Lift the freeze in total

By Ted Belman

Israel approves 500 new homes in West Bank settlements in response to the massacre of five members of the Fogel family, 100 for each murder.

Abbas aide: Israel’s approval of West Bank homes ‘unacceptable’

Yishai: Israel must build 1,000 new units in settlements for every person murdered

I agree with Yishai. Better still why limit it. Just, build Bibi, build.

What purpose does the freeze fulfill when peace isn’t possible?

Fogel Family Slaughter Deliberately Incited by PA

March 13, 2011 | 7 Comments »

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7 Comments / 7 Comments

  1. One continues to hear that Israel wishes to be “a nation like all other others”. When will Jewish leadership get it through its thick head that Israel has been set apart and was never meant to be a nation like all others? Israel is supposed to be a nation of priests and soldiers. As my Rabbi recently pointed out, the LORD did not bring slaves out of Egypt but an army. Israel belongs to the one true God and must serve His will and not her own. The people Israel are supposed to serve as a testament to the one true God and this is where Israel’s identity can be found. He brought the Jews back to the land to glorify Him and so that His will would be revealed through His people, Israel. Learn it, live it, love it.

    Simplified: Build, bitches, build!

  2. Shy Guy says:
    March 13, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    In France, nothing worked until the citizens stormed the Bastille.

    What are you suggesting that we also storm the Bastille? 😛

  3. It’s the Bedouin Israel loves.

    More stupidity and cowardice on the part of BB and Barak.

    What makes them think that the same Bedouin won’t take the money and continue to squat on State lands for the next 10-20 years? Pay them again for

    Lands we already paid them for? Give them to Egypt, they are more trouble than any negative backlash.

  4. The blood of the Fogel family is on the hands of all who support the organized crime gangs of Arab trespassers (Palestinian Authority).Israel should build 2000 homes and name a new city “Fogel” as a lesson to the terrorist beasts and their enablers. As Daniel Goldhagen rightfully exposed the complicity of most Germans in the holocaust, anyone who supports the Fakestinians are “willing executioners” of the Fogel family.

  5. Israel approves 500 new homes in West Bank settlements in response to Itamar attack

    According to Israel ch.10 news, the number is down to 400 and not one beyond the security fence, thus no new building outside of main existing large settlement blocks. Itamar ( the settlement of the deceased) is not approved for new building.

    There is a shortage of some 36-40 thousand new homes in Y & S, and 400 new homes is a sick Black joke, tranparent and cynically designed to give leadership a phony pat on the shoulder in hopes of reducing anger at the government.