Should Jews support independance for Kosovo

They are being asked to defend the principle that antisemitic Muslim terrorists should be rewarded for murder — and not only in Israel.

Historical and Investigative Research – 7 February 2006
by Francisco Gil-White

A few days ago (2 February 2007) an article was published in the Forward (‘The Jewish Daily’) with the following headline: “Kosovo Seeks Jewish Backing for Independence.”

An even better title — for Jewish awareness — would have been: “Jews Once Again Asked to Commit Suicide.”

If the Jews endorse Kosovo independence, what will they be endorsing? That an antisemitic Muslim terrorist organization — the KLA — be rewarded with its own gangster state after launching a campaign of genocide against the Serbs, Roma (Gypsies), and — yes — the Jews of Kosovo. If the Jews do that, what will be the argument for opposing that an antisemitic Muslim terrorist organization — the PLO/Hamas — be given its own independent state, carved out of a slice of the Jewish state, after calling for the extermination of the Israeli Jews and killing as many innocent Jews as it can?

And yet, there will probably be a ‘Jewish’ endorsement for Kosovo independence, because:

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