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  1. Reader, Just my thoughts today, upon hearing the report of the lackluster debates. If the GOP does not nominate Trump, then he should just create a third party and see if he can blow both of the empires of corruption out of the water. If not, at least history will should that he and the MAGA Americans tried before they lost their once great nation. Party Name: MAGA — “That stands for Make America Great Again” I would love to see MAGA on a federal election ballot..

  2. @Felix I didn’t attack your right to speak. I was employing sarcastic metaphor. Why are you attacking my right to point out the surreal – and frankly offensive – absurdity of your argument which removes any responsibility from our enemies for their actions? It’s “the devil made me do it” argument. Freedom of speech cuts both ways and it does not mean freedom from being insulted or offended. As Marx put it, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

    If you want to be consistent, then just accept my stance as the inevitable product of “climate change” or something.

    My first response was instantly erased [and now restored]. I quoted your entirely unnecessary protestation that you never take drugs and responded, “that’s even worse.”


  3. @peloni1986 and @Tanna

    I agree that, practically speaking, we are left with no one else but Trump for 2024. He may still be fit enough, mentally and physically, but you have to admit that he’s near the end of his life. If we want to see MAGA continue, somebody needs to start planning for the future, and not wait until Trump is gone. He’s a smart man. He ought to see that. We have needed a viable third party for a long time, MAGA could be it. It’s time for the RINO based GOP to die.

  4. @Ted Belman

    @Raphael. Did your comment show up?

    You said you would look into it, and yes, my comment did show up. Much appreciated.

  5. Honeybee

    Asking you for some reasons

    “Adam, I have always felt McGregor was all huff and puff.”

    Maybe you always felt that but you did not say it

    Now’s your chance

    If you make claims (after the event) then back them up

  6. Well I stopped paying close attention to these a long time ago. They got the war between Russia and Ukraine rather correct, a little shallow, a little non historical…unlike Ted I am not disappointed because I rated them correctly from the begining. Of course it was always clear that McGregor typical of this bunch hate Lenin and Trotsky and hatred for the Russian Revolution.

    People like Bear and others including now Seb support NATO fascist Nazi Zelensky

    It is THEY who can never be trusted as regards Israel’s defence. This shows they are fickle is as fickle does and time will prove they will betray Israel also.

  7. @Bear He’s not our main enemy but yes. He’s our enemy because he is allied with our enemies. The friend of my enemy is my enemy. I don’t regard Putin as the devil incarnate, as you do, however. We should not be focused on Russia, at all.

  8. @Bear He’s not our main enemy but yes. He’s our enemy because he ia allied with our enemies. The friend of my enemy is my enemy. I don’t regard Putin as the devil incarnate, as you do, however. We should not be focused on Russia, at all.

  9. Putin’s Russia didn’t have to be our enemy but that’s the way it is. Time to stop rooting for it, despite the particulars of the Ukrainian situation. Russia is allied with Hamas and Iran.

  10. I have never taken any such drugs in my life. Why are you attacking my right of free speech like this. I stood up for you whe you were saying you had lost articles (as everyone has) but I thought the main thing we have on site is unrestricted free speech. I at the time said that all of our research is valuable. So despite this you send this weird response to my latest Comments

    Sebastien Zorn

    NOVEMBER 8, 2023 AT 8:36 PM
    @Felix Ahh, yes. the weather, commerce, and Covid murdered 1400 Jews and then called their mothers to boast about it. I knew that. What on earth have you been smoking and can I have some?

    In response directly to your loaded reply

    The changing climate issue is always relevant, whatever you think, I think it and it’s my right to say what I think

    Similarly with viruses which is an issue connected to many things with changes in our world and always of vital relevance to Antisemitism

    Can we not have conversations where we are not attacked like you attack me above?

  11. @Felix Ahh, yes. the weather, commerce, and Covid murdered 1400 Jews and then called their mothers to boast about it. I knew that. What on earth have you been smoking and can I have some?

  12. TANNA-

    You’re talking of thusands of years hence -if ever, which is very doubtful anyway,

    As a Rabbi (was it Tarphon?) in the Pesach Haggoda say to Akiva about Bar Kosiba being the Moshiach,’ :hair will grow through your cheekbones (akull) long before that event will occur”..

    The Goyim will NEVER feel thus towards Jews, Not unless the present living population is wiped out and a new crop of Jesus-ignorant Goyim arises with no pre-conceived Jew Hatred.
    And this is an impossibility.

  13. TES_

    I am NOT the only one. just a few posts below me was another which also said that the post had disappeared.

    Presumably you were able to recover his but not mine.

    I can’t change my e mail- I’ve had it since the beginning. So let it go it’s OK. my post is now outdatd anyway.

  14. McGregor is anti-Israel. He wrote two weeks ago that “Russia will not tolerate the collective punishment that Israel is inflicting on the people of Gaza.” He also claims that a jooint U.S and Israel special forces task force conducted a scouting mission in Gaza but was “cut to pieces.” This supposed scouting mission has not been reported anywhere else. He also claims that Turkey and Iran will both make war on the United States if the United States continues to provide aid to Israel, and “The U.S, is not prepared for this,”

    I believe that McGregor is a Russian agent,

  15. A big factor is the denial of science, ref to Global Warming and roots of viruses in Capitalism esp intensive farming. This attitude is no good for anything.

  16. Mr.Zorn, McGregor said, a small power seeks to leverage a larger power. I hear…. PR campaign to change the Arab / Palestine perception of Israel. The barbaric actions of Hamas, will be dealt with in such a server fashion, that the hatred of Israel will grow not regress. He also said, I fear Israel is walking into a bear trap.

    In my opinion, it is not time for Israel to be loved an exalted by the nation’s. However, someday they will.

  17. Raphael & Peloni comments:

    Raphael said, “Much as we would wish to believe otherwise, I do not think that Trump can overcome his opposition. But even if he is taken out, he may then be seen as the sacrificial lamb that galvanizes the movement around a new personality who stands as the successor to MAGA’s founder. He would have MAGA’s strength and loyalty, with none of Trump’s baggage.”

    Peloni response in this thread, I am in complete agreement with. One has to be close enough, yet far enough removed to see the bigger picture with Trump. He has a lot of negatives, but he does a LOT of the positives.

    From my little corner of the world. When Trump walked on the stage with 16 other Republican candidates, there was no way he could overcome all 16 to receive the nomination. But he did. However, if it was not to be Trump, have you every pondered that if could have been, ANY OF THE OTHER 16, that COULD HAVE BEEN PRESIDENT. But that was not in Hashem’s plan.

    I do not know what Hashem is doing anymore than the rest of the readers here at IP, but my sense is that Trump will defy all odds and only then will he start grooming his replacement, but his replacement is out of Trumps control. Hashem will do the picking and the transference of power.

    And as to the silly objection to his age. I know plenty of 74-78 year old men and Trump is not playing in the same league. In every area he is in a league by himself, for the job he has to do. He spent four years in that DC hell hole of a pressure cooker and came out looking like he did when he announced he was runnning.

  18. The rinos are in hiding ready to support the dems wherever they see the slimmest of an opening. Rinos are more or less opportunistic crypto-democrats. The little brother of the uniparty.

  19. @Raphael
    Actually, I think that there are many candidates which could carry the mantle forward for MAGA besides Trump, most notably Kari Lake and Ken Paxton come to mind, but these are each regional candidates. I think that Trump has placed a great deal of support for each of them, and others to be honest, but right now, what is needed is not a new face, nor an untested national candidate.

    MAGA is a formidable force, but like the empires of ancient times, it is comprised of forces which are both contradictory and opposite. For instance, the conservatives of the deep south hold no appeal for the Midwestern liberals who Trump was able to bring out to vote for him. Also, whoever might replace Trump would need to galvanize the support of the public such that they would vote a strait MAGA ticket, and again that requires a great deal of trust and assurance in the individual at the top of the ticket, and this is not something which will can be easily manufactured. I don’t think that either Lake, Paxton or anyone else can manufacture such a formidable attraction for the disparate forces in the time before the next election. Actually, I don’t believe that this was possible even if we had 4 more years to achieve it.

    Trump, unlike his fellow MAGA superstars, has performed on the national stage for all the constituencies which came to support him in 2020. Also, the challenges and great adversities which he has faced have endeared him in a way which is unique and not transferable to other candidates. People challenge that MAGA is a Trump only party, but the truth is that Trump did have a protege, someone to whom he was going to hand his movement at the end of his second term and that person was the profligate Pence. Consequently, Trump needs a new second act to follow him, but the time for choosing that person is certainly not now. I think that it is easily argued that no one else has the popularity, the cross sectional appeal and the personal connection to the voter base which Trump holds and which will be needed to win this election, and it is also easily argued that no one could hope to have the support which is directly associated with Trump transferred to them overnight.

    Hence, like it or not, it is Trump or bust in 2024, not because Trump is perfect, but because Trump is uniquely situated to possibly garner the support needed to win, and if he can’t do it, I would argue that nobody, NOBODY, else can, for all the reasons listed above.

    Also, I will try once more to convey the truth that MAGA and RINOs can’t work together as some try to believe is possible. It isn’t about being cocky, it is just a simple reality which we must face. MAGA is inherently a reform movement, and the Deep State policies and Globalist agendas of the RINOs are precisely what MAGA, in large part, intends to reform. Consequently, trying to form a joint ticket between the two groups would be like trying to glue an ice cube to a hot plate, where even a temporary truce will not last long, which is what took place in 2016. This is why Obamacare was not repealed, it is why there was no Trump legislation which did not contain anti-Trump pork projects like Ukraine, and it is why the Trump White House rebelled against its own president. It may be that this is the best that can be hoped to be gained in 2024, but it should be noted that we have been down that road once before, and it is likely to be even less constructive going down that lane for a second time.

  20. @Ted Belman
    I just wrote carefully crafted a comment here, but when I hit “post comment” it uploaded to the ozone. I see that @Edgar had a similar problem a short while ago. Is the system unstable?

  21. First, the MAGA forces better not get cocky about getting the upper hand over the RINOs. They aren’t going to roll over and quietly go away. They are a bunch of sneaky weasels, as we now know. They will continue to work in the shadows to undercut the MAGA forces.

    Second, the problem with MAGA is that it is focused on one man…Trump. At the moment, MAGA is a cult not a political movement. Trump needs to sacrifice his own personal aspirations for the sake of the MAGA movement. He needs to showcase younger MAGA believers, so that the movement will survive and continue to grow. Up to now, Trump has acted like a barnyard rooster. He goes after any potential challenger, even good people, and destroys them. That is short-sighted beyond belief. At age 77, one way or another, he isn’t going to be around for very much longer. If he wants MAGA to become an effective force against the RINOs, and against the Left, he’s got to loosen his grip, otherwise MAGA will die with him.

    Much as we would wish to believe otherwise, I do not think that Trump can overcome his opposition. But even if he is taken out, he may then be seen as the sacrificial lamb that galvanizes the movement around a new personality who stands as the successor to MAGA’s founder. He would have MAGA’s strength and loyalty, with none of Trump’s baggage.

    It is apparent, however, that Trump is gambling that he can beat the opposition in court, and that he can then overcome a hugely flawed electoral system to win office once again. That is really a long shot. What happens to us if he looses that bet? No, Trump needs to hedge his bet by having someone in the wings. He’s a shrewd guy, I think he understands the game perfectly. It’s just that his ego won’t let him do the right thing.

  22. TED-

    I had just answered John Galt when I suddenly became delogged. No idea what happened, or to my post. I hope you find it.

  23. @John
    “To me Trump is is lot of talk and not much action.”
    To piggy-back on @sabasarge’s list:
    Trump moved the Embassy, recognized Jerusalem, recognized the Golan, leveled the international playing field which has been well distorted against Israel, defunded UNWRA, defunded the PA, passed the Taylor Force Act, acted as a fair mediator of the Abraham Accords, adopted the IHRA definition of antisemitism, made serious moves against state terrorism, isolated Iran, withdrew from the JPOA, severely punished Iran for its violations of the JPOA, diced up Suleiman and al-Muhandis, pushed Israel to adopt her own policy to which the US could respond (as opposed to the US writing Israeli policy for Israel to adopt) and quit the UNHRC in protest to how it persecuted Israel without just cause. These are just some of the steps taken by the Trump administration that directly impacted Israel and don’t include domestic policies that directly impacted American Jews such as his reform of Title VI of the Civil Right Act of 1964, best economy in history, expanded job market, no foreign wars, ending the Desantis backed TPP… and all of this amid a series of insurrections being executed against him by his disloyal RINO allies and the disloyal Dem opposition,.

    There are many things which might be said about Trump, but to say that he did not take much action is both dishonest and incredible.

    Let us consider just one of the policies in the above abbreviated list of accomplishments by Trump – the reform of Title VI of the Civil Right Act of 1964. The expansion of Title VI to include Jews is currently the only means which the Jewish children being publicly abused in colleges and institutions across the country have to press those colleges and institutions to protect their rights. Had Trump not pushed this reform thru, it NEVER would have been done. The current administration took about 18 months before they actually acknowledged that the reform was not going to be reversed, and even while keeping the reform, they have seriously defanged it by not mandating the use of the IHRA definition of antisemitism which the did reverse from Trump’s directive.

    There are fair criticisms to be made of Trump’s administration, but suggesting he led an idle presidency is simply not true. Had it been true, he would have been much more popular with the ‘moderates’ who opposed him, but winning such popularity contests was not why he came to Washington, which was why the various insurrections arose against him from a globalist-inclined alliance of the RINO ‘moderates’ and the Dems.

  24. @ Bear Klein
    “To me Trump is is lot of talk and not much action. The people he chose to work for him were an utter disaster and he won’t admit it.”
    While I have serious issues myself with Trump, one of which is his inability to admit when wrong, with his cabinet selections being butt one good example, I have to disagree about the lack of action. From redoing NAFTA much to American benefit, to withdrawing from the Paris climate bullshit, to making NATO partners pony up more of their financial responsibilities, to seriously bringing down illegal immigration, to withdrawing payments to the PA and oh yeah, action? How about after decades of foot dragging he actually moved the American embassy to our Capital and initiated the Abraham Accords.
    There’s a lot I don’t like about him, but as far as actions go I think he was one of the best in my 70yr old lifetime.
    (And yes, he screwed up the COVID thing, and should have dumped Fauci early, going back to one of his fore-mentioned faults, but he did almost immediately close all incoming Chinese air travel and was immediately labeled xenophobe)

  25. @ Bear Klein

    I am to the right of Trump and have been my whole life – right meaning pro Constitution, pro liberty and pro freedom and anti-Communist 100% of the time.

    To me Trump is is lot of talk and not much action. The people he chose to work for him were an utter disaster and he won’t admit it. His CCP Wuhan Flu policy was evil and he won’t admit it. Trump learns nothing from his mistakes. Not one damn thing.

    I like Ron DeSantis. I just read his book new book. He says something and then he does it and if he makes a mistake he says so. He is the anti-Trump and I will vote for him.

    Trump can’t fall over dead soon enough. He is the true RINO. His fans like him like Taylor Swift likes her. MAGA Is now a non thinking cult of Trump lovers.

    Lastly, if Trump is the Republican nominee I will vote for him unlike the millions of Trump lovers who keep saying it’s Trump or no one. Those people are insane.

  26. Okay so far two different answers so far I interpret as:

    1. Only Trump (MAGA) is acceptable anyone else is not who does not back him 100%

    2. MAGA & Trump are great and moderate plus did USA a lot of good. No indication if anyone else is acceptable as part of GOP.

  27. @Bear Klein,
    Many people I know think, mistakenly, that MAGA Republicans are extreme. That is propaganda. The people on the left in this country (America) are so far to the left that even moderates are to the right of them and can be made to look “extreme.”

    The pro-Trump Americans are a mixture of moderates and patriots who are white, Black, working class, middle class, Hispanics, and just about everyone who isn’t “woke.” If not being “woke” is extreme, then I guess we are extreme.

    But Trump’s policies are not extremist policies. His policies reflected his view that economic policy = national security. Therefore, he worked to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US after the Clinton/Bush dynasties with their globalist friends sent our manufacturing overseas.

    In addition he lowered taxes which made it possible for businesses to hire more people. As the unemployment rate went down, and as more people were working than ever, the country’s economy thrived, and people who were working began to make more money than they had before. Now do any of these policies sound extreme?

    In addition, Trump decided to get the US out of forever wars, to the upset of all the neocons like Cheney, Bush, etc. But in addition, Trump was responsive and good to our allies, like Israel. Instead of trying to crush Israel like Obama did, he allied with Netanyahu to form the Abraham Accords and change the Middle East for the better. All the prior Presidents tried to bring peace to the Middle East and failed miserably. Trump and Netanyahu working together were able to move peace forward. Does that sound extreme?

    Trump also was willing to talk with people around the world, even if they weren’t our allies: he still made an effort to speak with Putin, Kim Jong Il, and would have spoken with the Iranians but never got to it. In addition he caused intense pain to Iran, unlike Obama, by ending the nuclear deal, and putting serious sanctions on Iran so that Iran was almost bankrupt by the time Biden became President. Does that sound extreme?

    President Trump made our southern border more secure, MUCH MORE SECURE than it is now. Does that sound extreme?

    So we had a great economy, where even high school dropouts were getting jobs, we had a secure southern border. Our inflation rate was at or under 2%, we were not engaged in wars, the Middle East was becoming more peaceful.

    Then the globalists hit the Trump administration with the fake pandemic and caused the greatest wealth transfer in human history, from the middle class to the elites, as they closed all small businesses and kept open the big box stores and Amazon. This was not an accident. It was all planned. But that’s another story.

    But aside from this deep state coup, Trump had created a good economy and a safe country, with good national security. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anything extreme about any of this.

    But I will say this: Trump supporters have found “wokeness” completely insane. We are being told by the left that if a man wants to pretend to be a woman we are supposed to pretend along with him. That kind of wokeness makes no sense to most Americans. Wokeness is a plan to destroy the Judeo-Christian culture of America by attacking the traditional family, attacking social norms that have been in place for thousands of years, and by attempting to replace Judeo-Christian values with every kind of sexual perversion, and to normalize even pedophilia which is a crime. Trump supporters are not the extreme ones. The extreme ones in this country are the people trying to normalize pedophilia, and to make us pretend that men can have babies and “chest feed.” The extremists are those who arranged a wide open southern border without vetting a single person who comes in. The extreme ones are those who think paying Iran billions of dollars is a good idea. The extreme ones in this country are trying to destroy a man who is running for president because the current President doesn’t want him to win. The extreme ones in this country are the ones who let Antifa burn and loot minority owned businesses and never arrest them or never even fine them, but who arrest patriotic citizens who were just walking around the capitol building unarmed, after the security police let them in the doors. These are the extreme ones, not the Trump supporters.

    Have I answered your question?

  28. @Bear
    It depends what context you portend from the word ‘moderate’. If what you describe as a moderate includes RINOs such as Pence, Hailey, Romney and Cheney, then no, there can be no big tent to include these Globalist Washington elites alongside MAGA.

    Recall that MAGA and RINO cut a truce in 2016 in which Trump filled his appointments with disloyal RINOS who acted to betray Trump, the administration and the country. Not the least of these was Pence whose double talking deceits were coordinated with the state-sponsored attack on the Capital to usher in the current regime while knowing that fraud was rampant in the 2020 election. So, that for which you advocate would be nothing more than a redo of this pre-cooked debacle which failed the nation when it was most necessary to be served with fidelity. Like oil and water, MAGA and RINO can’t be mixed, as each of their respective world views are mutually exclusive of including the other. Much like saddling Israel with a terrorist regime within its borders, pursuing the false narrative that the two camps of MAGA and RINO can create a composite alliance is fraught with danger and destined to simply return the Dems to power as was the choice made by the RINOs during 2018 and 2020. As was made most obvious by these betrayals, RINOs have far more in common with their Uniparty allied Dems than they have with MAGA as they have no respect for the people, no concern for their nation, and no limit to the villainy which they will adopt to maintain their hold on power.

    Do recall that MAGA is not designed to manage or redirect the fraud, corruption and unrestrained Deep State controlled govt towards Republican pockets as is the distinction between the Dems and the RINOs. MAGA was designed to slay the Deep State, eliminate its control over the people, and return government control to the consent of the governed. These policies are inherently contrary to the Globalist anti-America policies pursued by the RINO camp. Hence, the RINO camp has more to lose, like everything, by allowing MAGA to rule, then they have with their Uniparty compatriot Dems ruling instead. Even if the RINOs never come to power on their own again, they can survive with the Dems ruling, but they will be exposed, defunded, and forced to answer to the people if MAGA rules.

    Consequently, either MAGA or RINO must capitulate, meaning either the people win to the ruin of the the Washington Globalist power elites or vice versa. Failing this, there is no other possible outcome which does not include a redo of the internecine Republican war which took place during the whole of Trump’s presidency, during which RINOs betrayed their nation, their president and the people who elected them.

    MAGA vs RINO is a choice between MAKE AMERICA GREAT and MAKE AMERICA WEAK. It is that simple.

    But then again, perhaps you have a different context for which you intended to indicate by the word ‘moderate’.

  29. So honest question here for American’s does MAGA now equal GOP in your view? And there is no need or room in the GOP for moderates or anyone is not hard-line Trump down the line with no room for disagreement?