Just one minute in memory of the Olympic Massacre

In a new campaign #justoneminute, Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon calls on the International Olympic Committee to dedicate a minute of silence during the opening ceremony at this summer’s London Olympic Games in memory of the eleven murdered Israeli athletes who were brutally murdered during the Munich Olympic Games in 1972.

To sign the petition please press on this link:

To go to the JustOneMinute Facebook page press on this link:

May 23, 2012 | 2 Comments »

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. That “better than thou” attitude thaty “Observer” has is disgusting.G-d picked the jews to spread the word of the one god, and we are not better than anyone else in any way. Participating in the Olympics is a glory and an honor. Participating and doing well is far better than pulling out. THe attitude of the Olympic Committee is not good, but it is more likely based on being afraid of the arabs than being anti-semetic. Not that that is good. Of course, it is not. Sounds to me like “Observer” wants to stay separate, which is not possible nor desirable in this day and age. You sound like the jews who did not want Joe Liebowitz to run for Vice President because then everything could be blamed on the jews. What a crock from sniveling jews similar to the ones who got on the trains without even trying to overrun the Nazis.

  2. Israel should boycott the Olympics. The Olympics is a Greek custom used to “Hellenize” Jews. Jews actively competing against non-Jews creates anti-Semitism, particularly due to the concept that in the Olympics all nations are equal, a notion contrary to the Torah which states that Jews are separate and different. Also, the mere refusal to horor the victims of Munich itself is anti-Semitic, and any Jews who compete, Israeli or otherwise, are masochistic fools.