Kulanu: Keep Your Hands Off High Court

T. Belman. The upshot of this is no coalition solidarity.  Bibi is allowing partners to bring the legislation while at the same time to allow other partners not to vote for it. What’s that all about? Window dressing?

Kulanu will not tolerate any attempts to harm the current standing of the High Court, a top party official said.

By Yaakov Levi, INN

Avigdor Yitzchaki, a member of the Kulanu negotiating team, said Thursday that the party had made clear in its discussions with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that it would not tolerate any attempts to harm the current standing of the High Court.

That includes several laws that Jewish Home is demanding be included in its deal with the Likud, as well as a tenet that is included in Likud’s agreement with United Torah Judaism.


“We are concerned that the Knesset will attempt to legislate methods that would allow High Court decisions to be ignored,” Yitzchaki said.

“We have thus written into the coalition agreement that in the event such bills are brought for a vote, we will not be obligated to support them. That would include laws to increase the number of members of the judges selection committee.”

In its agreement with UTJ, the Likud agreed to support a law that will allow the Knesset to reinstitute legislation that the High Court has struck down, allowing in effect a Knesset veto of High Court decisions with a special majority, at least as a temporary measure.

Jewish Home also supports this law, as well as another that would institute a change in the makeup of the committee to choose High Court judges.

On Wednesday night, United Torah Judaism and Kulanu became the first parties to join Netanyahu’s new coalition. The Prime Minister signed a coalition agreement with UTJ heads Yaakov Litzman and Moshe Gafni, and shortly after signed a deal with Moshe Kahlon.

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. This morning, I found an article Professor Mordechai Kedar published in Arutz Sheva, entitled:

    “National Paralysis List”.

    He was writing about the Arab combined list in the new Knesset. But until I actually read it, I would have thought he was referring to Netanyahu’s new coalition.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  2. I do not understand this party. What exactly is their angle. They seem like a re-born Kadima party absent Livni, Olmert and the guy who can see through field binoculars with their lens covers on, Parrotz. Where do they stand with respect to defense. Will they back Bibi on an Iran strike or are they going to be threatening to bolt the coalition, like if their Volvos got a bad tune up.
    Why exactly are they staking all on preserving the leftist Supreme Court, if in fact they are not leftists.
    What are they charging in order to support the gov’t throughout Obama’s final days.

  3. What does there have to always be so much “left” even in a “right” wing coalition? Don’t you have to be mentally sane to participate in a government?