K.T. McFarland: FBI, DOJ, and CIA rigged the last 2 elections… and they will rig 2024

By Thomas Lifson, AM THINKER

Former deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland, who worked for General Michael Flynn – unjustly forced from office, offers a chilling and highly realistic view of what we face: a coup by the deep state that they are planning to repeat in 2024 because they don’t want their crimes prosecuted by a Republican president and AG.

Speaking with Maria Bartiromo on her Fox Business Network program, McFarland laid out the grim reality that, strangely, does not bother any of the people who rage about “protecting democracy” from Donald Trump. Kanekoa The Great summarizes her views and presents a two-and-a-half minute clip of her. I urge you to watch the whole thing, as there is a lot of richness that doesn’t make it to this summary.

K. T. McFarland, a former Deputy National Security Advisor, says the FBI, Justice Department, and CIA will rig the 2024 U.S. presidential election, following their success in rigging 2016 and 2020, because they won’t allow any candidate to win that would hold them accountable: “We now have black-and-white evidence that the FBI interfered in the 2016 election. When they failed to elect Hillary Clinton, they set out to destroy the Trump administration. Go back to 2020. This time, the CIA got involved in the election with those 51 former intel agents who said the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. So they’ve gotten away with it for two elections. They will surely try and get away with it in 2024, right? Because there are no consequences… There is now hard evidence that there was election interference by the U.S. intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice. Those individuals must be terrified that a Republican president comes in with a Republican Attorney General, investigates them, and charges them with all of the crimes they have committed over the last eight years. Take it to the bank. They will absolutely interfere in 2024… These people are selling us out. Not only to foreign leaders, but they are interfering in our elections. They are tearing up the Constitution… This is just a gut punch to the American people.”

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  1. BREAKING: Impeachment papers — FAKE News, and five days old, apparently. I got some good sleep, dreaming about it.

  2. In the 1930’s in Germany, there were clear signs that the country was headed toward dictatorship, (…and has there ever been a benevolent dictatorship?). Those who are smart should be looking for a way to get out (of the US), and for a safe place to go.

  3. Ms. McFarland is absolutely correct. The only two states that have done anything significant to ensure election integrity are Florida and Texas. Th other 48 states (and DC) still have in place all of the systems that permitted massive fraud and cheating in the elections of 2016, 2020, AND 2022. In 2022, The Deep State (the Democrats) got away with stealing at least 4 Senate seats, 30 House seats, and 5 governorships. If something isn’t done to stop them in 2024, we will become a version of Red China and anything that can be called “freedom” will disappear from this earth.