Jews and America have been good for each other

The Heritage Institute did a study showing that of all the distinct ethnic groups in the United States, including those of English heritage, the Jewish community had the highest “community” score of any other group.

Jews ranked…

    * Number 1 in providing medical advancements that saved American’s lives in the last 100 years.
    * Number 1 in authorship of both biographical and fictional materials.
    * Number 1 in per capita income.
    * Number 1 in the creative arts
    * Number 1 as educators, (grade school through college level)
    * Number 1 in the legal profession
    * Number 1 in the banking/investment banking business.
    * Number 1 in providing the most charity/philanthropy per capita.
    * Number 1 in journalist/media participation.
    * Number 9 in military service. (they made the top ten, out o f 20 ranked ethnic groups)
    * Number 10 in athletics. The Jews squeaked into the last top spot with their participation in ice skating, tennis, track and baseball. (Rod Carew was allowed)
    * Number 1 in the lowest incidents of anti-social behavior.
    Jews commit the least amount of violent crime of any ethnic group. (The best neighbor to have is a Jew)

America has always honored Jews and that is why Jewish representation in Congress is at an all-time high and vastly exceeds their numbers in the population.

December 20, 2007 | 1 Comment »

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