Malice Aforethought on the COVID-19 Pandemic:

“This is a global coup d’etat and intentional mass murder.”

By Dr. Mike Yeadon, GLOBAL RESEARCH 11.9.23

I find that attempting to put all the information together in such a way as to allow for the whole even to be benign or at least not wholly malevolent is impossible. That’s because, as you’ve no doubt heard me say, I believe it is malevolent!

I too struggled early on, arguing “surely they must have known this!?” Etc.

Once I allowed for the possibility that all the bad things were intentional, I find all the rest falls into place. Obviously that alone doesn’t prove that it was intentional.

Some early clues to intentionality are the coordinated responses of scores of governments to the alleged pandemic: lockdowns, masking, mass testing of the well, the misapplication of PCR-based techniques to bulk testing of clinical samples, selective business & school closures, border restrictions etc.

Not a single country had any of this as a core part of their own pandemic preparedness plan.

Even the WHO’s scientific evaluation of NPIs concluded none of them worked & the only changes worth a dime were asking those with symptoms to remain at home until recovered & to increase the frequency of hand washing (because the route of transmission wouldn’t initially be known for sure).

I argued at the time that the only way all the countries could have adopted all these useless yet damaging & costly NPIs is if there was supranational coordination.

Whether that from WHO, WEF, etc., I don’t know. But illegitimate in any case.

We now know that they knew that imposing these restrictions would save nobody, yet the negative consequences would be devastating, even lethal for some, who would no longer have access to the medical care they needed. Additionally, the use of furlough was obviously going to be enormously damaging to sovereigns who were already borrowed to the hilt.

I note the widespread adoption of an American term, furlough, into public discourse. In U.K. we never previously used the term. Nobody remarked on its arrival, which telegraphed the leading role played by Americans.

Then we have the imposition of radically altered medical protocols.

Because of my long exposure to matters respiratory, I knew immediately they began panicking about needed 30,000 mechanical ventilators that something truly demonic was at hand. It’s never appropriate, in a patient with an unobstructed airway & an intact chest wall to sedate, intubate and ventilate them. Mechanical ventilation is certainly a marvellous, life-saving thing, but it comes with serious risks to the frail patient, in the form of ventilator acquired pneumonia, lung injury from use of pressure to inflate the lungs and more. The appropriate treatment would be an oxygen mask, single, low dose benzo, a cup of tea and a biscuit and a caring hand upon an arm.

In the USA as well many, once in this vulnerable state, were given remdesivir & not given total, intravenous nutrition. In most cases it was just a matter of time before they died.

In care homes, there was indiscriminate use of inappropriately high doses of midazolam and morphine. Not only high doses but repeatedly given to their elderly charges. They’d been told to do it by the highest medical authorities in the land and so few questioned it.

My PhD by coincidence was in this area, the effect of opiates on respiratory function. The discovery of multiple opiate receptors raised the possibility that it might be possible to invent receptor selective ligands that would relieve pain with reduced respiratory depression. Unfortunately, both are mediated primarily by mu opiate receptors, both centrally and in the periphery.

The combination of opiate agonists and benzodiazepines is contraindicated in patients unless close monitoring (for signs of respiratory depression) was in place.

It isn’t & cannot be in a care home. They too were murdered in large numbers. 

Finally, in the community, the family doctors were cautioned not to prescribe antibiotics in cases of covid “because antibiotics cannot treat viral illnesses”. It’s well known that what is usually termed secondary bacterial infection is generally what actually leads to death in this situation. However, the records show that prescriptions for antibiotics for suspected bacterial infection of the lungs fell by 50% & large numbers of people died avoidable deaths (and rather horrible deaths, too).

It’s not possible to regard all of this evidence without concluding that malice aforethought was at work here. It’s literally diabolical, what they did.

How it was done with so little pushback still confuses me. I do know that from the late-1990s right through late-2019, there was a sequence of tabletop simulations of global pandemic scenarios & bioterrorism scenarios, which allowed the perpetrators to hone their craft in the responses & control measures imposed. I believe some of these were translated onto the ground, giving emergency response team a chance to form & to rehearse what most of them thought were appropriate, given the fictional set up, though this is speculative.

Then we come to the “vaccines”. Given a career in pharma and biotech, I knew that it was impossible to create a vaccine in under 5-6 years if they were going to demonstrate clinical safety and hone manufacturing to yield the customarily high quality manufacturing necessary to produce tightly defined final drug product. If the latter if not done, it’s pointless doing the former, because what would otherwise be injected wouldn’t be what had been used in the clinical trials.

In other words, if there was a need for a new vaccine, you would never even contemplate running such a program, because no pandemic in history lasts a fraction of the minimum time necessary to create a safe and effective new vaccine.

Yet they went ahead. This too is malevolent, let alone the extraordinary lying, censorship & smearing of dissenters.

Given my entire career used “rational drug design” principles to design and test molecules, I was able to put myself in the shoes of the designers of the jabs.

There are several, completely obvious safety issues built into these products.

One is the axiomatic induction of “autoimmune” responses, regardless of which antigen was selected.

The next was choice of antigen, where no one would pick spike protein, because it was highly likely to be directly toxic, it’s subject to the most rapid mutation (so a vaccine might lose efficacy) & also it’s the least different from human proteins (and so might trigger bystander attacks on even somewhat similar self proteins).

Yet all four leading players chose this antigen. What a coincidence! I’d have called up my peers in the other companies to endure we didn’t do that. That’s because it would be highly undesirable to have common risks to all programs.

On formulation, the mRNA-based products both selected LNPs to encapsulate their message. Yet there was industry knowledge that these not only travel all over the body including into the brain but that they accumulate in the ovaries.

Yet, knowing this, the companies & regulators went ahead and then others compounded the toxicity risk by recommending these injections in pregnant women and children.

I was still slow to piece together all this evidence of carefully thought out harms. But eventually I got there and have been speaking in what many regard as extreme terms ever since.

I’m afraid there’s no hiding from the reality that this is a global coup d’etat and intentional mass murder.

Worse, we see the encroachment of surveillance technology and legal powers to introduce digital ID & CBDC as well as to eliminate cash.

It’s not difficult to come up with scenarios where presentation of digital ID will become mandatory.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, PhD, was Formerly Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer Allergy & Respiratory at Pfizer Global R&D. He holds Joint Honours in Biochemistry and Toxicology and a PhD in Respiratory Pharmacology. He is an Independent Consultant and Co-founder & CEO of Ziarco Pharma Ltd.


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  1. Interim ruling on Covid 19 shots from Canadian National Citizen’s Inquiry:

    *Recind the newly implemented revisions to the Food and Drug Regulations related to Covid 19 vaccine authorization…

    *Immediately halt the current use of Covid 19 vaccines in Canada that were authorized under the revised provisions of the interrum order and the newly revised Food and Drug regulations

    *Conduct a full judicial investigation into the authorization process of Covid 19 vaccinations in Canada with the possibility of addressing any criminal liability that might be found

    *Make all documentation concerning the authorization process and information provided to regulatory agencies by the manufacturers publicly available

  2. “I dare say murder. We could say that a massacre has occurred. This is more like a holocaust caused by a bioweapon.”

    Professor Fukushima Addresses ‘A Tremendous Crisis’ of Vaccine Related Harm
    September 12, 2023

    Professor Masanori Fukushima first reached international attention in November 2022 when he attended an extraordinary session in the House of Representatives in Tokyo to challenge the Japanese Ministry of Health on the harms their interventions were causing. As an oncologist, pharmaco-epidemiologist, clinical trials and regulatory affairs scientist Professor Fukushima joins the growing number of qualified professionals with highly relevant experience who have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of the medical products unleashed onto populations worldwide.

    Most recently Professor Fukushima has been named the representative director of the Japanese Society for Vaccine Related Complications (JSVRC), launched with medical, science and legal colleagues associated with various academic and private institutions in Japan. The JSVRC held a one hour press conference at the Ministry of Health on 7 September 2023, which is available here in Japanese. Thanks go to @shortshort_news on Twitter for this two minute English transcript of Professor Fukushima addressing the media. The video and transcript are below.

    NZDSOS stand with Professor Fukushima and his colleagues, in denouncing the pharmaceutical products which are causing grave harm to populations, and calling for all physicians and scientists to begin immediately collaborating to address this crisis. This must be done in a way that ensures this can never happen again.

    Join NZDSOS on 16 September at our first public conference, to learn more about our work and the collaborations being formed within and beyond New Zealand. In-person attendance is sold out, but online tickets are available here. If you are joining us for the event, we look forward to seeing you there.

    Professor Fukushima’s Address:

    My name is Fukushima and I am the President of the Study Group on Vaccine Problems. The official name of the study group is Japanese Society for Vaccine Related Complications.

    As a doctor and as a scientist, I am gravely aware that we are facing a tremendous crisis right now. I could say that this crisis has just begun.

    This is a crisis of democracy. The people’s right to access information is completely undermined. The government adopts a shameless attitude to keep disregarding the basic human rights such as the right to pursue happiness, and the right to live that are protected under the Japanese Constitution.

    This is absolutely unacceptable.

    As you can see in the materials handed to you, honest scholars have documented numerous vaccine-related harms and injuries etc, at their academic conferences. The number of vaccine harms reported at the academic conference is ‘many hundreds’.

    This is not just an unusual situation. Nothing like this has ever happened before. What vaccines are causing is not drug-related harms. Totally incomplete substance called a nucleic acid medicine, which is in fact not even a medicine, was distributed to the public.

    So what happened as a result?

    I dare say murder. We could say that a massacre has occurred. This is more like a holocaust caused by a bioweapon.

    What is happening now? Something very sloppy and half-baked has been released onto the world. Trillions of public money was wasted on that half-baked product.

    Under the circumstances, I seriously believe that the raison d’être: the reason for existence, of scientists, doctors and citizens, is now being tested. So I announce that the spirit of our group, which I would say is the soul of the Vaccine Problem Study Group, is ‘patient first, facts as is is, face reality, raison d’être of physician and scientist’.

    Now, I will provide the official mission statement of the Vaccine Study Group.

    We will address the post-vaccination syndrome. According to the international classification, this is classified as ‘adverse drug reaction’. It is high time to deliver appropriate medical care to patients affected by post-vaccination syndrome in a truly serious manner.

    It is not too late.

    Immediately, all doctors, all scientists, need to face this huge problem.

    Additional 2min video exerpt at link above.

  3. Unfortunately, everything Mike Yeadon says is true. This is still almost beyond comprehension, that in the United States a plan would be hatched and executed to damage and destroy thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of human lives by a biochemical weapon being masqueraded as a vaccine to save mankind.

    The problem for human beings is that for the vast majority of us, there is no way to plan for or prepare for evil on this magnitude. None of us who work hard daily to be a good person could ever imagine coming up with a plan for genocide or that people who masquerade as “philanthropists” like Bill Gates or the head of the WHO, would plan well in advance to create a fake pandemic in order to commit genocide on an unsuspecting world.

    Even more incomprehensible is how Prime Ministers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and across the Western world, would fall in lockstep with these genocidal maniacs, and be willing to kill their own people along with the genocidal planners in the United States.

    In Africa, countries were used to being ill-used by the likes of Bill Gates and the WHO. They experienced that when women were vaccinated by a Bill and Melinda Gates philanthropic “vaccine” program, every woman who was pregnant at the time of vaccination lost her baby.

    So one or more African heads of state refused to go along with the WHO pandemic planning. One of them showed his people that the PCR test tried on a paw paw fruit, motor oil, and Coca Cola tested positive for COVID. He was found dead shortly thereafter.

    This is supposedly the new normal: no representative democracies in the world are left.

    Israel is struggling to hold onto her parliamentary democracy, while thugs claiming to be saviors of democracy are attempting to bring the government down because they can never get elected due to their ruinous policies.

    The genocidal maniacs are determined to keep vaccinating innocent humans, and are determined to keep the genocide going.

    The world is riddled with unsustainable sovereign debt in many countries, caused by the policies of these same genocidal maniacs who want to destroy the currencies of many governments so they can institute world wide CBDCs.

    Everything seems broken, and human beings are trying to hold on to the moments with family as their hope for emotional survival in a world teetering on the brink of destruction.

    Already, the biochemical weapons have killed more innocent people than the nuclear bomb at Hiroshima.

    And every day, the government reports these vaccines are necessary, while scientists and physicians are explaining that they are not only not necessary, but should be immediately withdrawn due to their damaging effects on all organs in the body.

    Miscarriages in pregnant vaccinated women are at 80%.

    Meanwhile the United States government is trying to prove that men can breast feed and have babies.

    This is an INFORMATIONAL and BIOCHEMICAL WAR against all human beings.

    The genocide in Nazi Germany did not start with gas chambers. It began when one party came to power and prevented any other political party from gaining power and running against the Nazi party.

    There is at least one other man, other than Biden, who jailed his political opponents: Hitler.

    We have lost our Bill of Rights since the Patriot Act, and since Obama turned the surveillance powers of the US against his political opponents.

    This is a time when we need most of all to turn to God for inspiration and moments of awe and transcendence. This is a time for gratitude for the fact that we are still alive, because where there is life there is hope.

    This is a time for us to turn to the beauty and miracles of the natural world, and for us to understand that there is going to be a way through all this.

    There are far too many good people in the world to lose hope at this time.

    In these good people and in God we entrust our souls.