.

    What does the Talmud say about this. The nations will come to the Jews and say they did it all For The Jew, and that alone. They will be proven wrong and it was all self serving.