Jewish Leaders Not Sure Jewish Lives Matter

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Jewish Leaders Correctly Demand We Address Root Causes of Hate in America, But Are Less Interested in the Increase in Anti-Israel Terrorism That is Taking Innocent Jewish Lives

When a White Nationalist opened fire in a Dollar Store in Florida, killing three black people, the Jewish world and Jewish Leaders were correct to quickly condemn the heinous act. While Jewish leaders responded in a moral manner consistent with Jewish values, the same cannot be said about their mostly silent response to the recent murders of Israelis by Palestinian terrorists. More Israelis have already been killed this year (34) than last year (33), and it’s not even September.

What explains the surge in the murder of Israeli Jews? What incentivized these murders are hatred and cash.  In 2021, President Joe Biden proudly announced to Palestinian Authority Leader Mahmoud Abbas that “I reversed the policies of my predecessor and resumed aid to the Palestinians — more than half a billion dollars in 2021.”  The Palestinian Authority routinely uses its cash to fund the “Pay to Slay” program that rewards Palestinian terrorists for killing Israelis.  Moreover, the Biden Administration is funding the UNRWA, which literally teaches Palestinian children to hate Israel and Israelis in its textbooks.

Yet the leadership of the Jewish community continues to put their political considerations above Jewish lives. The American Jewish Committee (AJC) claims “we counter assaults on Israel’s right to exist, whether they arise on campuses, in multinational bodies, or anywhere else.” Apparently “anywhere else” does not include, “the White House.”

At the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, CEO Amy Spitalnick also rightfully and forcefully condemned the racist murders in Florida, but she is reticent to acknowledge and protest Biden’s policies of giving money to the terrorist PA. It’s hard to understand why she can not express her outrage when a terrorist kills an Israeli schoolteacher.

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    Maintaining chaos in the world is the prevailing US foreign policy to preserve its hegemony.