President of the ZOA: Biden Has Never Been A Good Friend to Israel

February 21, 2024 | 9 Comments »

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    This is an analysis of U.S. policy towards Israel and Hamas by Col. Richard Kemp. He is the best expert there is on Israel’s security needs in relation to the terrorist organizations and their Iranian sponsors. Also, the very similar security priorities for the entire Western world.

    Hw points out that U.S. policy is now to leave Hamas in control of Gaza or at least part of it, and to prevent Israel from achieving victory over the terrorists. This, he fears, will leave Israel in a far worse security situation than before the Hamas invasion. He thinks that the proposed Gaza indefinite “pause” proposed by Biden-Blinken is very similar to the U.S. prolonged military “engagement” in Afghanistan and Iraq, but without seeking victory. He points out that those military engagements didn;t work out well.

  2. @Laura

    I have yet to hear Trump speaking out for Israel since October 7.

    Really? Here, have a listen:
    Trump headlines Republican Jewish Coalition Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada – 10/28/23

    Do watch the speech, as it is quite an inspiring statement of the close commitment which Trump has for Israel. This was recorded three weeks after the Simchat Torah Massacre, and it was neither the first nor the last time he discussed this subject, as Sebastien demonstrated by citing Trump’s comments directly after the slaughter took place.

    As I have explained many times now, Trump’s entire foreign policy is coupled to a strong, vibrant and successful Israel. Trump’s commitment to make America Great Again is dependent upon Trump making Israel Great Again as he did during his first term. In fact, Trump’s foreign policy is the only US foreign policy which is predicated upon a strong and independent Israel. Israel has the means to stand on her own two feet, but she needs the US, the EU and the UN to climb down off her back. This is what Trump did for Israel in his first term, and it is what he will do for her in his second term, not just because he is pro-Israel, but because he is pro-America, and America needs Israel just as Israel needs America. This is what being an ally actually means.

    This November, there will be an easy choice for people at the polls to make. Certainly on the issue of Israel, the choice will be crystal clear. Based on his previous actions of support of Israel, his current statements of support for Israel, and his future need of Israel’s support for his own policies, without any reflection on the antisemitic policies, personnel, and commentary coming from the Dems, the choice should be quite obvious to the most low information voter, among which I would not place you.

    In any event, enjoy the speech since you haven’t heard it before.

  3. @Laura

    Trump-era antisemitism policy expected to fuel flood of student lawsuits against universities
    A 2019 Trump executive order changed the way federal officials interpret Title VI of the Civil Rights Act to discourage anti-Israel conduct.

    Try googling your search terms in DuckDuckGo. These articles only appeared there when I searched for them just now. Google censors.

  4. No, he hasn’t. But I have yet to hear Trump speaking out for Israel since October 7. Is he afraid of alienating some of the outspoken isolationist/Carlson/Candace Owens type kooks in his base?