LORD AUSTIN: How I’m being driven out for calling Hamas ‘Islamist murderers’

B. Kalman: This incident is in keeping with the pattern in Western former-democracies which have been taken over by martial law and globalist predators: There is no concern for democratic norms, nor for the legal rights of individual citizens. Instead, those in command care only for the maintenance of their power. They support violent criminals at the expense of law abiding citizens and patriots. Their goal is to maximize chaos which will ultimately allow them to justify total martial law and the institution of CBDCs and social credit systems like those of the CCP.

By Lord Austin, Former Labor Minister, Daily Mail  18 Feb 2024

Housing has long been an issue close to my heart. Back in 1989, I started work at COPEC, a housing charity in Birmingham. And later I served as Labour’s housing minister when we made massive progress in tackling rough sleeping.

I was therefore delighted last year to be appointed to chair Midland Heart, one of the country’s leading housing associations.

In the intervening months, I have worked hard to support the organisation and so I was, naturally, shocked to learn on Friday that I had been suspended and now face being driven out permanently after a campaign organised by political opponents, extremists and an online mob driven by woke ideology.

What was my offence? I made the mistake of calling Hamas a ‘death cult of Islamist murderers and rapists’ in a tweet nine days ago [Sat 10 Feb].

The word ‘Islamists’, it must be noted, refers not to Muslims in general but only to violent religious extremists who espouse a warped form of Islam. The term is used by the government, universities and think tanks.

I have said repeatedly that the vast majority of Muslims are just as appalled by racism and extremism as anyone else, but political opponents and extremists have nonetheless accused me of ‘Islamophobia’.

Pro-Palestinian protesters march through the streets of London last week.

Armed Palestinians storm through Gaza during the Israel Hamas war

Smoke rises following an Israeli airstrike in Khan Younis town, southern Gaza

Their campaign has led to a torrent of abuse and even threats. That’s water off a duck’s back to me, but Midland Heart received many such messages too.

On Wednesday, I deleted the tweet to avoid further harassment of their staff but did not apologise as I had done nothing wrong and stand by my description of Hamas.

But this was not enough for the Midland Heart board, which met without me, decided my position was untenable and then announced I had been suspended.

I am so grateful to Housing Secretary Michael Gove and so many others for speaking up in my support.

Like me and, no doubt, the public in general, they are aghast to see extremists and the hard-Left hounding people out of their jobs.

It’s worth looking at who has been behind the campaign to oust me.

First, there is Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend), a hardline pressure group whose CEO signed a statement in support of the so-called ‘armed resistance’ of Hamas, arguing they should not be accused of terrorism and, inevitably, demanding Israel be ‘dismantled’.

They are so far outside the mainstream that the government refuses even to meet them.

Then there is the hard-Left campaigner Gary Spedding, once deported from Israel over his involvement in violent protest in Belfast, who spearheaded attacks on me on social media.

Also helping to focus minds was Lara Oyedele, a senior figure in housing, who disgracefully said: ‘Imagine if someone else wrote this and replaced ‘Islamist’ with ‘Jewish’!’ — as if being of the Jewish faith is equivalent to being a religious extremist.

The most bizarre aspect of the saga involves the police who called late one night asking about my ‘location and safety’. Naively, I thought they were worried about threats against me.

How wrong I was. I was told later that they had received complaints about my tweet and had carried out an investigation but decided not to take any action against me!

They informed me I would not be recorded as responsible for a ‘non-crime hate incident’ but that I would have been, had the rules not changed last year.

What on earth is a non-crime hate incident and why are the police investigating the use of an established term like ‘Islamist’?

The public will be furious to discover time is wasted on this nonsense when only two per cent of rapes or four per cent of burglaries result in someone even being charged. I know rank-and-file coppers share their anger.

We have to stop this nonsense. Extremists must be faced down, not appeased. Ministers must show leadership, the police need to concentrate on tackling real crimes, and serious organisations should not allow themselves to be hoodwinked by people with sinister or extremist agendas.

Groups like Mend must be recognised by all mainstream political parties as the troublemakers that they are.

Most important of all, we must all stand up for our democracy and freedom of speech.

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  1. Excellent article, which reveals the domination of the British government by Islamists, black nationalists and “woke” leftists. Britain’s ‘conservative” government, its toleration of illegal immigration, and its refusal to crack down on street crime, which has made nearly all of Britain unsafe to live in. I do agree with Sebastien that there is no firm evidence the “vast majority” of Muslims are “appalled ” by Islamist violence and hatred of “infedels,”

  2. “the vast majority of Muslims are just as appalled by racism and extremism as anyone else”

    Vast majority? Really? Including antisemitism? Including outrage at Oct. 7th?

    How do we know this, exactly?

    Most of what I have seen is either a) open endorsement b) denial c) changing the subject, especially to Islamofauxbia or blood libels alleging Israeli “war crimes”, or d) silence.

    2 billion Muslims, folks. And people from the moderate Muslim countries, Azerbaijan, Albania, Kosovo, Kazakhstan are under-represented in the West.