Lindell’s Plan is working

The Lindell Election Summit revealed The Plan to save our election platforms. Two major components were: FrankSocial for REAL time election reporting and the use of Wireless Monitoring Devices (WMD) to detect when election machines are online, which is against the law.

** FrankSocial tracked 44 incidents of machines failing on election day and

*20 real time reports of paper ballot anomalies, and

*over 200 election incidents reported across 18 states.

For the first time we are collecting, organizing and investigating election anomalies in real time all across the country! This is a huge victory for the people.

URGENT:  Although electronic voting machine companies have emphatically declared their machines are not online and do not contain Bluetooth modems- we have reports of Ballot printers going online with multiple tabulators tethered to the printing machines during Tuesday’s elections. This is supposed to be impossible. For now, we are concealing critical details to protect election clerks from retaliation.

So far we also know:

Bottom Line: FrankSocial is sharing reports on election incidents AHEAD of MSM, while federal agencies like DHS, CISA, and the Global Engagement Council work to censor discussion of our elections as revealed in Congressman Jim Jordan’s recent report, FrankSocial is enabling citizen journalists to inform America on a safe and trusted platform.

By all measures, the 2023 election warmup to “The Plan” has been an overwhelming success. To see the latest collection of incidents organized by state, go to the Elections feed on

For a rollup of the most significant incidents, see the Election Alert feed.

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  1. Voters should have to show up on election day with state-issued proofs of identity, citizenship, and residence the way it’s been for 250 years.

  2. While being able to detect illegal internet access during an election is helpful, I am concerned that in order to make use of it, it will involve lengthy litigation. Once a candidate is declared the winner, judges are not willing to litigate these cases and overturn an election.

    On the other hand, fractal technology offers the advantage of massive data processing extremely quickly. Jay Valentine at the Omega Project, has found that all voter rolls in America are dirty. The problem is that finding all the fake addresses and matching them to voters is beyond the technical capacity of Secretaries of State. But with fractal technology, it is possible to match each vote and each ballot with an address, and then determine if the address is a legal address or is a hotel, a Seven-Eleven, a homeless shelter, or a self-storage warehouse, etc. In real time it is possible to identify every fake ballot and fake vote in a particular county and state.

    A video in which Jay Valentine explains this technology can be seen here:

    This looks like an extremely promising technology that can prevent the wide scale voter fraud we saw in 2020, because it identifies every fake ballot in real time. It does not require lengthy litigation that might be thrown out for lack of standing, etc. as happened in 2020.

    The data available include the number of people in the state aged 90-100, the number of people in the state aged 100-110 years old, etc. Also people who share a phone number with 6-9 other people, people who share a phone number with 10-20 people, people who share a phone with 29 or more people. All these variables help identify potential ballot fraud, including analysis of addresses that are listed for each voter and ballot, which is compared in real time with property lists for each county in the state.

    Currently the Omega project is ingesting all the property data for the entire state of Texas.

    He will be making videos regularly to show what is being learned through this interesting disruptive technology.

    He also showed that Omega technology proved that they have the capacity well beyond the technology used by ERIC, in essence making ERIC obsolete.

    In addition, voter integrity groups are not interested in fractal technology, because they get paid regardless of the fact that they are not doing anything to find fake ballots/addresses, etc. He even offered the Omega project to the voter integrity project in Arizona free of charge and they refused the offer!

    It is as if NO ONE in politics in the US is very interested in cleaning up the voting rolls. Nevertheless, Valentine has been successful in working with 25 states so far. I think it is possible that the Omega project will either clean up the voting rolls in every county in America or will highlight those counties that refused to clean their rolls.

    The way ballot fraud is accomplished is by adding thousands of fake ballots for a specific candidate to the rolls prior to an election and removing them after the election. The Omega Project can identify all of these in real time, something that SQL technology just cannot accomplish.