Kindergarten teachers in Israel prevented from opposing LGBT materials

T. Belman. I did a little research on the situation in Israel and found 61% of Israelis support equal rights for LGBTQ people and the % keeps growing, year by year. So does the % of woman who don’t marry by the age of 40. In 1980 it was 4% and now is 28%. Its a whole new world we live in.

People should be able to live the life they want.  My question is this. Should change come from the top down or the bottom up? Is it right for the left or the government to manipulate such change even to the point of restricting free speech?

More and more, governments are telling you what you must think (by managing the information you get and intimidating wrong thought) rather than asking you what you think. Such actions are not democratic.

A teacher who claimed there was no reason to teach kindergartners about same-sex households was removed from a discussion on the topic.


In a conversation with Israel National News, Sara Yiscah Sar-Shalom, a kindergarten teacher, recalls what happened when she expressed a position on the issue of LGBT families.

Sarah spoke about the WhatsApp group she was a member of until recently, a group made up of female kindergarten teachers from all over the country and whose purpose is to transfer information, opinions and discourse of kindergarten teachers from all over Israel and facilitating internal discussions concerning the education of the children.

“Before Family Day, the group only came up with materials, playful stories that pertain to LGBT and single-parent families,” says Sar-Shalom, noting that the characteristics of the materials were all the normalization of life in homes where the parents are of the same sex. She likewise mentioned that in her opinion, there is no reason to raise the issue with kindergarten students.

“I responded with a surprised smiley and asked why teach this content when there are other values ??that pertain to Family Day,” she says and describes the aggressive and non-inclusive responses she received. Later in the conversation, she wrote that according to the texts sent in the group, there is no longer any room to tell the children familiar stories in which the parents are a man and a woman, including, of course, Bible stories.

Then a private message arrived from the group’s manager, who warned Sar-Shalom that if she didn’t stop speaking out, she would be remover from the group. Sar-Shalom, for her part, argued that as a woman of education it would be correct to at least open the issue for discussion, and it is unlikely in her mind that the only materials passed on in the group are LGBT-encouraging materials and do not allow for other opinions.

After a short discussion, the manager of the group removed Sar-Shalom, but what happened next surprised her as well.

“It was amazing to see that afterwards private messages were sent to me from kindergarten teachers who told me what they were experiencing and supported me. These are not religious or kindergarten teachers from communities in Judea and Samaria, but also teachers from Tel Aviv who support my opinion. I asked them why they don’t write anything in the group, and it turned out that they are afraid to express their opinion. One said that an LGBT flag was hung in her classroom and she objected, but the kindergarten manager decided this is what happens. There is complete silencing here of any other opinion that is that of the majority of the public.”

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    Israel and America have been infiltrated by these Marxist queers in all aspects of our lives, starting with the early age education in kindergarten, promotion of a genderless society, including gender reassignment, promotion of paedophilia and normalizing it, the military, the academia, the judicial system etc. It’s hard to understand anymore, who is the driver of these SODOMIC agenda, whether they originate in Israel, or in America, or Canada, or in Australia.
    One thing is certain, this Marxist, Sodomic agenda doesn’t exist in places where George Soros, Yuval Noah Harari and other Sodomites like them, are personas non grata, places like Hungary, Poland, to some extent also Romania, Russia and even China.

    I will cast my eyes upon the hills, where will my help be coming from??? How are we going to protect our children from these evil and grotesque Sodomites???

    Everyone with conscience must speak up. Enough with cowardice and the fear of being rejected, or cancelled. It’s evident that movies like the SOUND OF FREEDOM are popular amongst the general population, but it’s hard, nearly impossible to find movie theaters willing to show it to the public. President Trump despite his overall failure to DRAIN THE SWAMP in his first term, initiated to roll the film at his residence at Mar a Largo and he should be commended for it.

    That’s what I wanted to say, don’t take it too seriously because I am just “one of the fringe with unacceptable views”,
    and also remember that everyone is entitled to MY opinion

  2. Sara Yiscah Sar-Shalom is descriibing the same weaponized education in Israel that is convulsing American society. Marxist queer theory is not about tolerance, it is all about politics. Marxist ideology in all its myriad forms, is an attack on the Judeo-Christian tradition that supports individualism, the family, and national sovereignty. The globalist social engineers who orchestrate these attacks are skilled strategists, who exploit public compassion to collapse sovereign societies from within. Globalism’s war on the nation state is worldwide, and facilitated through the UN and its deceitful Agenda 2030, which includes weaponized education to groom children to become citizens of its global totalitarian Unistate. Leftist radicals are too arrogant to understand they are just useful idiots of globalism’s campaign to impose its planetary Unistate. Leftist radicals will all be eliminated once their usefulness expires. There is no place for agitators in the managerial Unistate.

  3. The LGBT and trans lobbies are forcing their agenda on the whole world, and now even children are being indoctrinated. Every adult has the right to their own opinion, but to impose this set of beliefs – and to allow NO others – is to restrict freedom of speech and thought. Children can learn about these matters from parents when the parent believes the time is right for each child. It is not the job of the school to teach values which are opposed to those of Orthodox Jews, Catholics and Orthodox Christians, and Muslims.