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  1. POTUS Trump aka ’45’; word is that ’45’ is seriously considering ways to go back to ‘liability protection’ under Azar’s fraud PREP Act, to retroactive disband it & a victim compensation fund for vax
    injured; this is all I may share at this time; do not ask me more; but good sources and good money on a for sure reversal of liability protection for vaccine makers and CDC etc., & a victim fund

    From Paul Alexander Substack (LINK)
    Paul Alexander was a senior advisor to the HHS in the Trump administration who has opposed the vaccine since its inception.

  2. This was a particularly important move by Trump, one which I believe will see his support rise even higher. It should be noted that Trump has always advocated the freedom of choice with regards to the vax, even as he has continued to celebrate the success of Warp Speed to produce these toxic treatments. His warning against any implementation of mandates is consequently quite in line with his own views as previously expressed, but the implication of his threat is quite important. As Ted notes, he did not take this step without careful consideration as to how it would be received by the voting masses. In fact, I believe that due to this declaration he will garner a great deal of support from those whose opposition to him was specifically due to his continued emphasis on the success of Warp Speed without significantly addressing the serious safety issues associated with the shots, never-mind the efficacy issues.

  3. I am glad he is taking that stand. The people in America are voting with their feet: very few people have been willing to take the COVID injections. They may not state it publicly, but it has been seen in Pfizer’s earnings which are down 25% in the last year.

    I think his suggestions are a good start, but there are still questions about what Trump knows of the legislation that is in place that enables public health emergencies to lead to the use of military bioweapons to be used on the government’s own citizens.

    The US lockdowns resulted in a huge wealth transfer from the middle class to the elites and a real estate asset grab for the billionaire class. If they lock people down again, it will mean they want another huge wealth transfer.