Warning: Viewer discretion advised. This is a collection of recordings of what happened on October 7. Extremely graphic violence.

Israel’s 9/11

On October 7, 2023, the Iran-backed terrorist organization Hamas invades Israel. It is the worst attack against …

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  1. I watched as much as I could bear to of this film, but at a certain point the horror was too overwhelming for me to cope with and I had to shut it off.

    In my opinion, the only way Israel can survive in the future would be to 1)fire all the judges, public prosecutors and other government lawyers who have attempted to interfere with IDF operations on “Humanitarian” grounds while knowing nothing about military matters, refusing ro acknowledge genuine, documented Jewish land purchases in the “:territories” while recognizing fake Arab land claims, and disbar these anti-Israel lawyers. Deprive all those who have participated in and incited insurrections against Israel’s lawful elected government of Israel. Either expel them from the country and intern them until they leave; Appropriate several billion dollars for public relations abroad to tell Israel’s story: providing individuals selected to carry on this public relations campaign in how to do it without criticizing Israel, saying there is some right and wrong on both sides and Israel must make:sacrifices for peace,” as all Israeli “intellectuals” are always saying. These intellectuals must be banned from these public relations assignments abroad. All the newly hired PR people must be interviewed and approved by genuinely pro-Israel organizations likeMs.Leitner’s group. I can’t remember the names of most of these genuinely patriotic organizations because of my increasing senility, but Iknow they exist and some Israpundit readers undoubtedly know their names and are able to refresh my memory. As for “Uncle,” Israel must tell the executive branch that Israel will no longer obey their orders, while sending public relations experts to Congress to explain Israel’s actual situation and the
    authentic history of the conlict–not the Palestinian lies that the whole world believes, because of the absense of an articulate Israeli reponse. Regrettibly there is no possibility that in the “real world” Any of these actions will be taken, because the entire Israeli ruling class is committed to appeasement, obedience to “Uncle’s” orders, and sympathy with the “Palestinian ” cause. A country ruled by antisemitic Jews committed to rule by 850 mainly Communist lawyers has no future.

  2. @EvRe1
    A very articulate description of the subject as usual for you.

    As per Bibi, I am almost uniquely to be counted among his strong supporters as he has steered the ship of state for some time now thru some very difficult events as you have described. That being said, he has an affinity to the status quo which is difficult to accept with poise.

    Of course, the images in this documentary are upsetting as you state, but they are not even the worst of the images which could have been included in the film. As I reflect upon these images and the innocent lives lost on October 7, I find it to be too much of a macabre fantasy that when we say Never Again, we only mean Til Next Time, as this is the vision which Bibi has described with his plan to Kill the Killers when they return.

    None of these people died for any other reason than for the simple fact that they were Jews and they were within ready access of the Pals who are simply Killers of Jews. Indeed, the 1400 dead are only dead because the Pal Cleft still lies fully embedded in Gaza, and had they the opportunity, the 1400 dead would have been 14,000 dead or more. In fact, the savagery which oversaw the butchery of these people simply because they were Jews should have earned a greater recompense than suggesting that we will do better next time. Such an outlook as Bibi is proposing will simply assure that there will be a next time, and another and anther. And in each event, how many Jews will lie slaughtered not for want of a better managerial system but for a want of real reforms which will move the Pals further from their current access to Israel and her many Jews. With all due respect to Bibi, the limited prospect of his desired policy is intolerable to accept, and we should all see it as being intolerable.

    Of course, there is a limit to what is within Israel’s control to change, but certainly doing the same thing over again with a bigger military is not the solution which should be pursued. These butchers all want to die. They are not looking for better homes, or better jobs or better incomes. They simply want to kill Jews. They occupy a strip of land which is 25miles by 6miles, and from that vantage point they milk their every happiness into the planned slaughter of Jews on the other side of the border. Bibi’s tone deaf response is to replace the current management of these Jew killers, rebuild their cities, and wait on the other side of the border til the ‘killers’ return when Israel can swoop in and ‘kill the killers’. The inexplicable prospect of this whole gambit is that it ignores the fact that when Bibi allows the Gazans back into Gaza, he is returning the killers to Gaza. He is fighting a $50 billion war against Hamas only to replace them with some other Pal leadership which will walk the same path traveled by Hamas, because the desire to kill the Jews is inherent in the Pals themselves. From the cradle to the grave, it is all that they want, all that they crave and all that they will accept, killing Jews.

    To be fair, there is a limit to what Bibi can actually affect, but rather than accept the dictates of the West, Bibi could have cut the territory containing the Gazans down to a fifth as Ted advocated to limit the border and potential range of access from which the Pals might gain access to Israel in their hunt to kill more Jews. Heck, he could have cut it by half and at least this would be something. Instead, the only aspect which will be different is that Hamas will be replaced by some other Pals, while the onus of keeping the Jew Killing Pals from killing more Jews will once again fall upon the IDF. And every time the IDF makes a mistake, or misses the signs in time, another Jew will die, or another ten, or another thousand.

    The land used to launch an aggressive, unprovoked war upon the Jews should be leveraged against the debt of the slaughter which resulted from that onslaught and leave the Pals to occupy a smaller, much smaller, piece of land. Instead, we are just mowing the grass, waiting to see the images of the next Jew culling in the not too distant future.

    As terrible as the images which captured October 7 were, the fact that the future lies pregnant with similar outrages should be seen to be far more upsetting. The Cleft must be removed.

  3. I think everyone in the world needs to see this film. It shows the obscene brutality, the gleeful butchering of babies and families, of young people enjoying music, done by people who should be shunned by every civilized society on earth.

    Every civilized country should be helping Israel destroy these mass murderers. Organizations like the EU, the UN, and various countries criticizing Israel are supporting mass murder. The UN couldn’t even condemn this atrocity, showing that the UN should be disbanded. It has completely failed in its mission as a peace keeping organization, and has turned into a mouthpiece for mass murderers and genocidal monsters. The US should leave the UN and make it unwelcome on US soil.

    Individuals who support Hamas should be deported from the US, UK, EU, or any other Western nation. CAIR should be brought to justice, as it is a front organization for Hamas. Any vestiges of Hamas in terms of NGOs or other organizations in the US should be destroyed and their adherents deported. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar should be deported for their Jew hatred and hatred of Israel. Why should we have people like this in our country?

    The world needs to stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel, and give it all the support she needs to win this war, no matter how long it takes.

    I empathize with those who are upset with Netanyahu’s apparent giving in to the US in terms of the 4 hour cease fires, but there is a long way to go for Israel to win this war, and it is unclear at this point in time how Netanyahu will lead his country to a successful conclusion. But he has managed many difficult situations before, and even if this is something he never ever expected to have to deal with, his failure is far from certain.

    I am not Israeli, so there is probably a lot of nuance that I miss, but Netanyahu had no difficulty speaking truth to power when it came to Obama. He spoke to the US Congress knowing full well that Obama would be fuming. That did not deter him because he was focused on protecting Israel from a nuclear Iran.

    I do not believe that Netanyahu has a soft spot for Hamas or the PA. I don’t think he has shown a willingness to overlook dangers to the safety and security of the country. However, with this attack, it is clear that someone or the entire security apparatus in Israel had taken their eye off the ball. It also is possible that the administration prior to Netanyahu had information that they did not act upon: for example, they made a horrible gas deal -horrible for Israel but great for Hezbollah. And then there was the period immediately before this attack when the Biden administration State Department and the Left in Israel were doing everything they could to bring down the Netanyahu government. I am sure that those efforts were damaging in tying up Netanyahu’s attention and focus, including having men in the reserves not report to duty. These are the kinds of things that can stress a government, and when stressed, people on a team will sometimes miss things as their attention is diverted. The timing of the attack was partially based upon Hamas seeing Israel as divided and weak.

    What we do not know is how much the US was involved in the Hamas attack. After reports of journalists accompanying Hamas on their massacre and barbaric rampage, it remains to be seen whether the US knew in advance or at the very start about the attack and did not notify the Israeli government.

    In addition, the Biden administration gave money to the Lebanese Free Army, which provides security for Hezbollah, and they rolled up >20 Israeli intelligence people who were working in southern Lebanon who could have potentially helped Israel prepare for the attack had they not been outed.

    The Biden administration to this day has an Iranian agent high up in the Defense Department. So the Biden administration has blood on its hands. That is what makes it so atrocious that the Biden administration would have ANYTHING to say to Israel about the bombs they are using, to insist on humanitarian pauses, etc. The Biden Administration basically caused this attack, and now they want to pressure Israel to back off? They have no right to do this, and I feel certain that Netanyahu knows exactly whom he is dealing with. He may lack flexibility at this point to just say no, but that doesn’t mean he is planning on caving entirely to US demands.

    Those people who are quick to criticize Netanyahu now, were critical of him prior to the war, and didn’t mind tearing the country apart in order to get their way on the judicial reform issue. So while I agree, he isn’t perfect and he’s probably made his share of mistakes, I think there are plenty of people with a axe to grind against Netanyahu, and their agenda needs to be considered when listening to their criticism.

    @peloni I am not speaking of you regarding this. I am addressing the author of the Ha’aretz article. I think what you wrote reflects the horror you experienced watching this video. I think we all hope that the Palestinians are going to have to be disarmed if any of them are left living on Israel’s borders after this war is over.

    I don’t know what Bibi meant about not wanting to occupy Gaza. Did he mean he doesn’t want to return to the status quo ante in Gaza before Sharon ordered the withdrawal? I imagine no one wants to go back to that again.

    Maybe at this point in time he cannot imagine a scenario in which the IDF would be responsible for managing an armed camp of terrorists hell bent on destroying every Jew they can find as any kind of positive outcome.

  4. When Bibi says that he has no interest in occupying Gaza, these are the scenes which flood my mind. When Bibi says he wants to only form a new security force to ‘kill the killers’, these are the scenes which flood my mind. When Bibi says that he wants to see Gaza rebuilt for the Gazans, these are the scenes which fill my mind. Having watched this short film which contains just a tiny fraction of the horrors which took place on October 7, I will never forget what needs to be done, and what needs to be done is to remove the Cleft forced upon Israel as an eternal conflict. The solution is not to create a better lawn mower for mowing the grass, for this is no solution at all. The solution is to rip the grass out as Glick notably stated nearly a month ago. It is impossible to believe the short-sighted plan which Bibi has come to support as a remedy to the recent slaughter, but this is not the plan which should be pursued. For anyone who might disagree, simply watch this documentary, which again is just a fraction of the horrors which took place that day, and for 240 hostages, the horrors are still ongoing. Never Again should mean ‘NEVER AGAIN’, not ’til next time’. Bibi’s plan to keep the Gazans in Gaza is a plan which will lead to ‘TIL NEXT TIME’. Have no doubts about this.