Kinneret Lives

Kinneret Lives is documentary which asks the question

    “What happens to a beautiful girl whose world burns down one night and she wakes up 5 months later to a harsh reality?

The HOUR with George Stroumboulopolous covered the documentary after it appeared in the Toronto Jewish Film Festival in May

Kinneret Boosany
Bombings are part of life in Israel. Suicide bombers, rocket attacks — the threat is always there. We’ve got a woman who knows that first hand.

Kinneret Haya Boosany. It was 2001, and in one instant, her life was changed forever. A suicide bomber walked into her cafe.

After that bombing, Kinneret was pronounced clinically dead. She was revived and put into a coma for 5 months. 70 per cent of her body was burned, she lost sight in one eye, she was deaf in one ear, and missing half a lung.

The story of her recovery is told in a documentary called ‘Kinneret Lives.’

In the film, she makes video diaries about what she went through. They’re raw, sometimes hopeful and painful.

Spend the time to visit this site and to watch the videos and to be up lifted by the story.

August 30, 2007 | 2 Comments »

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Put Kinneret Boosany’s story of personal triumph over personal disaster into the context of geopolitical and international societal realities and ask yourself, just who is Kinneret Boosany an inspiration to?

    Certainly to Jews, Israelis and many Westerners who share the same culture, but certainly not all.

    Think for a moment, just how those leaders of EU nations and many Westerners in their respective societies, who cry crocodile tears for the poor Palestinians, but have no sympathy, empathy or sensitivity to Israelis murdered and maimed and families devastated by Palestinian suicide bombers, would relate to, let alone be interested in hearing of how Kinneret Boosnany rose from the dead to become the person she is today?

    Think for a moment how most of the leaders and people of the Muslim ME would relate to or feel about Kinneret Boosany’s inner strength to seize life and make the very best of it, not just for herself but for others?

    And think for a moment how most Palestinians would react to Kinneret Boosany’s words and to her as a living example of how an inner spirit of love, goodness and strength can empower one devastated physically and emotionally to not just become whole again, but to use what they have learned and mastered in life to help others to realize their potential in life.

    And think for a moment of how the family and friends of Kinneret Boosany stood by and helped her with their love, their strength and their spirit for life until she could stand on her feet again.

    And think about comparing Kinneret Boosany and her family to the parents of a Palestinian suicide bomber dreams that their child will murder Israelis to become a martyr for Allah and just how they rejoice when their child fills that Palestiian parent’s dream.

    Yes, Kinneret Boosany is an inspiration to us and those who are like us. Sadly, there are many Israelis, as innocent as Kinneret Boosany, who survived their injuries and losses at the hands of Palestinian Jew hating terrorists, but for any number of reasons, personal or otherwise have not been able to rise above all their pain.

    Even more sad and maddening is the fact that there are so many in this world who could care less about the Kinneret Boosanys, simply because they are Jews and Israelis. Those Jew haters look upon Kinneret Boosany as having just been lucky to not have become one of the stepping stones to Allah for a Palestinian suicide bomber martyr.

    In their Jew hating minds, they pray for a next time when a Jew hating Palestinian suicide bomber can successfully murder Kinneret Boosany to the joy and rapture of his surviving family who will burst with pride in at the memory of their child who in their depraved sick minds, was vaulted to Allah in heaven as his reward for spilling Jewish blood and murdering Jewish lives.

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