Judicial Watch Statement on Trump Indictment

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made the following statement regarding the indictment of former President Donald Trump:

This day will go down in infamy. The unprecedented and corrupt indictment of Trump is built on sand and is brazen election interference. It is an indictment about nothing. Biden’s further transforming of the FBI and Justice Department into political enforcers in order to jail his leading political opponent could lead to the end of our constitutional republic. The indictment has followed years of prosecutorial misconduct, harassment, and abuse victimizing Trump. Not only is Trump innocent but he is a crime victim.

Joe Biden wants to distract from his own personal corruption and join the ranks of foreign dictators by trying to jail and turn Trump into a political prisoner. Congress should act immediately and do everything possible under the law to undo this attempt to wreck our republican form of government. Every candidate for public office should denounce this attack on our elections.

Let’s hope the courts recognize this sham indictment for what it is and shut it down. In the meantime, Judicial Watch will continue to hold the Biden administration accountable for its role in the worst corruption scandal in American history – the effort to abuse and destroy President Trump!

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  1. I’m struck dumb & speechless….
    We the people now know we are virtually powerless !

    I’m actually crying !