Linda Goudsmit Discusses the Global Takeover of American Education

Ury Weiss. . Linda, it was an excellent interview, you explained eloquently as usual the agenda of the globalists to reach towards the transworld, where there will be one world government, one world currency, one gender, a world which will exemplify the idea of transhumanism, where we will own nothing and be ecstatically happy. Klauss Schwab and his thugs from the World Economic Forum are psychopaths of the worst degree, who in order to accomplish this euforia, they must first destroy America and what it stands for. It’s extremely telling that in times when around the western world, tens of thousands of young people, soldiers, pilots and children are dying or become incapacitated in droves from the Luciferian “vaccines”, the government of Israel is awarding the Jewish Mengele Albert Bourla the prestigious Gemini award. An abominable war criminal, deserving the electric chair is receiving from the equally abominable government of Israel the most prestigious prize for slaughtering our citizens and especially our elderly and our children.

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