Jihadist in the Whitehouse — Arms, Funds and Diplomatic Support

Atlas Shrugged

What is most interesting about the WikiLeaks is that it validates everything I have been covering at Atlas for years. Everything. Obama’s pro-jihahist leanings and antisemitic/anti-Israel predilections, the Islamization of Turkey, Iran and its proxies Hezb’Allah and Hamas, the global warming hoax, and on and on.

Obama’s jihad is thriving, it seems, and not just in his translated book title to the Muslim world — “Obama’s Jihad: Jakarta to the Whitehouse.”

Obama’s tacit support of jihadist forces worldwide is yet another impeachable offense. The man was elected to support and defend the Constitution — not to mention the American people. Aiding in America’s downfall cannot be sanctioned or ignored.


December 7, 2010 | Comments »

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