Jews in Trouble

In 1936, The Atlantic published a prescient article titled Jews in trouble. It began as follows;


    ONE of the most excellent of my Christian friends (the greater number of my older friends are such) could finally hold in no longer. ‘Your people are in trouble!’ There was a tinge of over-eagerness in his tone; there was the faint shadow of something akin to the triumph of one who can say, ‘I told you so.’ He had, in fact, never told me anything. But an unspoken implication had hung in the air between us (as it has between other Christian friends and me) for years. The implication could be phrased somewhat as follows: ‘You had become quite one of ourselves; we never thought of you as different. Did you have, as it were, to leave us and identify yourself so wholly with this people which, whatever its virtues and whatever be the merits of the case, does always create friction and commotion? Where there is so much smoke, there must be some fire. Did you have both to fan that flame and to leap into it?’


April 30, 2012 | 3 Comments »

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. Only if they are divided. Sadly they are, as usual, divided!
    Most Jews of the diaspora have been reprogrammed over the centuries to adopt dhimmi’s behavior.
    Thanks to Israel we still have a chance.

  2. He must be one of those who proudly declaims” “Some of my best friends are Jews” before he switches on to his latest canard on the Jews.

  3. To quote Lewisohn,

    “American Jewry is Zionist in spirit throughout all its strata, and has used its good fortune of being a free community in a free land in its unexampled and often sacrificial contributions to the upbuilding of our ancestral land and the salvation in it and through it of our persecuted brethren everywhere in the world.”

    Golly! And here, I thought the Jewish people were in trouble! Forgive me for being so wrong! US Jews will vote for Obama by about a 3:1 margin, and their Savior will help Israel. How could I not have seen this? How could I have been so blind? Oh, what a wretched goy I am!