Jordan’s King Dismisses Parliament, Appoints New Prime Minister

T. Belman. Mudar Zahran is a very good friend of mine. Whenever he comes to Israel we get together. We have written articles together and often discus Jordanian politics.

The Jordanian Opposition Coalition For Immediate Release: 5/29/2016

Jordan Opposition Coalition: King’s Dissolution Evidence His Regime Is Ailing & New Prime Minister is “Puppet’ To the Regime (London- UK) –

The Jordan Opposition Coalition (JOC) issued a statement in direct response to today’s actions by the king of Jordan’s Dissolution of Parliament Decree and the appointment of a puppet Prime Minister. ‘This is yet another sign the king and his regime are fragile and weak and falling apart,” JOC’s Secretary General, Dr. Mudar Zahran, said.

“First he gives himself new enhanced constitutional powers that make him over the constitution and his subjects,” Zahran continued. “Then he can’t even control a parliament where he appoints ½ the members.” “Then he dissolves his own hand selected parliament in what seems like moments after they approve Israeli investments in Jordan”, Zahran continued. “The parliament acted against the King’s policies.” “He wants a parliament that preaches hatred towards Israel and spreads war,”

The Secretary General Said. “The regime wants an anti-peace in public so he can appear as the only game in town for Israel and the US”. The JOC is convinced that this move comes at a time the king is not only losing credibility in the world, but is unstable himself mentally and physically.

According to Zahran, “Don’t believe us, just listen to what US Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton said about him in November 2015: “Jordan’s future was unclear” and that the US needed to know “whether Jordan will remain stable.” Zahran added: “Israeli politician Dany Dayan has reported that the Israeli intelligence confirms the belief that Jordan’s king is its last and shall never pass the throne to his son; this explains the king’s hasty and unexplained decision”.

“His choice for a prime minister, Hani Mulki, was clear also, the man is a known regime puppet and the king with his iron grip is still running the country as if it was his own farm’ Zahran continued.

“What makes this strange is this: the country was just celebrating their 70th independence anniversary,” Zahran continued. “What type of independence for the Jordanian people is this?”

“The newly appointed Prime Minister has served as Jordan’s foreign minister before and the king fired him 10 years ago after he made several public statements that offended people, including the King,” Zahran continued, “The man is incompetent by the king’s own admission.”

According to Zahran, “The king protects himself from the people by hob knobbing with Jordanian elite, which simply means the king knows nothing about Jordan and Jordanians and therefore, is unlikely to remain in power”.


As King Dissolves Parliament, Petra Burns

Jordanian Opposition Coalition (JOC) Call For Tourist Security During Unrest Tourist Warning Issued (London-UK) – Jordan’s Shadow Government’s’ Secretary of Homeland Security, Naseem AlGheewan issued a statement on the status of Tourist Destination Petra.

Nassem, a renowned security expert, said “the king’s decision to dissolve the Parliament came at a time of unrest in Jordan and public dismay with the regime.” “Petra, is a tourist destination and it is on fire,” AlGheewan said “You can see the footage on YouTube.”

“You can also hear and see gunfire and battles between the locals and the police,” He continued. “We want to let tourists know that they should be alert and keep distance from the troubled area.

We also call for the safety and protection of our Jordanian civilians in the troubled spots in Petra and Wadi Mousa” “Tourists to Jordan now must be careful and avoid travelling to either Petra or Wadi Mousa at any cost,” AlGheewan continued. “The Western world needs to issue travel warnings for their citizens immediately, warning them about what is going on and that their safety is clearly in question, we urge all Embassies in Jordan to alert their citizens to the status quo.”

This is not good for Jordan, but so is tourists getting harmed because of the unrest,” AlGheewan said. “No tourists should come to Jordan now, their safety cannot be guaranteed and those in Jordan must seek departure or at least avoid Petra and Wadi Mousa by all means” “Jordanians are angry, and their actions have a direct impact on shops and local facilities that are of interest to tourists,” he said. “Jordanians are frustrated, angry and are taking to the streets over the king’s actions and the deteriorating economic conditions, the king’s move to dissolve the parliament was not enough and in fact not even a fraction of what Jordanians wants, they simply want him, the king, out.”

According to the Minister, “This decision shows that the king is out of touch with his subjects.” AlGheewan then drew a comparison between the king and Saudi Arabia’s royal family. “Look at the Saudis, they have improved the living conditions of their subjects, they have opened up their media to all sorts of opinions, they have not left a single opposition figure without a fatherly reconciliation,” Nessem said. “The Saudis are doing a great job and there is incredible stability, while Jordan’s king is adopting methods that are clearly unstable”.

In response to being asked whether this means the king could fall, AlGheewan said: “I can only quote senator John McCain who said “there was no way the king could survive, the king will not survive this and will fall eventually, it is a matter of when, could be tomorrow morning and could be in years from now, but the best option for all of us is to prepare for the era to come”.

According to AlGheewan, “To add insult to injury, the king is still very supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood, despite claims that he has been shutting them down,” “The Jordanian Opposition Coalition (JOC) which I represent asks this: Where and how is the king shutting them down?

According to the JOC, the Muslim Brotherhood terror-preaching TV is still operating from Amman, while their daily newspaper is being published. Additionally, their 3-billion-dollar trust fund is still in operation and thriving.

“The king wants them to thrive and survive so he remains the only apparent sane man in Jordan,” AlGewhann continued. “He wants the world to think he is doing something to stop terrorism, but isn’t, and his tied to the, Hamas, Hezballah, and ISIS are clear.”

The King has been tied directly to ISIS thanks to his trade of arms, money and equipment to them for oil. This has made him reckless, clueless and irresponsible, and will clearly send Jordan and her neighbors into long-term disasters that require years to fix. “We the people, must stop him now with the help of our American, European, Arab and Israeli friends,” he concluded. #

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  1. What is most likely to happen in the real world Arab Middle East in Jordan if the King falls?

    1. ISIS takes over

    2. Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas takes over

    3. Pro democratic based leader in London with no gunman on the ground in Jordan take over.

  2. bernard ross Said:

    Bear Klein Said:

    Would this not just turn into a state warring against Israel again?

    woudnt it be better to have the west bank and gaza pals across the river?


    Question: Jordan is a buffer till now against Iranian/Iraqi hegemony and direct aggression from the East. In return we protect them from external threats. Easy to deal with a dictator.

    Question: Let’s say the Palis take over Jordan Hamas / Muslim Brotherhood and the groups associated with them take over the country and become or remain at war with Israel but now have a real defined co with a small modern army and can enter into military agreements with Iran…They now have an air defenses and many tanks and other conventional armaments.

    Is Israel better off with the status quo or a real potential nation state with a modern army and sovereignty to allow anyone to help and supply them with the up to-date military whose main purpose and object to fight and defeat Israel sooner or later????

  3. Bear Klein Said:

    Would this not just turn into a state warring against Israel again?

    woudnt it be better to have the west bank and gaza pals across the river?

  4. The realistic question has always been if Jordan were run by the Palestinians would it not turn into a large Gaza with modern weapons run by the Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood. There are a lot Muslim Brotherhood types in Jordan.

    Would this not just turn into a state warring against Israel again?

    I read Mudar’s post and think he personally is fine but these questions are a real world issue. His credibility is a issue when he makes statements like the King is tied to ISIS. ISIS wants to bring the King down.

  5. Very informative article. All of the cool pics of the king piloting jets will not help him survive. Those pics of this ‘brave’ and articulate King are meant purely for Western consumption. His people know him better. He is just another typical Middle East Muslim dictator who loves to play both sides, screws his friends, befriends his enemies simply to continue his love fest with power and money. I seen an opportunity for Israel to help people like Zahran get into power sooner rather than later.