Ken Timmerman’s “Honour Killings”

A month ago, when I was in Washington, I went to dinner with a number of friends and Ken Timmerman.

Ken is a well known Journalist specializing on the Middle East and I often post his articles which are well researched. He told us about his soon to been published novel, Honour Killings

A sizzling thriller about the next battlefront in the war on terror from New York Times best-selling

Honor Killing will sweep away many misconceptions Americans have been lead to believe about our security, and about our enemies.

Is there really a spy for the terrorists who has access to the highest reaches of the United States government, including the White House?

Have our intelligence agencies become so bureaucratic and corrupt they can no longer act when a clear and present danger appears?

Is Iran’s master-terrorist at work today, probing our weaknesses?

Is the American Muslim community giving shelter to deadly enemies?

Although the book is a novel, Ken said it hinted at many truths which he couldn’t write as such.

Also coming soon….Shadow Warriors:Traitors, Saboteurs, and the Party of Surrender. It is non-fiction about the role of the CIA and the Democratic Party and in sabotaging US plans in Iraq.

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