Belman: Biden benefitted from at 15.3 million fraudulent ballots

By Ted Belman

There is no way that Biden could have “won” the election without fraud.

In 2012 a total of 127 million votes were cast for the president.

In 2016 a total of 128.8 million votes were cast of which Hillary got 65.8 million and Trump got 63 million.

In 2020, a total of 145.3  million votes have been tallied of which Biden got 74.8 million and Trump got 70.5 million.

This means there has so far been an increase of 16.5 million votes over 2016.  Such a large increase is unprecedented. 

Lets allow for an increase of 1.2 million votes in 2020.

Thus we would expect 130 million votes in 2020.  Trump got 70.5 million, leaving 59.5 million for Biden.

[Sleepy, Creepy and crooked Biden couldn’t fill a parking lot with supporters for his rally.  Are we to believe he attracted 9 million more votes than Hillary. ]

So Biden got 15.3 million (74.8-59.5)  more than were available.
Thus 15.3 million of his votes are fraudulent ones produced out of thin air.
But for the fraud, Biden would have gotten 59.5 million votes. That seems right.
November 10, 2020 | 26 Comments »

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26 Comments / 26 Comments

  1. @ Sebastien Zorn:

    Yes I know…isn’t it terrible, What can we do about it…Nothing. (here wringing the hands) So many unprecedented things have happened over the past 4 years, so perhaps that date is not graven in stone as formerly. It may be that by that date there will have been enough votes garnered from the chaos to certify Trump as the winner, and the validation of the Electoral College can go ahead, with the process still being investigated and perpetrators punished. (here I shrug my shoulders and turn up the palms of my hands). ……………………………..!!…………………………….!!…….!

  2. @ Amethyst48:
    I looked at youtube just 5 seconds ago and see all the usual videos still there. Trump objecting, Giuliani announcing illegalities and court actions etc. One America, Blaze TV So we must have 2 different youtubes.

    I see that actually we do have, yours is yutub, mine is youtube. Reminds me of how, many years ago when Ronson cigarette lighters were the creme de la creme of luxury items, an identical one came out.. “made in USA” cost a couple of shillings when the Ronson cost pounds, Of course the Japanese invented a city named Usa, carefully omitting the punctuation marks after each letter……Clever….!!

  3. yutub has been busy deleting videos concerning revelations of Trump camp that blockchain numbering of ballots was effected, plus watermarking of papers. Also that a software program was found to be faulty & once that was fixed thousands of votes in 40+ counties suddenly became Trump’s. Never underestimate the higher intelligence.

  4. According to many news articles, not all of them concerned with this election, both Federal agencies and several private corporations have developed technologies and computer programs that make it possible to detect many kinds of fraud. For example, it is possible to detect fraudulent paper documents which are copies of authentic documents, but on a different kind of paper. It is also possible to detect manipulation and alteration of data on a computer, to compare data on different bases to detect discrepancies, identify specific kinds of data (such all voters over the age of ninety) using recently developed AI programs. These programs are already widely used to detect bank fraud, stock market fraud, embezzlement by employees, etc. by private companies and regulatory agencies. The FBI can easily obtain access to these programs, and probably already possesses many of them.

    It would not be difficult to make use of these programs and scanning divices to detect fraud, do so quickly, and separate authentic ballots from ones where there is a high likelyhood that they are fraudulent.

    The courts, the attorney general, and/or the director of the FBI could certainly order a thorough review of all ballots recorded on bata bases in all 50 states, and we would know within two or three weeks whether the election was fixed or not.

    But do any of these officials in either the executive or judicial branches of government have the courage to order such a review? I doubt it.

    The real issue is not the technological ability to determine whether or not this was an honest election. The real issue is the courage, or lack of it, to defy the entrenched political machines and the riotous mobs in the streets.

  5. Ted, There were many more votes for Trump than before also. Your logic says it must be fraud because there were more voters. A truly weak and very unconvincing
    argument. This was a huge race and both sides were motivated and many more people voted. Also the mail in ballots make it easier to vote and allowed people to vote without being exposed to getting Covid-19.

  6. @ Bear Klein:
    It takes Dershowitz-as usual- to say a small thing with many superfluous words. The simple facts seem to be that a nearly 900,000 vote lead for Trump vanished during a time when all count was suspended, and Republican observers were removed from the area, including installing barrier fences, as well as blocking off sight access. It was later reported that hundreds of thousands of votes arrived from no-one seems to know where, ALL without exception, for Biden,……If…when the matter is TRULY solved, there are still more votes for Biden than Trump, he will win, but not until then.

    Now, allowing for pardonable exaggeration in such cases, the bare facts that emerge makes it. according to arithmetical calculations, 1-57,000 against such a thing happening.

    This seems so improbable as to be impossible.

    So…the whole thing is a mess not to be unentangled by such as we.

  7. Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax TV: Court Challenge Hinges on Numbers

    President Donald Trump’s legal challenges to the election will only hold up in court if they impact wholesale results and might flip the entire result, according to constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax TV.

    “The lawsuits will turn on the numbers of ballots,” Dershowitz told “Saturday Report.” “For example, in Pennsylvania, I think President [Donald] Trump will win that lawsuit in Pennsylvania if the number of ballots would determine the outcome of the election.”

    “I don’t know whether or not the numbers will support his case. Courts are not going to get into this unless the numbers will be determinative, if the courts ruled in favor of the losing party, in this case President Trump.”

    Full article and video at

  8. l@ Ted Belman:
    I was responding to Bear and his usual wet blanket comments. He needs to cheer up a bit. He could be right, but also could be wrong. The legal processes are just beginning and the Republicans have a very good case. That’s the way I see it.. That the News outlets have declared for Biden only complicates and confuses matters, and people, perhaps deterring appellants from proceeding etc. Certainly getting the population at large in a Biden frame of acceptance. Tactically a good move.

    Just like the early Fox announcement on Arizona deterred many still waiting in line to vote for Repubs.

  9. @ Bear Klein:
    I know what “real evidence ” means, and you are not exactly correct in your assertion. That the “real evidence” which can include other supporting material, may not be sufficiently large enough to overturn, or decide a different outcome, is not debated here. That. of course if possible, but doesn’t mean that “real evidence” need be large enough to win a case.

  10. Giuliani said in his press conference that because Republicans were denied access to the ballots which was their right, all ballots that they were denied access to wouldn’t be counted . He also said that the burden of proof has shifted to the Democrats to prove the validity of all the ballots. Sounds like victory me=to me.

  11. @ Edgar G.:
    Wait and see it will not happen.

    One needs real evidence that is material enough (meaning enough votes changed or disallowed) to change) results in at least two states or maybe three. Multiple court cases in multiple states. There of course will be recounts but they do not usually change large number differences.

  12. @ Bear Klein:
    It’s not difficult to prove in a court, if the documentary evidence is valid, and available, in the possession of the appellants. Assuming an impartial court of course. There are several court layers and an appeals process however.

    Your error is to assume that “we: are doing the analyzing, it is the Republican legal and forensic experts who are doing this…T.G. So admittedly it looks gloomy, but only because CNN announced Biden the winner. This doesn’t make it LEGAL. It will be weeks or months before a decision is final.

  13. @ vivarto:
    For sure it was two sides who were highly motivated and had ground games. Plus the mail in ballots made it easier for the DEMs. Trumps strategy of trying to discourage mail in voting was a losing affair. It was doomed and might have kept some GOP from voting, though the numbers reflect more GOP members voted also. Biden got more votes in the key states as currently reflected. He could never lose Arizona and PA and win.

  14. This is not a convincing argument.
    It is quite reasonable to assume that much higher percentage of Americans voted this time.

  15. @ Ted Belman:Spinning your wheels it will not matter. In a court you would have to prove something done illegally that was material to change the outcome. Trump is going to court. In Nevada he lost the first case.

    Biden will be the next POTUS that is reality. Not a reality anyone of us likes but it is the reality.

  16. @ Bear Klein:
    I approached the issue differently rather than try to prove the number of wrong ballots due to fraud, I started with the number of ballots he should have gotten and argue that anything he got above that was due to fraud..

    You might argue that many more than 1.2 million more votes were cast. If that is the case why are most counties not showing any increase. And a few counties are showing an enormous increase. You would think the extra votes would be spread more evenly.

  17. There certainly has been ballot harvesting with the mailing in ballots there are incidents which if proven would clearly illegal.

    The difficulty is to prove to a court the illegality and not just allege it. Then this must be done in numbers that would overturn an election in a state. For example if in Pennsylvania the late ballots are not allowed to be counted what is there number? We do not know because the PA officials did not tell anyone.

    So if we step and analyze as much as it pains me it is highly likely by hook or crook Biden will be the next POTUS. Too many states going against Trump too many cases to prove plus prove they are material to the result not just that some wrong doings took place.

  18. Still says 128,800 and 145,300 Please add 3 more 0’s to each.

    Also one paragraph still says “ Biden got more that 10 million” when it should read 9 million.

  19. Ted, any fair minded person knows there was massive fraud in the election, however some of your numbers literally don’t add up possibly because you were in a rush to post your article before checking them. Please correct the incorrect numbers and repost your article.