Keep fighting in the Courts, start fighting the Libertarian Party

Trump has every right to do check the vote count, but for his supporters, the Libertarian Party are the villains of the election. Op-ed.

By Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer, 11/10/2020

It is remarkable watching the Democrats — the party of litigation and trial lawyers — attacking the Trump team for challenging election results and filing court challenges.

Through four years of the Trump presidency’s first term, the Left ran to the courts to challenge virtually every presidential initiative, every executive order, every policy. They ran to the courts to protect illegal immigration, to protect the illegal violations of Sanctuary Cities, to attack, attack, attack. They knew and know where to find their Clinton-Obama judges, in federal districts in the Ninth Circuit and elsewhere, and they played the courts like a fiddle to get rulings they wanted. They ended up with progressive judges who always found a way to stretch and interpret the law to fit the Left agenda. These judges did not look for the target bull’s-eye at which to aim their arrows but instead looked at the Left’s arrows and just painted bull’s-eyes around them.

Yet now, suddenly, the Democrat-Media Left Alliance accuse the Trump team of dictatorial conduct, un-American behavior, by challenging the election’s results and filing court challenges. What hypocrisy — even for hypocrites! That is precisely what the courts are there for — to adjudicate challenges. Maybe the election was stolen. Maybe it was not. Maybe thousands of votes were dumped in for Biden without cause. Maybe not. Maybe people voted twice, and maybe Republican ballots were thrown away and not counted, and maybe Democrat operatives sat up all night on November 3 creating fake ballots and filling them in for Biden — and maybe not.

That is what the courts are for. The Trump team has every right to investigate the best they can, amass their evidence, and let the courts decide. That is what justice is. Anyone who would deny or even question the Trump team’s right to challenge, to question, is in fact un-American. There is nothing more American than to pursue justice through the courts. No one knows that better than do the Leftists and their media.

It is a phony and duplicitous argument to tell the President that he should refrain from pursuing his rights “for the good of the country.” Sure. Right. Try that on anyone else over any other issue. If there was election fraud, then it is for the good of the country that it be exposed and revealed. And if there was no meaningfully impactful election fraud, then it is for the good of the country that the matter be adjudicated, settled, and resolved so that all American emerge satisfied that the final tallies are sufficiently honest and true.

Trump supporters should be prepared for a judicial finding that the election, all in all, ended honestly with the numbers reported, even if dishonestly and manipulatively conducted.

All because Republican poll watchers were kept too distant from the counting does not, in and of itself, prove that the reported numbers are false. All because storefronts of polling sites were boarded up does not prove it either.

It is totally believable — if painful — that Republicans physically outnumbered Democrats on Election Day at the polling stations, while Democrat ballots arriving by mail outnumbered those of Republicans. I think back to my grandmother who used to pay her monthly electric bill at the bank, standing on line half an hour every month rather than just drop the check in the mail, because she did not trust the postal system. I think of people who send me a check and wrap that check in a piece of paper because they don’t trust the postal carrier otherwise to deliver it to me rather than steal it. In like manner, more Republicans did not trust the mail for this election, so went to vote in person, while Democrats were sold on the media message that mail-in balloting is reliable.

It is believable that the first numbers tallied, showing the President with substantial margins, were those at the physical voting booths where Republicans predominated and that the mail-in numbers coming in later were more heavily Democrat. Those latter ballots take longer to tally.

I just have to be honest with my readers and say that President Trump may have lost the election. I won’t say he lost “fair and square” because he never got a fair break from Day One or even from before that. The Swamp conspired to destroy him before he even began. There were unmaskings and Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe and Jim Comey and the Obama intelligence Swamp, with the likes of John Brennan and James Clapper.

It never ended. Hillary’s campaign money that went to the Seattle law firm that hired the people who provided the dossier. The Obama Judges striking down lawful presidential initiatives. Media lies attributing to Trump the cages for immigrants that Obama and Biden built. Michael Cohen and Michael Avenatti. The lies and defamation against Brett Kavanaugh. Efforts to make a star out of Stormy Daniels, Omarosa, even the disgruntled Trump niece. The Mueller Investigation and those lies. The impeachment and those lies.

The last great ream of media lies came over the coronavirus, as Leftists obfuscated Trump’s excellent handling of the COVID response, by which we had enough ventilators, military hospital ships rapidly were dispatched to hot spots like New York and California, and the race to the vaccine has proceeded apace. Trump did all this while guiding the economy to a remarkable recovery at blinding speed. Meanwhile, Andrew Cuomo was responsible for at least 10,000 seniors’ deaths in New York, and other Democrat governors followed suit.

While blue states closed down, Trump kept the country open as best he could. People with chronic conditions were expected to take personal responsibility for their health, and others younger and healthier were allowed to continue supporting their families. COVID has hit every country, and America’s robust economic rebound stands out uniquely, even as Europe prepares for another lockdown.

Trump never got a chance — and yet he achieved more in his first term than did almost every prior president. He brought troops home and never started a war. He got NATO countries to start paying, forced China to start trading with us more equitably, got us out of the terrible and one-sided Paris Accords and out of the blind Iran Deal. He made peace in the Mideast, inducing three Arab Muslim countries to break with the Hamas-P.L.O terror network and to make peace with Israel. He moved America’s Israel embassy to Jerusalem, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, legitimized Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, pulled us out of the bogus U.N.Human Rights Council, and shut down the P.L.O. office in D.C. He killed off Qassem Soleimani and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

At home he created the strongest economy on record, brought unemployment to record lows for Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. He revamped the Veterans Administration, gave Veterans access to private care when V.A. hospitals let them down, brought down prices on many prescription drugs, built 400 miles of Wall, changed the mindset on illegal immigration, expanded fracking, made America a net exporter of energy, and so much more.

Donald Trump has been one of the greatest presidents in American history. In any debate over truth and facts, those facts speak for themselves.

Through it all, the media ran interference for Biden and the Democrats. Biden is a lifelong racist, with the most remarkable of blatantly racist comments reflecting racist beliefs. Yet he was portrayed as an opponent of the bogus “systemic racism” fraud. He is a public liar and has lied brazenly for half a century, even about his own biography. Whole swaths of his family are engaged in massive financial corruption.

Yet the media protected him, buried the news of his and their evil, and portrayed him as a smiling Uncle Joe. He was able to hide for so long in his basement because he had CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, the New York Times, and the Washington Post doing his campaigning for him. Nothing about this election or the last four years was fair, but the final vote results may prove to be more honest than not. That is why we have courts. Let the Trump team fight it out, and let the pieces fall where they may.

And yet no post-election analysis can be complete without confronting the evil of the Libertarian Party. I personally am very libertarian-oriented. Ayn Rand impacted my life and world view very deeply. My conservatism strongly derives from my own life experiences living overseas for two years in a socialist country that now has gone capitalist. During those years I was introduced to We the LivingThe FountainheadAtlas Shrugged, and The Virtue of Selfishness, and all those books impacted me deeply. I hold by many, though not all, libertarian principles. (As an Orthodox Jew, I cannot buy into Rand’s world completely. G-d and His Torah are at the center of my universe. That guides me on many issues like abortion, prostitution, homosexuality, and other issues where Torah values clash with those of Rand’s objectivism.)

Despite my strong libertarian streak, I vote Republican. There needs to be a reckoning with the Libertarian Party and the damage they caused in this election. Look at these reported electoral numbers, accurately tabulated or otherwise:

Arizona (11 Electoral Votes)

Biden 1,633,181

Trump 1,613,833

Libertarian 49,454

Pennsylvania Arizona (20 Electoral Votes)

Biden 3,359,270

Trump 3,316,019

Libertarian 77,513

Wisconsin Arizona (10 Electoral Votes)

Biden 1,630,570

Trump 1,610,030

Libertarian 38,415

Georgia (Presidential Race) Arizona (16 Electoral Votes)

Biden 2,465,500

Trump 2,455,305

Libertarian 61,888

Georgia (Perdue-Ossoff)

Ossoff 2,365,916

Perdue 2,456,211

Libertarian 114,566

There is your Presidential election. Without Libertarian Party sabotage, President Trump emerges with 279 electoral votes and wins handily — regardless of what emerges from investigating the honesty of the tally. And the Republicans control the Senate outright without needing the Perdue-Ossoff race to go into another round.

There has got to be a reckoning with the Libertarian Party. Any person who grasps the writings of Ayn Rand and objectivism cannot possibly believe that a Trump presidency that is marked by eradication of oppressive government regulations, ferreting through the muck and mire of the federal governmental Swamp, reducing unnecessary overseas entanglements, reducing taxes, and so much more movement towards smaller government is no different from a Biden-Harris government that will raise taxes, hand swaths of public policy to unions, and restore the regulations that are the hallmarks of the Nanny State and the Swamp.

Although some who voted Libertarian might otherwise have voted Democrat, while others might have stayed home and not voted if there were no ballot alternative to Trump and Biden, the vast majority of Libertarians would have voted for Trump and Perdue if the idiots of the Libertarian Party had not been on the ballot. Look at Ron Paul and Rand Paul: they both are determined libertarians (hence Rand’s very name) but affiliate and come down as Republicans, not as Democrats.

For all the anger among disappointed Trump supporters over the vote count and irregularities, it may emerge that, really, the vote essentially was mostly honestly tabulated. The Trump team should take all the time they need to litigate it through. Ultimately, time will tell, and the courts will decide.

But there is no need to waste time and pause over the catastrophe the Libertarian Party has caused to the very values libertarians hold dear for smaller government and less interference with our freedoms. We have had one of the greatest presidents in our history these past four years, and we now may have lost the chance for four more years to nail down the gains because of the idiots in that party who did to Trump now what Ralph Nader’s acolytes did to Al Gore in 2000 and what Jill Stein’s Green Party helped do to Hillary Clinton four years ago. For Trump supporters, the Libertarian Party are the villains of this election.

Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer is adjunct professor of law at two prominent Southern California law schools, Senior Rabbinic Fellow at the Coalition for Jewish Values, congregational rabbi of Young Israel of Orange County, California, and has held prominent leadership roles in several national rabbinic and other Jewish organizations. He was Chief Articles Editor of UCLA Law Review, clerked for the Hon. Danny J. Boggs in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, and served for most of the past decade on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America. His writings have appeared in The Weekly Standard, National Review, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Jerusalem Post, American Thinker, Frontpage Magazine, and Israel National News. Other writings are collected at .

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  1. Great article until he starts attacking the Libertarian party for siphoning off votes. People have a right to vote for who they want to get in if they want and not just for the lesser of two evils. The Democrats have been known for pushing this undemocratic nonsense with regard to left third party candidates. People have a right to not accept a two party system if they want to. Independents have never been elected president, I might add, by they have and do get elected now and then to other posts.

    That being said, this article is terrific in outlining in a nutshell some of the major policies that Trump has introduced for the better.

    I recently read another article, with the opposite flaw. It fails to acknowledge any concrete policies by Trump but it does accurately, I think, talk about how he has created a new conservatism which is more authentic and which speaks to working class people. It says that the old Republican party was, in fact, more influenced by LIbertarian ideas and because of that, unable to appeal to workers and minorities because it’s basic philosophy was, “I”ve Got Mine, Jack.”

    The Birth Of A Multi-Ethnic, Working-Class Conservatism

  2. @ Adam Dallgiesh:

    I’ve read most writers at some time or other, but have never bothered with Rand. I think I tried one time to get started with one of her books but never got past the first chapter. I think it was “Atlas Shrugged”, and it was only because I’d read she was Jewish.

  3. I greatly admire Dov Fischer. But I don’t share his admiration for Ayn Rand. Her atheism, condoning of sexual immorality, adultery, even something close to rape, her glorification of “selfishness,” and faiure to distinguish between “self-love” (good) and “selfishness” (bad) a distinction made by many philosopers and theologians, all make her anathema to me. Also troubling is that her characters are just stick figures for her ideas, not credible as real people. All her novels are blatently propagandistic and lack literary value.